ITM Trading Review

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Since 1995, ITM Trading has served as a precious metals dealer headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Their focus is to make IRA-approved bullion products and numismatic coins available to clients.   

The company works with four major storage providers including Texas Precious Metals Depository, International Depository Services (IDS) of Delaware, A-M Global Logistics, and Delaware Depository.

They also work with GoldStar Trust Company as a custodial services provider.  ITM Trading offers a catalog of precious metals except for palladium but does include gold, silver, pre-1933 gold coins, and IRA-approved gold products. 

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Company Background

itm trading homepage

ITM Trading is a family-run company that has been operating for almost 30 years. Since 1995, they have been operating out of Phoenix, Arizona with a focus on helping people build wealth. They are a precious metals dealer and Gold IRA company.   

The expert team at ITM Trading is focused on educating their clients about precious metals investing. They provide an educational blog, videos, and a complete investment guide to help their clients become more knowledgeable about their investments.   

In their catalogs, there is a wide selection of products including gold, silver, and pre-1933 gold coins. They provide various IRA-approved bars and coins, which makes it simple for clients to invest towards retirement accounts.

ITM Trading Management Team

itm trading top executives

As a father and son team, Craig and Eric Griffin have grown the company for the past three decades. Craig, who founded the company back in 1995 has passed the torch to his son Eric, who is the current president and CEO.  

Eric continues to implement the company’s main principle that focuses on providing total transparency and ongoing education to their clients. It is a company that prioritizes long-term relationships with clients instead of being transaction-driven.

ITM Trading Products

ITM Trading provides four major physical product categories that are delivered to clients' homes, businesses, or IRA Depository accounts.

  • Pre-1933 Gold Coins

These coins were circulating from the 1700s until 1933. American Citizens were required by law to give them up in exchange for paper Federal Reserve Notes. 

Executive Order 6102 under President Roosevelt allowed people to keep only $100 worth of these gold coins. Now, their trade prices have appreciated by tens and hundreds of times their face value.

  • Gold Bullion

As a hard asset, gold continues to be a safe investment that does not require the government, financial institutions, or corporations to redeem its value.

  • Silver Bullion

As the secondary currency metal around the globe, silver still holds an important place in trading.

  • IRA-Approved Bars and Coins

Protect your investments by diversifying your portfolio. Adding gold and silver in an IRA or Roth IRA account is a simple way to own precious metals.

ITM Trading Reviews

ITM Trading has an excellent reputation and scores high in customer reviews. For example, the Better Business Bureau reports an average rating of 4.94 out of 5 stars amongst 68 customers.   

Most people comment on the extensive educational content provided by the company, which is essential as a new investor. Many reviews include comments about the quality of service provided, which is in line with the company’s focus to build relationships.  

The educational videos provided appear to be popular and very helpful.

Customers express feelings of ease and trust working with ITM Trading. When it comes to the financial and investment industries, these types of reviews are very valuable.

Precious Metals IRA

Financial experts frequently remind investors of the importance of diversification. ITM Trading has chosen the GoldStar Trust Company as a custodial services provider.  

GoldStar helps ITM Trading’s clients open self-directed Traditional or Roth IRA accounts where they can store and manage their precious metals.  

ITM Trading makes the process easy in three steps:

  • #1: Open an IRA account through GoldStar
  • #2: Fund the IRA account by rolling over existing IRA or 401(k) funds, or by sending a bank wire to GoldStar.
  • #3: Once GoldStar confirms the money has been received, the client can shop ITM Trading’s catalog of precious metals. GoldStar pays ITM directly, stores, and manages the newly acquired metals.

GoldStar has served as a custodian for over 20 years and has managed more than 31,000 IRA accounts worth over $1.6 billion U.S. Dollars.

GoldStar Trust Info

GoldStar sets up and manages precious metals IRA for competitive fees. Their Investor Services department is available to clients for estimation of annual fees.   

Fees are calculated following this guideline:

  • Establishment Fee: $50 (one-time fee due with application)
  • Annual Maintenance Fee: $75 Minimum ($1 per $1000 if > $100K)
  • Annual Storage Fee: $100 Minimum ($1 per $1000 if > $100K)

Wealth Shield Strategy

outline of wealth shield strategy

ITM Trading has taken careful steps to protect its client’s assets by working with researchers and analysts to create a wealth protection system.

Their asset protection plan, Wealth Shield™ Strategy, protects investors’ assets through an economic collapse.  

This system works in three steps:

  • #1: Clients receive easy-to-understand education about precious metals and how to protect their assets and wealth in various ways.
  • #2: A dedicated precious metals analyst helps each client develop a customized strategy that addresses their goals and concerns. 
  • #3: ITM Trading implements their clients’ individualized protection strategy with guaranteed delivery of precious metals.

ITM Trading makes it very simple for clients to get started with their Wealth Shield™ Strategy. Clients can easily book a strategy session with one of their precious metal experts.

A US mailing address is required for clients outside of the United States.

History of Gold

Since Egyptian times more than 5,000 years ago, gold has been a valuable trading resource that has marked humanity’s progress. Though thousands of years in history, gold has kept its purchasing power and continues to rise in long-term value.   

In the 16th century, as Spanish Conquistadors came to America, they found gold to also be strongly valued by indigenous people. Despite the differences in culture, both civilizations held gold as a common factor of value and resource trading.  

As the globe’s most universally utilized form of currency, the demand for this precious metal remains steady. Today, investors utilize gold as a safe asset that withstands the changing economy.

No matter the world’s current or future events, gold’s history suggests that it will remain active as a stable and valuable resource of exchange.  

We now witness country’s currencies lose value, but gold remains one of the most trusted assets to build long-lasting wealth.

Why Own Gold?

When exploring investment options, gold remains one of the most stable ways to build wealth. Different from paper currency and other assets, gold has preserved its value for thousands of years.  

As one of the most popularly traded resources, gold does not corrode and can be melted and molded into various forms. As the value of common currencies continue to decline, the price of gold tripled from 1998 to 2008.

It has been an outstanding hedge against inflation throughout history.   

The purchasing power of gold remains strong as the geopolitical climate continues to devalue many assets. This metal is often referred to as a "crisis commodity,” which is what makes it a great addition to a well-diversified investment portfolio. 

How to Buy Gold

When looking to buy gold, investors can choose a broad range of products.

An expert in precious metals, typically a trading company or dealer, helps investors navigate through various factors such as quantities, types of products, qualities, and dates.  

Investors must familiarize themselves with options that will provide storage, insurance, manufacturers, and the purity of the pieces.

man looking at a clipboard

Physical gold needs a secure location or a custodian for safekeeping.  Whether kept by the investor or a custodian, it is best to purchase insurance to protect it against natural disasters or theft.  

Finding a trusted precious metals dealer will ensure the gold that is purchased has a purity level of at least 91%.

Additionally, there are options to make gold assets part of an IRA that can be managed by a custodian. Regardless of which way gold is bought, it is important to find well-trusted companies in the industry that guide investors. 

Is ITM Trading a Scam?

In a world where scams have become more sophisticated with technology, it is important to know who to trust with your money. The last thing an investor wants to find out is that their chosen trading company is running a Ponzi scheme.   

ITM Trading has been a trusted trading company for almost 30 years. The company is registered with various state regulatory agencies to provide a legitimate reference to their potential clients.

They uphold transparency and investor education at the forefront of their operations.


As an Arizona-based precious metals dealer for almost 30 years, ITM Trading provides its clients complete transparency and ongoing educational resources.

Their catalog focuses on gold, silver, pre-1933 gold coins, and IRA-approved gold products.   

ITM’s Trading’s network includes trusted storage depositories and custodial services. Clients who have worked with them appreciate the expert support that helps them become knowledgeable investors.

As we stated above, the ITM Trading has a decent reputation, but we do not recommend them.  

They are not a scam, but they aren't the best choice for gold investments and certainly not IRA's, like other companies we have written about on this website.

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