NuView Trust IRA Review

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NuView Trust enables investors to take control of their investments with a self-directed IRA. The company states that they have worked with individual and professional clients to them with a wide range of alternative assets.   

Many IRA holders invest in public equities and individual stocks to hold their retirement portfolios. But there is a growing segment of investors who want access to alternative assets.

NuView Trust specializes in alternative assets intending to help individual investors and financial professionals reach their financial goals. 

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About NuView Trust

nuview trust homepage

NuView Trust was created 18 years ago by Glenn Mather. In 2018, he created NuView Trust and has since strived to provide its clients with a wide range of IRA options.  

With a self-directed IRA, clients serve as account fiduciaries. As a result, NuView Trust doesn't produce tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other professional advice. 

NuView Trust Services

NuView Trust offers several services for investors to grow their portfolios. Many of the company's services are geared toward providing individual investors with alternative assets.   

As the market becomes more volatile, having access to a variety of asset types is an excellent way to secure your portfolio and grow your accounts. 

At NuView Trust, investors can find alternative asset options like real estate, private lending, cryptocurrency, private equity, private stock, precious metals, and more.  

Here is some additional information on some of the assets investors can invest in:

  • Real estate assets

There are several real estate asset options, including single-family homes, commercial property, apartment buildings, unimproved lands, condominiums, farms, and timber. 

  • Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital version of money that functions as a digital asset. It is a fast-growing asset that many investors are adding to their portfolios.

NuView offers a variety of opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. 

  • Private Equity

Private equities are also known as private placements. This means that an investor provides liquidity, such as cash, to a private company in exchange for a stake of ownership.

Private equity investing is another excellent alternative asset option when investors work with NuView Trust. 

Customer Reviews

Reviews play a vital role in choosing the best company for your self-directed IRA account. NuView Trust appears to have mixed reviews online. On GoogleMyBusiness, NuView Trust received a 4.4 out of 5 from 74 clients.

Out of these reviews, many customers stated that they were pleased with their relationship with NuView Trust and that they had a positive experience with the company.  

Clients have also stated that the NuView customer service team was easy to work with. Additionally, many customers have stated that the team members are professional and knowledgeable about self-directed IRA accounts. 

While the company does not have many negative reviews, there are a few worth mentioning. According to reviews from Yelp, NuView relies heavily on automation and consistently makes errors regarding its annual fees.  

It also appears that their software system isn't as up to date. If you have multiple accounts with NuView, investors must ensure that any changes made to your account are updated on each account. 

Some clients have also stated that they aren't as transparent with withdrawals. NuView states that investors can withdraw money and receive it the same day.

But some customers have stated that it can take several days (up to 6 days) to receive their requested funds. Customers have also stated that they don't offer the best customer service.

If you have an issue with your account, you may have to make several phone calls to receive a resolution. 

How to Open an Account

nuview trust's products

Opening an account with NuView Trust is simple. If you would like to get started, all you need to do is select 'open an account' in the top right corner.

Once you click on the link, you'll be redirected to a Docusign form where you will begin to include all of your details. 

Customer Service

NuView Trust has several options to contact their customer support. Clients can call them toll-free at 1-877-259-3256. This is the company's direct customer support line. Clients can also email specific departments, depending on their needs.   

If you need to speak with an IRA specialist, you can send an email to [email protected] or call them at 407-708-1853. Other email contacts include [email protected] and [email protected].  

Compared to competitors, NuView Trust has several ways for investors to get in contact with someone from the customer support team. This can be a nice addition for investors who need quick correspondence. 

Pros of NuView Trust

There are several pros and cons of working with NuView Trust. To help you make the best decision for your needs, we're going to talk in-depth about some advantages and disadvantages of opening a self-directed IRA account with NuView. 

  • Dedicated Online Portal

One advantage that sticks out with NuView Trust is the fact that investors will have a dedicated online portal. This makes it easier to track and manage investments with ease.

Additionally, this ensures that investors can feel hands-on with their investment choices. 

  • Several Investment Options

Another advantage of opening a self-directed IRA account with NuView trust is that you'll have several options when it comes to alternative assets.

NuView Trust stands out among competitors when it comes to providing its clients with a wide range of options to meet their needs. 

Whether you're interested in real estate assets, cryptocurrency, precious metals, or more, you'll find a little bit of everything with NuView. For investors hoping to diversify their portfolios, NuView Trust could be worth looking into. 

  • Several Customer Service Options

NuView Trust has several ways to contact its customer service representatives. Compared to competitors, the company offers a lot more customer service options. 

This is a bonus for investors who want the security of being able to reach someone from the company as quickly as possible. 

  • Professional Website Navigation

Another advantage of NuView is that they have a great functioning website that reflects the company's professionalism. The website is easy to navigate, offers extensive details about the company, and gives insight into what the company offers.   

The company's professional website design helps establish the company as an authority leader in the investment industry and makes it easy for future clients to navigate the website to find the information they're looking for. 

  • Several Positive Reviews

For any investor looking to decide on a financial company, reviews are often the first thing to pay attention to. Luckily, NuView Trust has a great number of reviews featured through GoogleMyBusiness.  

Additionally, most reviews are positive with customers stating that NuView Trust has a professional team, is knowledgeable about self-funded IRA accounts, and offers a host of options when it comes to alternative assets.  

The amount of reviews makes it easy for investors to learn more about the company and make a more confident decision about whether NuView is right for their needs. 

  • Start the Application Online

Many investors want a quick and simple process when it comes to opening their self-directed IRA accounts. Luckily, NuView Trust allows potential clients to open an account with them online by just clicking the link.  

This is a nice benefit, especially considering that some financial institutions require potential clients to inquire only over the phone. NuView Trust simplifies these steps by making it easy to get started with them online. 


  • No Explanation of Account Types 

One downside that's worth considering is the fact that NuView Trust does not explain any of its account types.

Investors will note that the company offers several types of alternative assets, but the website is lacking pertinent details regarding what account types they have available.   

This lack of information can serve as an inconvenience for investors trying to make an informed decision about their retirement portfolio. Additionally, the lack of information makes it difficult for investors to know what's offered by the company.   

Not only this but it's difficult to determine what fees are associated with NuView Trust, which can be a red flag for those looking for a self-directed IRA account.  

If you need more details on the type of accounts the company offers and associated fees, you will need to contact NuView Trust directly for more details. 

  • Some Negative Reviews to Consider

NuView Trust has several positive reviews worth considering. But, there are a few negative reviews that investors should pay attention to. For instance, some customers have made note that their software system isn't up to date. 

More specifically, updating your personal information can be a task if you have multiple accounts with NuView Trust since one change does not appear to apply to all accounts. 

But what's even more of a concern is the fact that NuView Trust states that withdrawals will be received the same day.

But many customers have noted that withdrawals have taken several days to be received, with as much as a six-day waiting period.  This is certainly an inconvenience if you're in an emergency and need your funds quickly.

Additionally, it can feel unsettling to not have access to your funds without a clear expectation of when they will arrive.

With that said, investors should proceed with caution if they plan to put a considerable amount of funds in their self-directed IRA account.  Another downside to make note of is the flaws in their customer service support.

NuView Trust maintains several ways to contact them. But according to customers, getting an issue resolved takes reaching out to several representatives.

It appears as though their customer support team isn't as efficient, which can be a problem as you begin to do business with them. 

  • No Details on the Online Account Procedure 

NuView Trust allows investors to start the application process online. However, they do not provide many details on the online account procedure process. Once you click on the link, you must begin inputting your information.  

NuView Trust does not discuss the type of accounts they have available, how much funds they need to put in to open your account, or any other essential information needed to complete the process. 

Final Thoughts on NuView Trust

If you're looking for a financial institution to open a self-directed IRA account, NuView Trust could be a good choice. The company offers several alternative asset options for investors to expand their portfolios.

The company has also garnered several positive reviews from customers, stating that the company is professional, knowledgeable, and offers a great number of products.  

On the other hand, the company does not provide much information on the type of accounts they offer.

Additionally, some previous customers have stated that NuView Trust doesn't have the best online portal software and that withdrawals take much longer than what NuView Trust states they will.   

Overall, NuView Trust appears to be a solid company to start a self-directed IRA with. Before moving forward, it's a good idea to talk with a representative to learn more about their account process and fees.

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