SD Bullion Review

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Since 2012, this highly-esteemed internet service provider of precious  metals offers international shipping and honest storage alternatives.
SD Bullion trades with a wide selection of bullion, whether it’s selling or buying, and provides shipping to 28 countries. Note that you’re likely to incur order cancellation charges if you modify an order after confirmation has been made.
If you are looking for a reputable online bullion service provider that provides a direct storage option, you should think about working with this provider. In the event you are on the market for numismatic coins, you should search elsewhere.

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About SD Bullion

sd bullion website homepage

Founded in 2012, SD Bullion has grown rapidly to become among the most sought-after alternative to purchasing silver and gold bullion via the Internet.

Although the selection of gold bullion might be fairly constrained, they have a couple of 1 kilogram and oz. gold bars at very competitive prices online. 

You should note that the organization was established by the people who started the Silver Doctors network; a site that informs investors what’s happening in the precious metal market scene.

With expansive experience handling precious metals, these service providers know the ups and downs of the market and know the products that are assured to sell.

SD Bullion is short for Silver Doctors Bullion and trades precious metals online via their website They provide a low-cost guarantee with the smallest premiums on gold bullion bars along with coins and a range of other precious metals. 

Their collection of gold bars come from top producers such as the Royal Canadian Mint and Ohio Precious Metals. In comparison to other suppliers, they have a limited stock of bars but offer the smallest rates over spot for the items they have.  

SD Bullion’s philosophy is based on conducting operations the traditional way. They provide a cut-price bullion process, first-rate products, with exemplary customer service and support.

What’s more, they have provided their services to more than 250,000 satisfied clients.

Products from SD Bullion

silver, gold, and platinum coins

This provider deals in a wide selection of accessories and bullion:

  • Gold

Look at European Gold, Mexican Libertads, Chinese Pandas, Canadian Maples,
American Eagles, together with gold bars ranging from 1kg to 1g.

  • Silver

Comprises bullets, banknotes, coins, bars, and rounds from 1g to 1 oz.

  • Platinum

Consists of Platinum Maples, Platinum Eagles, international platinum bars and coins ranging from 10 oz 1g are on offer.

  • Copper

Comprises Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Lincoln Busts, Silver Shields and so on.

  • Palladium

Comprises Palladium bars, Eagles, and Maples from 1 oz to 1 gram.

  • Accessories

Airtight cases, storage boxes, cleaners, and coin magnifiers are also for sale.

How to Buy from SD Bullion

The bullion collection is arranged in tabs across the homepage's topmost section.

Here’s a look at how the buying process works:

  • Locate the product you want to purchase; stipulate the quantity you want and include it in your shopping cart.
  • Choose your preferred method of shipping.
  • Submit your payment info.
  • Verify the order.

Are Returns Acceptable?

You can certainly make returns – but reimbursements aren’t assured and are generally not encouraged. You are eligible to make a return within 72 business hours via an agent. If SD Bullion accepts your return request, they will contact you.

If your request to make a return has been approved, ship the product to SD Bullion in its initial condition and wrapping and cover the shipping expenses. You can also see yourself getting charged for the market loss.

SD Bullion will charge you a fee for stocking depending on your payment method - five percent in case you paid using PayPal or credit card, and three percent for other forms of payment.

Shipping info

map of USA where they ship to

This provider makes use of FedEx, USPS, or UPS to make shipments to American clients. They provide free shipping to domestic orders over $199, while orders below $199 are charged a flat fee of $7.77.

International shipments are computed when checking out and can consist of duties and taxes payable on delivery.

Insured packages require a signature on delivery. The package won’t be insured if you ignore the signatures. Use a tracking number to check on and monitor your orders.

What is the Process for Selling to SD Bullion?

SD Bullion buys palladium, platinum, silver, or gold. Here’s how the selling process works:

  • Get in touch via 800-294-8732 to verify the buyback cost.
  • When you get a buy order, make sure that you’ve printed it and added it to your package consignment.
  • Send the package
  • You can expect payment after 24 to 72 business hours after SD Bullion has gained possession of the item.

How are SD Bullion’s Prices in Comparison to its Competitors?

The prices of their products compare averagely to the market. Additionally, they do not levy any extra service fees or commissions.

Buy prices

As of 27th May, 2020, 1 ounce uncirculated randomized American Gold Eagle Coins was publicized by SD Bullion at $1,908.74 – greater than amounts publicized on both Money Metals and JM Bullion, but less costly compared to the cost of Golden Eagle for the identical product.

Sell prices

It's difficult to make a comparison of the buyback costs of SD Bullion with the prices of the competition since this provider doesn’t publicize these figures on its site.

When we made a phone call to inquire, the representative we got told us that the amounts vary depending on the quantity and product you want.

How Safe is SD Bullion?

Established in 2012, SD Bullion has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has received a rating of A+ from the BBB and there are no complaints recorded in the database of the Financial Bureau meant to protect consumers.

The firm sells and buys bullion across the globe and provides honest storage options for platinum, silver, and gold.  

Is my money secure with SD Bullion?  

This provider uses SSL encryption and has been licensed by DigiCert. Authorize.Net, its PCI-compliant payment gateway is in charge of managing confidential payment info. 

All outbound orders come with tracking info and are covered for their wholesome value.

Complaints & Client Reviews of SD Bullion

The feedback gotten from SD Bullion is for the most part positive. From October of 2020, the firm receives an A+ grade from the BBB and has kept an overall rating of 4.9- from a possible 5, and this is attributed to the 216 BBB client reviews. 

On the Trustpilot platform, the TrustScore of SD Bullion is 4.3 from a possible 5 thanks to the 1,562 positive client reviews. 

Clients praise the firm’s professionalism, hasty ordering process, and polite customer service agents. Some of the complaints brought forward are the irregular shipping delays and order cancellation charges.


  • International shipping - SD Bullion provides shipping to several countries across the world.
  • No fees or commissions - SD Bullion does not charge any extra transaction fees or commissions.
  • Well-regarded - On both Trustpilot and BBB platforms, the firm sustains a good reputation among its online clientele.


  • Support is limited - You can get a hold of the customer support team only on weekdays within the specified working days.
  • Cancellation Fees - If you don’t pay for a particular order within the stipulated period, you will incur charges ranging from three percent to five percent to make a cancellation.
  • Restocking charges - When making a return request, you can expect to incur a 3% to 5% charge to restock.

Storage with SD Bullion

You can expect direct storage options for platinum, silver, and gold. The order you’ve made on SD Bullion can be transported to your repository storage account directly and added to your balance.

You can create a repository storage account with SD Bullion by reaching out to its customer support desk within working hours. New clients get storage for the initial 3 months at no cost, from where it will cost $9.99 extra.

All deposits made are covered by the company’s insurance equal to the products’ melt value.

How can I reach out to SD Bullion’s customer support?

To get in touch with support, you can use either:

  • Make a phone call. You can call Monday to Thursday starting from 0800h to 1800h and Fridays starting from 0800h up to 1700h ET. on 800-294-8732
  • Email. To get a response to your query, complete a confidential online form from the company’s site.
  • Live chat. SD Bullion’s website features a live chat option where you can talk with an agent in real-time on weekdays starting from 0800h to 1800h ET.

Does SD Bullion have a physical storefront?

No, SD Bullion doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store. It’s exclusively an online retailer.

How do I change my order?

After confirmation of the order, changes are not allowed. If you wish to make a cancellation, contact the SD Bullion support team within business working hours. You should note that you’ll incur cancellation fees on the order.


If you want a valuable gold bar or a large collection of items to select from, SD Bullion isn’t the provider for you. But if you want gold bullion at the lowest cost online, then these service providers should be your go-to.
SD Bullion is managed by Doc Investments LLC, and has received full accreditation from the BBB, and has zero complaints as we speak.  Furthermore, all client info is protected by

While SD Bullion is an ok company, we think there are much better options for precious metals investors that we discuss in detail on this website.

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