UBS Gold IRA Review

UBS Gold IRA Review

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Many investors throughout the US want to find an investment strategy that is safer and provides adequate security for their future.

Wealth generation and diversification are the most common reasons to buy gold and store it for future endeavors, and traders have several ways to get and store it as they wish.  

Gold is popular for individuals who want a crisis commodity to protect their overall portfolio. They can invest in other forms of investments, such as stocks or bonds, and there are many ways to purchase or secure physical gold.  

UBS is a bank that offers a secure way to get physical gold, but the bank doesn't provide many of the products some investors want. They can set up a bank or savings account through the company and get wealth management services.

Comparing the bank's offerings to other gold dealers can provide further insight into choosing the best business for traders' future endeavors.

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UBS History and Ratings

UBS provides many services to account holders, including e-banking, mobile banking, prepaid credit or debit cards, online account management, TWINT, wealth management, and KeyClub opportunities.

The United Bank of Switzerland opened its first branch in Winterthur, Switzerland, in June 1998. Since then, there have been 319 locations opened throughout Switzerland and many opening throughout the United States, including branches in New York, NY, Weehawken, New Jersey, and Chicago, IL. A newer branch opened in Tampa, Florida, in 2021.

However, it has a 4-star and A+ rating through the BBB. As of 2023, there have been sixteen complaints against the business in the last three years, with six complaints in the previous twelve months.

How to Buy or Sell Gold Through UBS

UBS customers download the UBS mobile banking app. Next, they log into the app's UBS account, look for "Markets and Trading," and click it.

Next, they click on UBS key4 gold, then click "Buy/Sell" and enter the quantity of gold they want to buy or sell to the bank. Once they've entered these details, they'll check the price for the amount and then click "Confirm" to complete the transaction. 

When buying gold for personal ownership, the customer can store it in the UBS vault or deliver it to their preferred destination. If the client completes gold purchases for funding an IRA, it must be stored based on the current IRS conditions.

Can Clients Set Up a Self-Directed Gold IRA?

No, UBS doesn't provide self-directed gold IRAs. The company offers the chance to buy gold appropriate for a retirement plan, but the customer would need to hire an IRS custodian.

They can store their gold in a UBS vault and pay storage fees according to the applicable percentage. However, several companies are recommended as an alternative to UBS.

Top 3 Gold IRA Companies to Choose Over UBS

When reviewing UBS, investors who prefer to find a one-stop shop instead can check a few highly recommended companies.

Instead of purchasing gold from UBS and facing more charges for a retirement account, they could hire one of these businesses and achieve all their goals at once.

These companies offer precious metals, buybacks, and retirement plans, and investors have more control over their self-directed plans from them.

#1 Goldco - Best for Beginners

The gold dealer, Goldco, started in Los Angeles, California, over a decade ago. It has five-star ratings from the Better Business Bureau and with Consumer Affairs.

The BBB also accredits it highly. Sean Hannity and Chuck Norris have recommended the organization to the media. 

The company sells gold and silver, among other precious metals, for individuals who want to build wealth or save for their golden years. 

Anyone who wants to purchase large amounts of gold can start by contacting Goldco and placing an order. If they're going to open an IRA, the company offers many options to accommodate the client's needs.

Their options include Roth or traditional retirement plans funded by gold or other metals.  

Many investors choose the company since they have more control over their retirement plans and can set up self-directed accounts. The customers are not restricted on who they use to create their accounts or store the plan's metals. 

They can decide how to manage the account and transfer it to another custodian without interference from Goldco. Customers can also sell their metals anytime through a buyback program, and these opportunities are more accessible if they buy their products from Goldco initially.

The company website allows them to set up user accounts to track their purchases, review orders, and start buybacks. If they want to sell their metals, the clients can sign into their accounts and get a quote from a representative.

The company offers information about sending metals to them and sends payments after all products pass inspection.

#2 American Hartford Gold - Best for Bullion 

American Hartford Gold offers IRAs and metals purchases, among other investment opportunities.

Since the company started in 2015, it has had a long history of precious metals sales and acquisitions, and the company also offers in-person purchases through its Los Angeles location.

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The Better Business Bureau accredits it and has an A+ rating, and celebrities such as Bill O'Reilly and Rudy Giuliani have offered their endorsements for the company.  

American Hartford Gold offers free silver products for traders, and as of 2023, they offer $10,000 worth of these products for IRA customers.

Clients avoid initial fees for creating an account via the company's waiver opportunity for three years after a $100,000 investment. If they want to invest $50,000, the investors can get their fees waived for the first year. 

Anyone can learn more about trading and examining the gold market by visiting the company's website. They offer gold IRA kits and educational information about retirement savings and building considerable wealth for investors and their families.

#3 Augusta Precious Metals - Best for Education

Augusta Precious Metals is a gold company that offers many opportunities for traders and anyone wanting to open an IRA or own gold or silver. 

Augusta Precious Metals

The business was founded in California in 2013. Customers can own gold outside of a retirement account and have it delivered to their home, or they can let their custodian manage their new account and coordinate delivery to any depository they want to use.  

The business has many positive customer reviews, and prospective traders can read these reviews on Google or even the Better Business Bureau.

Unlike other gold companies, the business doesn't require customer commissions and waives management fees.  

Augusta Precious Metals customers get a price lock for seven days when they order from the company, and they can save more when opening a retirement plan or purchasing gold to build wealth.

This business provides protection plans for its clients and offers competitive rates for everyone. In addition, clients get account management services throughout their lifetime.

With a user account, the client's information is available to them and the company until the client wants to close the account.  

Previous customers can participate in a buyback program to liquidate their gold or silver supply for cash. These opportunities include fair market prices and a chance to get distributions from a retirement account.

The company offers IRA specialists to answer questions for clients and offer advice about selling gold back to the company. If the client has a user account, they can start their buyback in minutes and determine how much they can receive.

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What is UBS Key4 Gold?

UBS Key4 gold is an opportunity for clients to own physical gold, and UBS stores the gold in their vault. The option isn't the same as opening a retirement fund or plan.

While owning gold allows owners to generate wealth, Key4 gold is available without the restrictions associated with setting up a retirement fund, and the customers can access their gold whenever they want.

UBS Wealth Planning Services

UBS offers wealth planning services for all account holders. Their financial advisors provide help with pension plans, tax planning, and planning for upcoming life events such as marriage or starting a family.

UBS offers to show customers new opportunities for saving money, building wealth, and funding new ventures. UBS provides advice and planning services for divorce, retirement, inheritance, homeownership, and starting a new business.  

Philanthropic customers can find better ways to donate to charities and get more tax benefits from these contributions.

The advisors help customers plan and choose causes for these donations, and the clients determine how much money they want to give based on tax benefits and making their mark on the world.


UBS is a bank that offers many financial services, including wealth management and banking opportunities.

The company has a long history of banking opportunities and has few customer complaints, and it has excellent ratings on the Better Business Bureau.

Customers can purchase physical gold through their online account or the bank's mobile app.  

While the bank doesn't provide self-directed gold IRAs, customers can get the most common gold products that the IRA accepts for retirement plans.

Overall, the business is not a good choice for individuals who want to own physical gold or build wealth; there are better alternatives for customers wishing to start an IRA.

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