Treasure Coast Bullion Group Review

The Treasure Coast Bullion Group is an organization that deals in a variety of tangible precious metal products which includes silver, gold, and platinum. Their product range includes bullion bars, coins, and numismatics.

Treasure Coast Bullion is highly focused on customer service and the firm frequently advertises the great experience that they provide to both their existing and new customers.

Whether you are one of the seasoned investors or you are a newbie collector, Treasure Coast Bullion may be the ideal option for you.

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Treasure Coast Bullion Group Background

tcbg's homepage

Treasure Coast Bullion is one of the full-service companies that deal in precious metals. Since 2007, the company has been educating customers on many of the advantages of choosing to diversify in the market of precious metals.

In combination with TCBG's Trusted Service Providers, the firm provides high levels of professionalism and discreet services to guide customers through their investment experience.

TCBG is proud of making sure they provide their customers with continuing education concerning the technical and fundamental analysis relating to the market of precious metals and the opinions on the way the current geo-political and financial news impacts the markets.

Treasure Coast Bullion Group believes that well-informed clients turn into long-term clients.  TCBG provides a comprehensive catalog of palladium, platinum, silver, and gold coins and bars.

The product catalog is both consistent and simple, which ensures Treasure Coast Bullion consistently maintains an inventory that is sufficient for each product.

If you have any questions about a prospective order, completed order, or an order in process, you can contact TCBG by visiting their Contact Us page, or via email support or phone support.

Gold Coins and Bars

For many centuries, the luster and beauty of gold have created a mythical rare quality that is unmatched when you compare it to any of the other metals. Gold is among the most valued and earliest metals known to our civilization.

From the earliest times, men from all over the world dreamed about finding gold. Gold has been mined, and bartered with, and some have died for it from the start of civilization.

These are not surprising facts when considering its unusual properties, durability, and rarity. Today this metal now have countless uses. It is used in everything from jewelry, electronics, spacecraft, and more.

It is just about indestructible, conducts electricity, resists corrosion, and blocks 98% of the radioactivity.

Silver Coins and Bars

Throughout the ages, various items were used "as a form of money". Some of these included beads, shells, salt, and stones. From the start, precious metals such as silver have replaced every other medium of exchange.

When the printing press was invented, paper currency was brought along with it. None of the governments have ever substituted paper for "real money" since none of these entities can print silver.

In most cases, the prices of silver are anticipatory as opposed to reactionary. As soon as the inflation index forces are felt, many investors will buy into this market to ensure that they are ahead of the "general" public.

Their purchasing is what drives the prices upward.

Platinum Products

The supply and demand dynamics of platinum are very tight and continue to tighten with each passing month.

While the industrial demand of the westernized world is understandably one of the functions associated with economic growth (which continues to increase at a moderate rate), the demand from emerging countries for platinum has exploded.

For instance, platinum consumption in China has increased apace with the annual increases in industrial production. The future demand for platinum in China alone will tax current production capacities relating to the 4 major mines.

What are Precious Metal IRAs?

various gold coins and bars

Precious metal or gold IRAs are a type of self-directed IRA (Individual Retirement Account). A self-directed IRA allows people to buy a range of "unconventional assets", which includes real estate, cryptocurrency, and precious metals.

These extend beyond most of the regular options that are available through conventional IRAs, yet they have very similar characteristics outside of that, which include the contribution limits.

Precious metal IRAs are simply SEP, SIMPLE, ROTH, Inherited, Rollover, or Traditional IRAs that can own precious metals like silver, palladium, gold, and platinum.

Since 1998, IRA holders have been allowed to use the funds they have in their IRA accounts to buy precious metals that have been approved by the IRA due to the passage relating to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.

This is the act that expanded options for IRA investments beyond just paper assets.  

A precious metal IRA is an avenue that certain individuals use to add diversity to their retirement plans since palladium, platinum, silver, and gold have grown historically in value across a significantly long term. 

Adding precious metals or gold to your retirement portfolio can assist with protecting your retirement funds in many ways, including decreasing the potential for risk and volatility when it comes to your investments, acting as a robust hedge should economic downturns occur, and offering a tax-efficient shield for any potential gains.

How Does a Precious Metals IRA Work?

The addition of precious metals such as gold to a retirement account is excellent for any person that wants assurance that is available through physical ownership of silver, palladium, gold, and platinum.

The steps involved to set up one of these precious metal IRAs are very easy:

  • Establish your precious metals self-directed IRA account
  • Fund your account using a transfer, direct contributions, or roll over the funds from one of your other accounts
  • Lock in the price for a product that you have chosen
  • Your precious metal purchase is then shipped to TCBG's safe-guarded depositories
  • The next step involves payment of these funds into your account

Treasure Coast Bullion Group has a dedicated and professional team of precious metal IRA experts that are always available to assist you or answer any questions you might have.

Secure Storage Solutions

TCBG has a partnership with A-Mark Precious Metals, which has been around since 1965. A-Mark Precious Metals is one of the full-service precious metal trading companies that have customers on 6 continents.

The senior management team at this firm has more than 30 years of combined experience in precious metals, which has given them a very unique perspective relating to the constantly-changing market of precious metals. 

A-Mark's clientele and counterparties include refiners, mines, coin dealers, commodity-brokerage houses, investment advisors, central banks, and mints.

They are also one of the authorized purchasers for the British Royal Mint, the China Great Wall, the US Mint, the Perth Mint, Rand Refinery, and the Royal Canadian Mint.

A few of the services provided by this firm include storage, distribution, and financing, along with risk and hedging management with metal positions.

With A-Mark you will receive:

Insurance Protection 

Every item in their vault is double-insured by the TDS corporate and the depository insurance.

Title Of Ownership 

Customers will be provided with a legally secure commodity Title Notice that is given directly by the depository once they have received your assets.


Each client's account is kept completely confidential, and A-Mark maintains the strictest privacy policies.


The inventory is regularly audited.


You can take possession of any of your stored assets by simply calling during business or trading hours.

What is the MetalsEdge Account?

Treasure Coast Bullion Group highly recommends a program that they have for physical precious metals known as the MetalsEdge Account. In the MetalsEdge Account, you can buy silver, gold, palladium, and platinum with outstanding benefits.

Your price and purchase along with any other fees associated with the transaction are confirmed on the recorded-compliance line directly after you have acknowledged it.

You can also review any of your transactions, and monthly statements, and view real-time prices directly through your account online.

TCBG offers secure and safe storage options at their depositories. Every investor will receive a "title of ownership" from their chosen depository in their name. All metals are regularly audited and insured by TDS corporate and depository insurance.

The goal of Treasure Coast Bullion Group is to offer clients solid information and sound service. The firm is highly supported by expert account executives.

Each one of these members works hard and believes strongly in putting your investment requirements first. Their talented professionals are here to guide you through each step of your journey.

Precious Metals Financing

TCBG's exclusive MetalsEdge Trading Account provides investors with the opportunity to use 3-to-1 financing with a minimum of 30% down.

Collateralize financing provides customers with the opportunity to ship their metals to a depository directly and control as much as 3 times the value of the metal. 

Is it better to buy outright or finance? 

The choice will depend on the client's unique and specific needs.

Below are a few of the advantages linked to financing the different precious metals:

  • Highly liquid market
  • Safe and convenient storage at TCBG's approved depositories
  • Individually titled and allocated storage accounts at an approved depository
  • Physical titles regardless of purchased or borrowed funds
  • Fully segregated, insured, and audited storage solutions
  • Hassle-free, quick, and easy
  • The opportunity to sell and buy with a quick phone call for an instant transaction
  • Twenty-four-hour live access to your online account

Market Data

Would you like to view the trends that might assist you in making more informed decisions for your investments? TCBGs Market Data Page displays real-time offer price, bid price, and the opening prices of palladium, platinum, silver, and gold.

The page also features an Interactive Charting Tool that provides a way to compare and chart historical prices. Simply choose a time frame and a metal you want to see by choosing from the options available in the Interactive Price Chart.

By looking over the historical charts, it becomes possible to see the periods where demand surged due to price shocks. You will also start to recognize the patterns and evaluate how a precious metal reacted to various types of economic environments.

The Market Charts at TCBG offer charts that range from 90 days up to 50 years.

Is Treasure Coast Bullion Group a Scam?

The answer to this question is no. This organization is a genuine business with a real physical address and genuine owners.

However, whether this company is the best option available to you is a different situation.


Treasure Coast Bullion Group has more than 15 years of combined experience in the industry of precious metals.

The firm is also backed by multiple positive reviews that come from satisfied clients. They have earned a very reliable reputation in a sector for individuals that are saving for their years of retirement.

But before you decide to partner with TCBG, review some of the other precious metal dealers to make sure you have made an informed decision when it comes to including assets such as precious metals in your investment portfolio.

Treasure Coast Bullion Group is not a scam, but we do not recommend them.  

There are much better choices for if you are looking to make cash purchases of precious metals, and definitely better companies for investors that want to protect their savings with a precious metals IRA.

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