US Money Reserve Review

US Money Reserve Review

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Are you interested in knowing more about US Money Reserve? It is a company that claims to be the biggest distributor of US Silver, gold, and platinum coins, and various other precious metals in the whole country.

On their website, it is mentioned that gold market veterans founded this company as they wanted to provide trustworthy guidance and their expert knowledge of the market to interested buyers.

The company says that it is important for buyers to get proper guidance from experts and excellent customer service for buying precious metals.

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US Money Reserve Leadership

When it comes to the leadership of the company, it is mentioned that Philip N. Diehl who is the former United States Mint director leads the company.

He is president of the company and obviously, he has some unique experience which offers an advantage to this company. The company recommends investing in precious metals for beginners as well as advanced investors.

They state that precious metal investments keep their value during an economic downturn.

Also, the rise in the prices of precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver over the past decade has shown that this is an asset class capable of outperforming various other types of assets.

Why Put Gold in Your IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) protect your retirement as well as your family's financial security.

These special accounts allow you to set aside tax protected savings that you can use in the future.   

With these long term accounts it's important to allocate a significant portion to assets that are solid and reliable, so you have a secure and worry-free retirement. 

a couple listening to a financial advisor

You can have cash in an IRA, but that is devaluing at a rapid pace and inflation is out of control

You need an asset that's dependable, retains it's value, and even increases in value over time, and there is no better asset for this than gold. 

With the world's economy struggling through lockdowns, shortages, wars, and inflation, uncertainty has never been higher and investors are protecting themselves by placing physical gold in IRA's. 

A gold IRA investment prospers from these crisis that negatively affect most other assets. 

Risk is knowing the economic dangers and doing nothing to protect yourself and your family. 

Safety is knowing the economic dangers and taking action to protect your financial future, and this is easy to do with a Gold IRA.

How Does It Work?

us money reserve website

If you're thinking of buying precious metals, the company recommends getting in touch with their team of professionals.

They have more than a hundred professionals in their team consisting of coin research professionals, numismatic experts, senior gold specialists, compliance and standards department as well as shipping department, among others.

The claim is that this team has a lot of experience and can help you choose the right gold coins as well as coins of other precious metals to give you the best possible value for your money.

When you invest in precious metals through them, you will be assigned a dedicated account executive to ensure that you do not have any issues during your purchase.

They claim to sell certified gold, platinum, and silver coins as well as bullion coins that are manufactured by the US Mint and are guaranteed by the US government for purity, content, and weight.

One of the other advantages of investing in precious metals through US Money Reserve is that they also offer the option of investing in precious metals through a self-directed IRA.

A self-directed IRA offers a flexible and safe way for you to have an asset mix in your retirement funds that protect your retirement funds from the vagaries of the dollar. Also, it's a hard asset. 

A self-directed IRA with precious metals also offers some unique tax savings and keeps you hedged against a devaluing dollar as well as inflation.

To invest in a self-directed precious metals IRA, you have the option of choosing a rollover, a transfer, or creating a completely new account.

Get in touch with one of their account executives or a financial advisor to understand which option is the best for you in terms of potential tax liabilities as well as the ease of getting money in and out. 

After setting up and funding your self-directed IRA account, the company will get in touch with you to help you choose and buy the precious metals you want in your IRA account.

They will also arrange for safe delivery of these precious metals to a depository that has been approved by the IRS for holding. 

They also have a minimum purchase requirement. As mentioned on their website, they need a minimum purchase of $25000 for rollovers or transfers. In the case of new accounts, they require a minimum purchase of $6000 on some inventory.


Currently, the US Money Reserve charges an annual fee of $250 for maintaining a gold IRA account. However, the setup and storage fees have been waived for the first year for certain qualifying accounts.

When it comes to the cost of gold and silver coins, the rates depend on the current price of gold and silver in the market. 

stack of gold coins

Currently, you can buy a 1 ounce Silver American Eagle Coin for $38.85 and a 1 ounce Gold American Eagle Coin for $2059.76.

Customer Service

The company offers a buyback guarantee to buyers. If a buyer is not completely satisfied with their order, they can send any certified coins back in the sealed containers within 30 days to get a complete refund.

The refund amount will not include shipping, handling as well as insurance charges.

If the buyer chooses to return after more than 30 days, the refund will happen at either the original purchase price or the current market value, and the buyer will also be charged a 20% restocking fee. The company offers fast and secure shipping.

All of their packages are completely insured and typically reach their customers in 5 to 7 business days. If you want to get through to the customer service, you can reach them through email at

They also have phone numbers listed on their website for customer service.

Online Reviews and Complaints

There are several certifications and accolades on the website of the company. They have a AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance. Their BBB rating is A+ with a customer rating of 4.36 out of 5.

While this is good, you will also find some online complaints about them where buyers have claimed that they have either overpaid or not received their coins.

A lawsuit has also been filed against the company claiming that the company targeted the elderly and has overvalued their commemorative coins. The Texas Atty. Gen. has also cited the company for deceptive practices in 2010.

Is it Possible to Transfer Funds from 401(k) to a Gold IRA?

It is allowed. The company works with customers with existing IRAs or 401(k)s to rollover funds to invest in precious metal IRAs.

Does the Company Charge any Annual Fees?

They have an annual fee of $250 through the charges for the first year may be waived for qualifying purchases.

Which Metals does the Company Offer?

Gold and silver products are available for purchase over the phone or online. They also offer government-issued gold as well as silver bullion and proof coins along with bars.


The company claims that they have thousands of buyers who have invested in precious metals through their company.

The company also claims that they customize their recommendations to each buyer based on their personal financial goals as well as the current portfolio of the buyer.

If you are planning to work with this company, it is recommended to not just rely on the advice given by the professionals in the company but also some outside experts.

You should know that many of the sales made by the company including all the sales of bullion are final.

You won't be able to make a return once you have bought bullion. It is also recommended to check the precious metal value on your own that you are planning to buy before making the purchase.

While the US Money Reserve is an acceptable company, we think there are much better options for investors that we discuss in detail on this website.

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