Pinehurst Coins Review

Pinehurst Coins Review

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Pinehurst Coins is a company that helps collectors and buyers find rare coins, sports cards and memorabilia, and precious metals.

It offers free shipping on all orders and is upfront with its pricing. The following Pinehurst Coins review gives prospective customers a better look at this site and what it offers.

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About Pinehurst Coins

pinehurst coins homepage

Pinehurst Coins is both a Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) and a Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), which allows it to both grade and sell collectible items.

The company has an active eBay store with a 100% positive rating and more than 260,000 reviews from past customers. Users will find a spot price chart at the top of the page that shows all of the current spot prices and how they recently changed.

Pinehurst Coins sells jewelry and other rare items in addition to its line of precious metals that include palladium and gold.

Pinehurst Coins Pricing and Fees

To set itself apart from other online sellers, Pinehurst Coins lists all of its current prices on the site. Whether they shop for gold bars or platinum coins, they will also see how much each product costs.

Prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for items that are rare and hard to find. Shoppers will also find graded sports cards that start at around $100 and both supplies and resource books. 

The amount that a buyer pays will depend on which payment method they choose. While Pinehurst Coins accepts different payment methods, some include a discount. Buyers pay the most when they use PayPal or a debit/credit card.

They pay less when they pay with Bitcoin. Buyers save the most when they pay with a wire transfer or check.

Available Products and Services

four gold coins one gold bar

Pinehurst Coins offers a huge range of products and services. It will grade products that others send and buy gold and other items. The site also sells a lot of precious metals that include gold coins from the United States Mint and foreign mints.

  • Gold Coins

It's helpful for customers to look at some of the available gold coins first. Pinehurst Coins sells many coins that come from the United States Mint like American Eagle and Buffalo coins.

While some coins hit the market in 2006 and more recent years, others came out in the 1960s and earlier. The First Spouse coin is a special coin in honor of former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Pinehurst Coins has a line of Pre-33 coins that includes some ancient coins and others released before 1933. The site sells gold coins from Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, too.

  • Gold Bars and Rounds

On top of the gold coins, Pinehurst Coins also offers gold bars and rounds. Prices start at around $350 for the smallest gold bars, which weigh only five grams. A few 2.5-gram gold bars are also available for a lower price.

Shoppers will also find 20-gram gold bars and gold rounds that contain one Troy ounce of gold. Most of the gold bars and rounds come in protective cases.

  • Silver Bars

Shoppers who want to add different types of precious metals to their portfolios may want to consider some of the site's silver bars. The cheapest bars have 10 Troy ounces of silver and cost less than $300. Prices rise based on the amount of silver.

Some of the options include 100-ounce Asahi silver bars and 10-ounce American Flag silver bars. The Asahi silver bars are the most expensive at more than $2,700.

  • Silver Coins

To meet the needs of its customer base, Pinehurst Coins offers a range of silver coins that include both Chinese and Canadian designs. Canadian coins include Modified Silver Proof Maple Leaf and $5 Canadian Maple Leaf Coins.

The 2019 Yuan Silver Panda is one of the available Chinese coins. These coins include both uncirculated designs in protective cases and circulated coins that may have a lower rating.

Pinehurst Coins sells silver coins from the United States Mint and older coins that include:

  • Sunshine Mint Walking Liberty
  • Mighty Eagle
  • Saint Gaudens
  • America the Beautiful
  • Silver Eagle
  • Platinum and Palladium Bars

Platinum coins and bars are good for new collectors just starting and those who want more diversity in their collections. The coins include some with a face value of as much as $50 to $100 and others that were made for collectors.

All of these coins come in a plastic case as do the palladium coins. Most of the palladium coins were minted in 2022 and have one ounce of palladium.

  • Rare Coins

Many of the similar sites that sell collectibles focus on gold and silver, but Pinehurst Coins has a selection of rare coins that collectors like. Shoppers can look for older American coins, ancient and medieval coins, coin sets, and error coins.

Error coins are very popular as they feature errors that usually keep the Mint from releasing them. The coin sets allow shoppers to buy a set of coins that comes in a presentation box.

There are proof coin sets as well as Olympic and limited edition sets. Some of the site's ancient coins date back centuries.

  • Paper Currency

Another unique option found on this site is its range of paper currency. Some customers like the gold foil notes that look like a standard bill but have a layer of gold on the front and a design that wasn't originally available.

There is also some legal tender on the site. These bills have a face value of $2 to $5 and come already graded and sealed inside a protective case.

  • Other Collectibles

With the other collectibles and products that the site sells, shoppers can find almost anything they need. Customers can shop for graded baseball cards that come in a sealed case and have the PSA graded shown on a label on the front.

Pinehurst Coins occasionally sells gold and silver jewelry and watches as well as books and supplies for collectors.

Some of the available supplies include:

  • Loupes
  • Lens cards
  • Storage boxes
  • Magnifying wands
  • Coin flips

Pinehurst Coins as a Buyer

Not only does Pinehurst Coins sell precious metals and collectibles on eBay and its official site, but it buys many of those same items from sellers. The site buys scrap silver and gold, paper money, jewelry, sterling silverware, and precious metal coins and bars.

It also makes it easy for sellers to complete the process in a couple of steps:

  • The seller calls (910) 235-COIN to find out what they need to do.
  • They create an inventory of everything they want to sell.
  • Pinehurst Coins will ask them to submit their items with an inventory list for a full appraisal.
  • The appraiser will determine the value and provide Pinehurst Coins with a figure.
  • Pinehurst Coins will give the figure to the buyer and pay them if they decide to sell.

Pros & Cons of Pinehurst Coins


  • Offers precious metals as well as collectibles
  • Every product sold online shows the actual price
  • Can grade cards, gold coins, and other items
  • Accepts payments via cards, bank transfers, PayPal, money orders, and Bitcoin
  • Buys collectibles from customers


  • The handling time is much longer than the shipping time
  • Puts too much focus on the sports cards and other available collectibles
  • Doesn't have as many precious metal options as other sites

Is Pinehurst Coins a Scam?

From the information available online, it's clear that Pinehurst Coins is not a scam. Prospective buyers may want to check out the Pinehurst Coins eBay page where it shows more than 899,000 products sold over the years.

The only six negative reviews the company got fell off because they happened so long ago. Customers often give Pinehurst Coins an A or A+ rating and talk about how fast it shipped their items.  

Seven customers wrote about their experiences with Pinehurst Coins on the Better Business Bureau where the company had just one registered complaint.

Several reviews mentioned the low and competitive pricing on products and how quickly reps responded to their questions. Other reviews highlighted the fast shipping.

The only listed complaint came from a shopper who said the site quoted him up to 10 business days for shipping, which he thought was too long.  

More than 90% of the Trustpilot reviews are also positive. Many of the negative reviews came from shoppers who bought from eBay rather than the Pinehurst Coins website.

There were complaints that they couldn't use a certain payment method or that the handling time was too long. Most of the reviews talked about the range of products and the affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

Pinehurst Coins is a unique gold and precious metals seller because it does more than just sell on a website. It still uses eBay to give customers a way to check out the latest inventory and get positive feedback when they buy.

Shoppers will find all of the top precious metals like platinum, palladium, silver, and gold in bar and coin forms as well as graded baseball cards and other collectibles.

While shipping can take a while and the site doesn't offer as many products as some might expect, Pinehurst Coins has a big selection of precious metals at competitive prices.

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