Regal Assets Review

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November 2022 Update on Regal Assets

Before we get started with this review:

Regal Assets at one time was a halfway decent company, but that is no longer true. 

Regal Assets is facing many allegations of fraud and theft of customer funds. As of this writing the owner can not be found.  If he is ever found, he will have to face the court system.

We recommend investors to stay away from Regal Assets.

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At BMOGAM Viewpoints we are constantly researching the companies in the precious metals industry and when news of the Regal Assets misdeeds became public, we want to make sure our readers know.

The entire article below the Table of Contents is the old article, which is no longer valid.

To compile this in-depth review of Regal Assets, we have scoured through well over 3,000 actual customer reviews to find the best and worst of what individuals have to say about certain aspects of this business.

We are going to show you the variations as well as what sets them apart from other average precious metal companies. Our general analysis of the company has uncovered the following:

  • There are zero startup costs for the full first year.
  • It features the lowest admin fee of just $90 annually for subsequent years.
  • You will find only a small number of negative reviews online.
  • They have a worldwide presence with four global offices.
  • They offer some of the fastest delivery and processing times of any company.
  • You will find the lowest industry fixed storage fee of just $125 per year, not one that scales.
  • Incredibly fast shipping time of just 7 days.
  • Offering segregated storage as opposed to comingled.
  • They have been in business for well over a decade.
  • There is never a pressure sale pitch. – Additionally, you will not find aggressive or pushy salespeople.
  • They have some of the most positive reviews online for any precious metal company.

Without a doubt, it seems as though it is hard to go wrong with Regal Assets due to their stellar reputation, zero-fee policy for the first year, and flat-fee after that.

Regal Assets offers the lowest possible fees for both administrative and storage costs of any company that we reviewed.

There are almost no bad reviews about this company online, which is outstanding. And with no pushy salespeople, it makes dealing with the company a true pleasure.

There is a minimum investment of $10,000 for retirement accounts and $5,000 for the direct purchase of physical metals with Regal Assets. They will also help with the transfer of any existing 401(k), 403(b), SEP, TSP, or IRA into crypto or metal.

Regal Assets created a unique trend in being one of the very first alternative asset investment companies that were able to legally sell cryptocurrency throughout the world.

Highly Rated For The Ultimate In Customer Satisfaction

image of how RA achieve customer satisfaction

After taking the reader through what seemed to amount to countless positive reviews and verified testimonials of Regal Assets, it became quite clear that they not only know what they are doing but do a fine job of it!

They will take you by the hand and walk you through every process of investing in gold or help you with any other aspect of thoughtful investing.

They believe in walking you through the entire process of investing and helping you to learn it step by step and understand every form of bullion or coin. One of the most important aspects of Regal Assets is they are not going to pressure you in any way.

They take pride in not needing to hassle individuals for more business. While they do care about you and your financial needs, they are not going to badger you to sign up for anything you do not need.

Their Customers Are Always First On The List

birdeye, inc 500, and forbes logos

Regardless of the situation, the customer is always going to be first. They are not going to try and force you into an investment that is not right for you, they are going to offer you all of the options and help guide you to the best solution.

This is not that hard, that is actually how it should be.

If you do your research, you will find a wide range of investors with Regal Assets. This can range from advanced investors to millionaires and celebrities. Many of these individuals endorse Regal Assets regularly simply due to their business model.

Decades Of Experience Working For You

regal assets logo

Regal Asset is proud to bring the very best minds to work for them as advisors and customer service representatives for their clients.

They are available to speak with during business hours in the United States and Canada to help you with any questions you may have regarding your investment needs and can be contacted via their website or by calling 1-855-712-2993.

They understand that investing money is a big decision, especially when your retirement money is at stake, and will give you the detailed care you want and need.

Their representative is highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of precious metals and will be able to walk you through the entire process.

One of the best things about Regal Assets is when you call them, the first representative you talk to will be your representative from that point on.

Regal Asset representatives are on point as well, they will always contact you via phone or email the same or the next day.

Diversity of Products

one gold, silver, platinum and palladium coin

Regal Assets is so highly rated because they cater to their investors regardless of their investing capabilities of knowledge. Additionally, there are those users who only want to invest in bullion bars and coins and Regal Assets will help with that.

If you are planning to rollover funds into a gold IRA it is essential to make make sure the precious metals are IRS approved. One important tip is to steer clear of numismatic coins.

If you are a seasoned investor, you will want to take advantage of their diverse portfolio offerings that include unique precious metal offerings and cryptocurrency which are designed to keep your retirement funds safe from any form of a crisis or unexpected economic turmoil, or turndown.

The knowledgeable investors who call Regal Assets home are fully skilled and have the expertise in Gold IRAs. However, it is always possible to choose silver, platinum, or palladium.

They have numerous resources and the knowledge to help customers begin the process of transfers and rollovers into precious IRAs within 48 hours.

They offer some of the most competitive pricing available and the system that they use will allow clients to purchase precious metal IRAs in a quick and confidential matter.

One Of The Fastest Shipping Processes In The Industry

Everything that Regal Assets does is done with a high degree of precision and that includes their processing and delivery time.

They have a guarantee in place that your precious metals will reach your doorstep within 7 business days.

The vast majority of other gold IRA companies will generally take up to 30 or 40 days if not longer to have access to your precious metals. That is considered to be the industry standard.

So when we are looking at a 7 day delivery time, that is above and beyond what anyone is even close to offering.

Regal Assets is so determined in meeting that 7-day deadline, that if they do miss it, they will send you a 1 oz. Silver American Eagle at no charge.

Offering The Best Storage In The Industry

Regal Assets is determined to be the best of the best in every aspect and will only work with the best. When working with storage, they align themselves with Brinks and ensure that all storage is segregated not comingled like many other custodians.

They charge a single flat fee of just $125 per year for storage.

gold coins protected by a lock

This is a rather reasonable rate as many other companies will charge upwards of $225 every year and do not offer the segregated option.

These other companies only offer a comingled option for your metals and their overall fees are considerably higher than what will be found for Regal Assets segregated storage.

You will find that the vast majority of competitors will charge upwards of $1,000 for segregated service. Receiving this service at such a low-fixed price is an incredible advantage.

No Fees For The First Year

When you sign up for Regal Assets, you are not going to be hit with any account or administration fees for creating a retirement account. This is for the entire first year of the account.

After that fact, it is a low $90 per year, which is the lowest of any company in the industry.

For the first year, you can count on Regal Assets to take care of any fees associated with your account. This one offer is valued at $700 in itself!

That is $700 in saved fees as compared to their competition. In addition, the competition makes their consumers start paying their fees as soon as the account has been created and needs to be done in an upfront manner.

Watch For Competitors Offering The Scaling Fee

One of the best offers that Regal Assets unveiled to its customers was the segregated storage of both silver and gold. 

As we have discussed, most other companies will offer commingled storage at a much higher rater.

man looking at a clipboard

If segregated storage is offered it will generally be limited to gold and is offered on a scaled fee structure. This simply means that the more your account grows in value, the higher your storage fees will be.

When you take advantage of what Regal Assets offer, you are only being charged a flat fee of $125 per year.

It is possible to save thousands of dollars a year in storage fees by paying a flat fee as opposed to the scaling fee.

Offers The Fastest Processing Time

In many cases, Regal Assets can process requests or even transfer from a custodian in as little as 48 business hours. They will do everything electronically, one of the few precious metal firms that offer this service.

In addition, you can sign your documents online as well as view your precious metals.

If you are unclear about any aspect of Regals Assets, please give them a direct call and one of their consultants will help to clarify everything and answer any questions you may have.

One call is all it takes to hear the difference in their team and how they care for their customers.

In some cases, they will spend upwards of an hour of their time discussing matters to help consumers understand the process. Do not feel as though you need to rush through a consultation call with them. 

Take your time and be satisfied with the information you receive.

International Presence

Regal Assets is a company known throughout the world with offices in Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore. With thousands of consumers across the globe, they are fully trusted and admired.

Regal Assets was also awarded a AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance as being one of the most trusted and respected business practices.

three gold bars

In addition, they have a membership through TrustLink as a leader in the precious metal industry. Of course, we could not continue without mentioning the thousands of positive reviews found on BirdEye.

Almost all reviews found online of Regal Assets are highly positive. We had to dig to find any complaints on the company.

Regal Assets Complaints (updated):

The Better Business Bureau has a total of 8 complaints registered against the company over the past three years. Out of those 8, a total of six were resolved and closed out.

Many of these complaints were due to simple misunderstandings and delays in shipments.

Over on Trustlink, you will only find 2 negative reviews out of the over 1000 positive reviews.

Likewise, on BirdEye, there are only 8 one-star reviews from a collected 1460 reviews.

One thing to remember is that Regal Assets is not rated or accredited by the BBB since they choose to opt out of the membership.

In researching the company, we could not find any other online complaints from clients and that is an incredible feat from a long-standing company.

It is important to remember that not every consumer is going to leave a review, so there are thousands upon thousands of satisfied consumers who have not left feedback for Regal Assets.


Once again, Regal Assets offers you a fast and friendly service with the ability to purchase investment-grade precious metals at your convenience with no pushy sales. They also offer a 7-day guarantee on all metals.

We do hope this review is helpful to you and steers you in the right direction.

If you have been on the fence about acquiring services from Regal Assets, you will see that they are one of the best in the precious metal industry.

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