Rosland Capital Review

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If you are thinking about going with the best gold custodian in the market right now, it's time to start with Rosland Capital. You will want to ensure Rosland Capital is the real deal and not a scamming company.

With this in mind, it's important to note, Rosland Capital is heralded in the industry for its legitimacy. This is a precious metals dealer in the USA that has been around for a long time and is known for setting high standards.

Rosland Capital has received complaints over the years and it's important to address them in this review.

Before we get started with this review:

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Here is a look at what Rosland Capital is all about and if it does a good job in what it promises to offer. A lot of people talk about the commercials that come up on TV and think that makes them legitimate.

However, this is not enough to know whether or not a company is a real deal. You have to dig deeper and that is what will happen here.

This is a BBB accredited business that has been around since 2008 and is also a member of TrustLink and the BCA. These are organizations that vet companies and make sure they are dealing in good faith.

Rosland Capital also has a physical location and is openly communicative with all of its customers.

Rosland Capital is also known for having a rating of 3.24 from customers and also holds an A+ rating on BBB. It is ratings like these that make them easy to recommend to potential customers.


To better understand an organization, it's important to dissect the complaints that have come in about Rosland Capital.

Most of the complaints state:

  • The coins are overpriced
  • There are delays in the deliveries of purchased metals
  • The customer service leaves much to be desired
  • You can own gold while still enjoying the tax advantages of an IRA account

There are additional claims that have been made about Rosland Capital's delivery process. Customers state that based on their tracking information, it takes much longer than 14 days as promised by the business.

This can hold back how quickly the investment begins to grow and add value to the portfolio.

Rosland Capital states they are still the best at what they do when it comes to deliveries. The reason is they are twice as fast as anyone else in the open market.

According to the Business Consumer Alliance, they have a rating of AAA. This is the best rating available to such businesses.

The report also indicates:

  • 13 complaints have been made over the past three years
  • The company has several 5 star reviews
  • The company has settled $177,917 in disputes over the years
  • All complaints were resolved

Business Consumer Alliance has also shown a positive correlation between how the complaints were addressed. Those needing full refunds were given their funds while others received adjustments that left them satisfied.

This demonstrates Rosland Capital does take the time to focus on its customers and their customer service is reasonable.

This is seen through tangible complaints that have come through about the organization and how they have dealt with all of the hurdles that came along.

They have also taken the time to not only go through the complaints but make sure improvements are made to their setup. This shows their attention to detail as a company and how far they are willing to go to improve their customer service.

This says it all and it is something to look out for in companies such as these.

Rosland Capital has also been mentioned as being the real deal and taking the time to understand what clients want.

Setting Up Gold IRA Through Rosland Capital

When it is time to get started on a gold IRA, it's important to look at all of the potential options available to you. This can help assess your options along with the expenses involved in the process.

You will also get a chance to learn more about precious metals that work well for your retirement plan.

IRA Setup

The rep working with you is going to send forms for you to fill out and sign. From this point forward, there will be an agreement in line with established regulations from the IRA administrator.

Select Gold

Once the account has been set up with Rosland Capital, you are going to have the chance to look at what will be included in the Gold IRA.

Funding the Account

This is when you are going to add the funds to your Gold IRA account. This funding is going to be sent via check or transfer to the account.

The goal is to have the funding set up to invest in physical precious metals that are then kept in Delaware on your behalf. The metals will be organized and stored separately.

As soon as the setup is done, you are going to have to pay the yearly fees to the IRA custodian (Equity Institutional). These fees will be for the storage of precious metals and administrative work.

You will also have to start taking minimum distributions beginning at the age of 72. You can also cash out the investments or take out the physical gold.

Fees With Rosland Capital

There are no additional or hidden fees associated with Rosland Capital. Review sites do state the costs are clear-cut and out in the open. The information is shared openly with clients including the costs that come along with setting up a Gold IRA.

The setup fee is going to be $50 and a separate administration fee will come in at $225. In most cases, you will also have to pay for storage separately.

For individual transaction fees, it's best to speak to your assigned rep. You will also require a minimum deposit of $10,000 to get started.


What is the recommended investment for precious metals?

Rosland Capital aims to fine-tune each portfolio based on the client's requirements. This ensures the portfolio is tailored down to the last detail since each person's retirement plan is unique.

Some may want to invest 2 percent of their portfolio in precious metals while others can go higher.

Will you receive interest/dividends in a Gold IRA or precious metals IRA?

With precious metals IRAs, you are not going to receive any type of income. The Gold IRA is simply going to increase or decrease in value depending on the market value.

Will Rosland Capital hold the gold-related investments or just the gold?

Rosland Capital only involves physical precious metals. There are no paper assets involved (i.e. bonds, stocks).

The gold will be purchased from the company and set up in the Gold IRA.

Can you store gold from Rosland Capital at home?

You are welcome to take the precious metals and store them privately. They are yours to do with as you please. It is essential to note, the IRS has strict regulations for how a third party stores these metals.

We believe it is best to let Rosland Capital take care of the metals due to its years of experience and world-class security setup.

Is it possible to track each precious metal investment with Rosland Capital?

The price of gold and other precious metals fluctuates throughout the day, making it difficult to track.

You can call a Rosland Capital representative to get up-to-the-minute prices.

Final Thoughts

This Rosland Capital review should have shed light on what the business is all about. This includes those worrying about scams and/or unfair treatment when it is time to set up a Gold IRA.

This is one of the most reputable options for investors to go with and you will know their network is among the best in the business. This is a registered business that is practicing in the region and continues to offer access to all relevant information.

When it comes to gold investments, this is going to continue to rise in value. This is a form of investing that is the right way to go and tends to stand out in comparison to bonds, stocks, and/or other assets.

Beginners should know physical gold can hold its value for decades. It also does well against inflation, which is something you can't say about cash.

This helps protect you from political issues and/or other economical damage that takes place to the markets.

Rosland Capital is an ok company, but they are not the best in our opinion, there are much better options for investors.

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