Dave Anderson

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by my website.

I started this website as a way to compile all my views on investing in one place.

I own my home, have some real estate, and own a few stocks like most people, but what really drives my interest in investing is I have a strong love of precious metals, especially gold.

We live in the strangest of times, times that I'd never even thought was possible only 20 years ago.

I bought my first piece of gold, a Krugerrand when I was in college.

I always thought that governments would lose all control and run wild with their printing presses, but to actually live through what I had only theorized as possible is simply amazing.

I use this site to help folks navigate this inflation and safeguard their retirement savings as I have by writing guides and reviews that will help the average investor hedge the downside risk to their nest egg.

I get a lot of people calling me in a panic asking how they can invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Well, I tell them they don't need to panic, but they do need to take action and get started.

Hopefully, you'll find some of the information on this website useful so that you can get started on your precious metals investing journey.

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