uDirect IRA Services Review

uDirect IRA Services Review

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Is uDirect IRA Services right for you? This review will hopefully help you ascertain that. You'll have to decide for yourself, but you can't do that until you know everything you should about this company.

This particular business is based in the California city of Irvine. It's been in operation since 2009. The company offers many different types of alternative assets that you can invest in.

It is one of the country's most competitive providers of IRA services. Clients love the simple nature of the online document submission system.

You can visit its website at https://www.udirectira.com, or you can call them at 1.866.447.6598.

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About uDirect IRA Services

udirect homepage

Annual fees from this company are typically only $275. You can use this service for a Roth IRA. They also provide 401(k) services. 

This IRA provider doesn't honestly have the name recognition or prestige across the country as other competitors or options. However, that might change over time.

Customers who have already discovered uDirect IRA Services rave about the company, and the offerings available are pretty simple things to understand even for anyone who isn't all that financially literate.

While the fees might be plentiful, the business website does great work in explaining everything. Many customer reviews include this fact in their praise. Reviews done on the TrustLink platform seem particularly effusive in their positive response to this business.

It's only a small team running uDirect IRA Services, but that might help the company more than hurt it. Everything done here is handled in a comfortable and personable fashion that tends to make clients very satisfied with how they are treated.

That helps prospects find a home here if they're looking past normal investments. 

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are traditional asset classes for a lot of investment, but many investors know they should diversify beyond this.

Choosing to be an investor with a self-directed IRA means you assume power over your wealth, and uDirect IRA Services helps you take advantage of options that huge brokerages probably won't have open to you.

This is where this company steps up and helps investors find alternative investment classes on a very consistent basis.

Investing Account Options Through uDirect IRA Services

This company offers seven distinct account types you can use if you work with them. All fit the definition of self-directed IRA investing. They fit a variety of different circumstances.  

The first kind of investment type offered by this company is the traditional IRA. An individual retirement account lets you invest pre-tax income so you get tax write-offs during the years that you contribute to the account.

Any gains you see generated in the account are sheltered from taxes until your retirement years, at which point you'd pay income tax on your withdrawals or distributions.

The second kind of investment account is the Roth IRA. These accounts typically use post-tax income, but the benefit is enjoying tax-free withdrawals. They work out well for people with higher levels of income.

The third and fourth options of SEP and SIMPLE individual retirement accounts are intended for people who own businesses, specifically those with under 100 employees. You can also choose the fifth option of an individual (k) plan if you want.

That's something uDirect IRA Services provides that most other competitors don't even bother touching.

The sixth option of a spousal IRA can be great for married couples with a drastic imbalance between the incomes of both individuals. The lower-earning spouse can save up for personal needs and retirement, even if they're not employed.

This is designed to help compensate those who might not be able to access employer-sponsored retirement plans. 

The seventh and final option of an IRA-owned LLC is a newer development in the industry. It sets up a limited liability company you do your investing through. It's another layer of paperwork to deal with, but it adds certain tax benefits you can enjoy.

Investment Vehicle Options

different ira products available from uDirect

The mission of uDirect IRA Services is supposedly letting you invest in assets past the traditional choices of stocks, bonds, and funds. They certainly deliver in this regard. They have a wide variety of investment vehicles they support.

  • Accounts Receivable

Any business that bills its clients for products and services has accounts receivable that they collect. Some clients take longer than they are supposed to before they pay.

You can invest in overdue accounts receivable to give those businesses some of the income they deserve and need while you wait and collect payment later on.

  • Car Paper

Financing a vehicle purchase helps a lot of aspiring drivers manage what's usually the second-biggest expense of their adult lives. In some cases, owners get a loan off their car title to free up the cash they need right now.

In either case, you can be the kind of investor that funds such options and profit off of the interest on those loans.

  • Commercial Real Estate

From stores and offices to restaurants and gas stations, commercial real estate serves many needs the economy relies on to keep operating.

Investment is necessary to build such facilities in places where they can serve consumers and other businesses. There's a lot of money to be made here outside of the residential real estate.

  • Equipment Leasing

Many different industries and sectors rely on equipment to make and deliver their products and services. A lot of businesses in these corners of the economy choose to lease their equipment rather than buy it.

That means you can profit off the leases for a time and then still sell or lease the equipment again for more money later.

  • Factoring Investments

This kind of investing looks for the best returns on investment across many different asset classes. The first benefit of doing this is always hunting for the best opportunities.

The second benefit is automatically diversifying your portfolio in many different areas at once.

  • Gold Bullion

Gold is a great hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty, and the price and value of it tend to go up the longer you hold it.

Collectors and investors aren't the only ones driving up demand for old over time. There are also industrial applications and cultural considerations fueling demand around the world.

  • Limited Partnerships, Companies, and C-Corps

Small businesses are the primary engine of job creation and economic growth across the country. Some estimates suggest that over half of new economic activity stems from these.

The entrepreneurs starting them up need funds and resources, however, and those that provide them can expect their share of the eventual profits and growth.

  • Mortgages/Deeds of Trust

As with car loans. consumers need help financing their homes. A mortgage lets them pay for their eventually owned home while living in it, but someone has to finance that mortgage over those decades.

This can be a very reliable source of income given the stakes involved and the credit checks that aspiring homeowners go through.

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

You don't have to own a piece of real estate on your own to profit from the industry. That's expensive, and not that many properties are readily available.

Joining a trust lets you put in as little or as much money as you want, and you get a corresponding share of the investment returns when they happen.

  • Residential Real Estate

Everyone needs somewhere to live, and mortgages help them afford them. However, those homes first have to be built, or they can be bought, renovated, and flipped. Either way, you can make lots of money whether you dip into mortgages or not.

  • Oil and Gas Investments

The future might look like electric vehicles will eventually fill the roads, but the need for oil and gas will still be around for power production, manufacturing, and serving overseas markets.

High prices make searching and accessing these natural resources still profitable. However, it's also an expensive endeavor and one that requires investment.

  • Private Placements/Stock Offerings

Stock shares help growing companies finance their expansion and power through growing pains. However, they don't always want to go public. Accessing private stock offerings helps you fund new economic activity and then enjoy their growth.

  • Structured Settlements/Judgements

Such arrangements usually compensate someone for something they went through or were a victim of. In many cases, they are awarded regular lifetime payments via an annuity or similar structure.

If they want all their cash at once, they can do that, provided an investor gives them that lump sum in exchange for buying the payment stream that could become your income for the rest of the deal.

  • Tax Liens

A tax lien can keep someone from selling a piece of property, and it might even involve the government seizing a property. That can be anything from business equipment or personal passenger vehicles to homes and entire businesses.

Investors can take advantage of this by finding a cheap property to flip or just helping property owners out with getting out from under their tax lien circumstances.

  • Undeveloped Raw Land

Raw, undeveloped land is not usually as valuable as property that is already built for commercial or residential purposes. It will need further investment to become anything useful. However, the potential involved is what makes it an alluring investment option.


While there are plentiful services through uDirect IRA Services, they are not free. The company can help you make money. However, they need to make money, too.

To maintain an account with them, you need to keep a minimum operating balance of $325. That's after a setup fee of $50. Also plan on paying a $275 fee annually to keep things going.

Clients of uDirect IRA Services find two things to be consistent about the company's fees. First, they are very simple to understand and listed clearly on the company website. Second, they are very affordable and competitive with their peers.

Pros and Cons

Using uDirect IRA Services is a lot like using any other business. There are both pros and cons. It's important to know what they are, although not all of them might apply to your situation.

Online document submission is certainly a huge benefit that can make the lives of clients easier. To add to that, the company is headed by a very robust management team. There are also a wide variety of investment types you can choose from. 

Not all is perfect, however. The fees have an abundance of terms and conditions that come with them. Also, there is no cryptocurrency offering at the time of writing.

Key Takeaway

The company known as uDirect IRA Services is not a nationally recognized name. That might change over time, however. The broad variety of services the company offers is fueling highly positive customer reviews. 

The stock and bond markets of America have created lots of wealth for many generations, and it can still be smart to invest in them yourself.

However, they have a life of their own, and they don't always reflect the actual state of the economy. They're certainly not the only investment options available to you. 

Trusting financial advisors and fund managers with your wealth isn't always a bad move, but taking control over some of your own investing has its benefits, too.

You can do that in many different investment classes through uDirect IRA Services, and you can get great tax breaks along the way.

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