The Patriotic Mint Review

The Patriotic Mint Review

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The Patriotic Mint is an online store that helps investors find rare and collectible coins.

In addition to coins from the United States and Canada, the site also offers a range of paper currency and currency from other nations.

Those who want to add to their collections can read through the following The Patriotic Mint review to learn more.

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What is The Patriotic Mint?

the patriotic mint homepage

There isn't a lot of info available about The Patriotic Mint. The site does not list an owner or a CEO. It began selling rare coins during the early days of eBay and built a strong reputation through the auction site.

Shoppers and collectors will now find gift ideas and coin sets as well as rare coins and different types of paper money.

The Patriotic Mint Pricing and Fees

The Patriotic Mint uses market factors to set the prices of all products sold online. On the Closeouts page, shoppers will find low prices and deals like $5 off certain collectibles.

Some products start as low as $19.95, but the collector sets tend to cost more and can hit $199.95 or higher.

Available Products and Services

twelve gold coins

Looking at the available products and services is an easy way for collectors to see what they can buy from The Patriotic Mint. Though the site offers a lot of rare and collectible coins, it also has a nice selection of paper currency and storage supplies.

American Eagles

Many collectors like the site's selection of American Eagle coins. American Mint first released these coins in 1985 and now issues new ones every year. The uncirculated coins come in protective cases. Other coins come in display boxes.

The Patriotic Mint offers American Eagle coins from previous years up through the current year.

Collectible Dollar Coins

Those looking for dollar coins will like the options offered by The Patriotic Mint. Though the site doesn't usually have coins minted before the 1980s, it offers a lot of dollar coins made since 2000.

Shoppers can look for coins in mint or near-mint condition that come with a case. 

Collectible Half-Dollar Coins

Also known as 50-cent pieces, half-dollar coins are popular with many collectors.

At The Patriotic Mint, collectors will often find proof coins that come in a small box with a velvet lining and uncirculated half-dollar coins sealed in plastic. Though the coins have a face value of 50 cents, they often have a higher collectible value.

US Armed Forces Coins

The US Armed Forces coins celebrate the efforts of the men and women in each service branch. In addition to coins like the 5 Star General Silver Dollar, The Patriotic Mint has paper money in stock under this category.

These products include gold and silver certificates as well as dollar emergency notes.

Commemorative Coins and Medals

Finding commemorative coins and medals is easy at The Patriotic Mint. American mints release these coins in honor of specific events and people who had an impact on the United States.

Options include the Mayflower Anniversary Coin and the 1996 Olympic High Jump Coin.

Collectible Pennies

Though some people assume that pennies are worthless, certain pennies are worth quite a bit. The Patriotic Mint offers a range of pennies that include:

  • 1943 Steel pennies
  • 1880-1909 Indian Head pennies
  • Lincoln Wheat pennies
  • Double Dated pennies
  • Lincoln Proof pennies

Collectible Nickels

In the United States, a nickel is a coin with a face value of five cents. First released in 1866, the coin went through many changes over the years.

Some nickels are now worth more than others. The Patriotic Mint has Shield and Buffalo nickels in stock as well as other types.

The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II Coins

Queen Elizabeth II ranks as the longest ruler in the history of the world. To pay homage to her, several mints released collectible coins that have an image of her on the front.

Many of the coins available from The Patriotic Mint include those produced in 2023. Collectors will also find royal wedding and King Charles commemorative coins.

Collectible Dimes

The Coinage Act of 1792 created the first dime, which was worth just 10 cents. While newer coins are still worth 10 cents, older ones have higher values.

The Patriotic Mint shoppers will find options such as uncirculated March of Dimes coins and Liberty Seated dimes that come in plastic or display cases.

World Coins

Though The Patriotic Mint offers a large selection of American coins, it also has a big selection of coins from around the world.

These coins come from other nations and include sets that have multiple coins or other gifts inside. Some of the available options include:

  • 2020 Solomon Islands Holiday Santa $2 coins
  • 2022 Samoa DC Comics Two Face coins
  • Odd Shaped Coins of the World sets
  • 10 Yuan China 30 Gram Silver coins
  • 2014 Canadian Bald Eagle coins

Solomon Islands Coins

Many of the coins from the Solomon Islands have unique shapes and/or designs. One example is the Treasure Island Skull coin, which looks like a pirate skull and contains five ounces of silver.

The 2022 Statue of Liberty coin looks similar to the status and has two ounces of silver. 

Canadian Coins

All of the Canadian coins that The Patriotic Mint sells come from mints across Canada. The Portraits of the Monarchs of Canada is one example, which comes in a display box that holds four different coins.

Collectors will also find a wide range of Canadian coins like the $10 Silver Hockey coin and the $15 Canada Year of the Horse coin.

Storage and Supplies from The Patriotic Mint

Both new and long-term collectors will appreciate the storage tools and supplies offered by The Patriotic Mint. These supplies help them display some of their favorite coins and keep others safe.

The top supplies include wood display cases that hold up to four graded coins, albums for presidential coins, and plastic capsules for individual coins.

The Patriotic Mint has Low Prices

Collectors will find low prices in both the Closeouts and Daily Deals sections. The Closeouts section features coins and other products that the site will no longer sell in the future. Prices often drop by $5-$10 or more.

In the Daily Deals section, shoppers see the current deals of the day, which are only available for a limited time.

Shipping Options

The Patriotic Mint works with both USPS and UPS to get collectors the best and fastest shipping method.

Once a shopper checks out, the site asks for their address and shows them the available shipping options. The Patriotic Mint takes up to two business days to process orders before it ships them.

Secure Payments

To keep shoppers safe, The Patriotic Mint allows them to clear their history and delete their credit card information. The site also uses a range of protected features to keep shoppers safe. 


While some sites do not offer refunds when collectors buy rare coins, The Patriotic Mint wants to make sure that all of its customers are happy. Anyone who is unhappy with a purchase can request a refund.

They need to get in touch with customer service and fill out a return form. The Patriotic Mint allows customers to make returns for 30 days after they buy from the site.

Pros & Cons of The Patriotic Mint


  • Wide range of coins from the US and other nations
  • A nice selection of paper currency
  • Secure payment options to keep shoppers safe
  • 30-day refund policy on all purchases
  • Lots of supplies for coin collectors


  • Shipping can take a long time
  • Customer service is often lacking
  • Some prices are higher than the market dictates

Is The Patriotic Mint a Scam?

The Patriotic Mint is not a scam. Reviews posted by the Better Business Bureau give the site an average of three stars out of five. Several of the reviews thanked the site for selling graded coins at low prices.

Other reviews thanked the site for offering rare and good-condition coins at low prices. 

Some of the negative reviews came from collectors concerned about the condition of their purchases. One reviewer stated that they received damaged pamphlets and scratched coins.

When they tried to call and talk to customer service, no one answered the phone. Another reviewer said that they bought a coin that had smudges and other marks on the coin itself, even though it came inside a protective case.  

The Patriotic Mint received good reviews on Revdex, too. One customer said that their order wasn't complete but the site sent them the missing products within a few weeks. The site also has good reviews on eBay with a 99.6% positive feedback rating.  

On eBay, The Patriotic Mint received 12 neutral, 10 negative, and more than 2,000 positive ratings in the last 12 months.


Anyone thinking about buying from The Patriotic Mint should check out the reviews first. While the company is not a scam, it does have some issues that customers addressed in the past.

They were unhappy with the prices, the lack of customer service, and how long shipping took. Other customers gave the company glowing reviews, especially on eBay.

Collectors who want quality coins that come already protected or ready for display will like many of the products available from The Patriotic Mint.

The Patriotic Mint is an ok company, they are not a scam, but we think there are better options available to precious metals investors that we have researched extensively on this website.

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