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Perpetual Assets Review

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In an era where digital innovation is transforming the financial landscape and cryptocurrencies are gaining prominence, Perpetual Assets emerges as a pioneer with its innovative IRA solutions.

Are you familiar with Perpetual Assets? Do you want to understand how this company operates and what sets it apart in the industry?

If so, continue reading to gain a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic firm.

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About Perpetual Assets

perpetual assets homepage

Perpetual Assets is the first precious metals and cryptocurrency dealer in America that specializes in retirement accounts.

They offer an LLC IRA retirement solution that gives their customers 100% control when it comes to their retirement accounts, and the flexibility to choose between investments across several asset classes.

The Perpetual Assets cryptocurrency Trade Desk provides clients with a much faster onboarding process when it comes to this industry as well as a highly convenient customer-service team that gets their clients through the Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer processes.

Services and Products


When working with Perpetual Assets, they provide the overall facilitation of LLC IRAs.

An LLC IRA is a sole way clients get to control "cryptocurrency private keys" in their retirement accounts. It also provides a way for clients to control storage and delivery options of the precious metals they have chosen. 

The complete costs of an LLC IRA can be funded from money in a retirement account.

These checkbook controls of an LLC lets their customers manage precious metals and cryptocurrency, and allow clients the ability to hold stocks, property, bonds, liquidity, and various other classes of assets.

Perpetual Assets do not advise their clients when it comes to what they should be investing in, or have any control over what a client has invested in.

Instead, they facilitate LLC IRAs, ensure that their clients are compliant, and make sure that the capital has reached its destination.

In addition to the flexibility, mitigation of risks, and control that is associated with the LLC IRA, clients of Perpetual Assets also won't be liable for any of the transactional fees linked to most of the more traditional types of retirement accounts.

They will have to pay administrative fees annually, but that will be all. Since every transaction will be made from the LLC that they are in control of, there won't be any transaction fees on their investments.

This also does away with the delays associated with executing a transaction through an administrator. In an unpredictable environment and mitigation of risks is one of the top priorities, speed and timing often make a significant difference.

How Does It Work? 

It doesn't matter what type of retirement account a client currently has, Perpetual Assets will facilitate the process of a rollover to a self-directed IRA with an administrator that this company uses.

While this takes place, Perpetual Assets will start the process of forming the client's IRA-owned LLC.

Once the funds are transferred successfully to a new administrator and Perpetual Assets has completed the LLC, the capital will be sent to the LLC from the new administrator. From this stage onwards, any investment decisions will be made by the client.

Whether purchasing precious metals, cryptocurrency, investing in property, or holding liquidity, the client has complete control over every transaction.

There are a few transactions that are prohibited such as collectibles, self-dealing, and life insurance contracts, but Perpetual Assets will walk each client through what these are.


three gold bars

Purchasing precious metals such as gold and silver is safe, fast, and simple with Perpetual Assets. Purchase with a call or click for a pressure-free consultation. 

Perpetual Assets have advisors that are experienced and highly knowledgeable in the industry of Precious Metals, and they offer advice and support. They carry several different products and asset classes even beyond what is listed on their website.

So feel free to call and find out about the latest inventory availability.


In the past few years, one of the most common issues that have come up within the cryptocurrency ecosystem is the lack of US dollars for crypto conversions promptly. 

It was once difficult for people to buy crypto using US dollars, particularly in significant amounts. The clients of Perpetual Assets used to experience tremendous difficulties when acquiring crypto with a newly-funded IRA LLC account.

Setting up a new account at exchanges used to take weeks, sometimes even months. Tiered spending and slow verification left their clients with no other options but to have to wait.

Perpetual Assets crypto OTC was then created to provide a solution to these problems. No hassles, no headaches, and close to instant service. This is a service made available to the LLC IRA Clients or it can be used by individuals that are not yet clients once compliance is met.

Their clients start the process by completing an online application. Once the user agreement and onboarding form is completed, Perpetual Assets will then run their clients through the steps of mandatory compliance relating to AML and KYC.

Once these steps have been completed, Perpetual Assets will notify the client about the instructions for a bank wire for these transactions.

When the bank wire is successfully received, an email is sent to the client scheduling the trade time and date, and providing a wallet address for the cryptocurrency that the client plans to purchase.

Perpetual Assets will execute the trade with their client telephonically. As the trade completes they instantly perform a test transaction that will confirm whether the client has received the crypto.

As soon as this test transaction has been confirmed by the client and Perpetual Assets, the balance that remains from this trade will be deposited into the crypto wallet.  An invoice for this transaction is immediately generated after the deposit.

Why Choose Perpetual Assets?

Perpetual Assets has already spent many hours of investigation, research, and consultations with attorneys, on how to execute the LLC IRA. The formation process was a highly delicate one.

Investment by an IRA into an LLC has to follow very precise processes.

If the LLC has not been structured properly, the documents are not executed properly, or when any step in these processes has not been done in the correct order, it may turn into a transaction that is prohibited and expose you to an IRS audit.


Why have I not heard of this before?

This is something that many people are not aware of since it isn't advertised. The multi-trillion retirement sector earns commissions and fees every time assets of traditional IRAs move or makes money, for example, when they are sold or bought.

This is legal and one of the best ways to manage and invest in your retirement without going through one of the commercial banking systems.  

What is an LLC IRA and how is it different from a "Self-Directed IRA"? 

The LLC IRA is the same as all the other IRAs, except that you get to personally make every investment decision when it comes to your retirement and how you would like to save towards it.

Many of the administrators make claims that you will be allowed to "self-direct" your investments when it comes to the so-called self-directed IRAs, but they frequently put heavy restrictions on what you will be allowed to invest in while requiring excessive annual reviews. 

The LLC IRA by Perpetual Assets puts the client in control, which means you get to make your own investment decisions (except for a few prohibited transactions which are laid out clearly in the Tax Code Title 26 USC 408). 

What are the benefits? 

The Perpetual Assets LLC IRA provides you with checkbook control when it comes to the funds in the account. This provides a way to maintain more liquidity and to make investments that are timely in just about any of the asset classes you can think of.

For many Perpetual Assets clients, one of the most attractive advantages is the ability to try out investments in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies. The administrator fees are also very low which is another large benefit.

Perpetual Assets administrators only charge annual fees of $200 (regardless of the account size) and you won't be liable for any transaction fees when selling and buying through your LLC IRA.

Place trust in yourself and do away with counterparty risks when directing investments and then controlling them yourself. 

Perpetual Assets Reviews and Ratings

Perpetual Assets has only received an A rating from the BBB. The company is not BBB accredited, but they have received no complaints or reviews.

Reviews and ratings are essential factors when choosing a company. 

It is obvious that Perpetual Assets lacks these, so if you prefer working with companies that have outstanding reviews and ratings, you may want to start looking elsewhere.

Minimum Order Required

There is a minimum order required when signing up with Perpetual Assets. The company doesn't accept orders below $1000 for precious metals or orders below $10,000 for cryptocurrencies.


  • The website provides an abundance of educational material


  • This is not one of the businesses that are accredited by the BBB
  • Lack of information and testimonials from the trusted and well-known websites
  • Many of the precious metals that they offer are out of stock

Is Perpetual Assets a Scam?

No, this company has plenty of satisfied customers and you can also find the owners on their YouTube channel and their website.


Perpetual Assets might be a great investment option for you if you are interested in investments in different precious metals.

They specialize in retirement and retirement accounts so they have the knowledge and experience to make sure you are making the most from your investments.

The customer service on offer is more than adequate, meaning you can rely on them to assist you.

Perpetual Assets is not a scam, but we do not recommend them.  There are too many things about the company that do not add up.

Here at BMOGAM Viewpoints we also do not recommend cryptocurrencies for IRAs. While we are not against crypto in general, it is still very new technology that carries a lot of risk.

The entire point of protecting your retirement nest egg is to minimize risk.  

For these reasons we do not recommend Perpetual Assets, there are much better options for investors looking to make physical precious metals purchases or to create a precious metals IRA, like the companies we recommend from our research and reader feedback.

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