National Gold Consultants Review

National Gold Consultants Review

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National Gold Consultants occupies a unique niche at a very interesting pivot point within the precious metal world. They work as licensed and bonded gold and silver supplier.

However, they don't just work directly with clients. They concentrate on multiple areas, including building relationships with other financial advisors.

In that capacity, National Gold Consultants notes that they have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of their clients and those that their clients represent.

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National Gold Consultant Clients

ngc homepage

The multifurcated nature of National Gold Consultants is worth considering as one considers doing business with NGC. 

First, NGC does work directly with individuals. Their website specifically advertises that they offer independent services directly to individuals who are interested in buying gold, silver, or other precious metals directly.

NGC specifically advertises these metals as "wealth insurance" that can give portfolios "resiliency" and protect against a 2008-style crash. 

Second, National Gold Consultants works with financial advisors to provide advice, services, and products that are related to precious metals.

The website notes that it has agents that are "contracted" with NGC, meaning that they use NGC for advice and product sales. 

Third, NGC deals directly with gold or silver IRAs. The website lists potential ways that individuals with IRAs can reallocate their portfolios to better protect and diversify their holdings.

In this capacity, National Gold Consultants works directly with suppliers to help set up these IRAs. In this capacity, it can work directly with clients or through their financial advisors. 

Finally, National Gold Consultants also works with Registered Investment Advisors or RIAs.

Their work here is similar to their IRA work: The company works with RIAs to give them advice, feedback, and information on how to best utilize gold, silver, and other precious metals.

The information that it provides to RIAs includes a broad range of services, and this information can also include marketing collateral to help sell gold and silver to clients.

Other information includes:

Relevancy, including up-to-date info, strategies, and marketing support. 

Training, including the latest information about precious metals, workshops, resources, and webinars. 

Communication, including advice, feedback, and content to share with
National Gold Consultants takes great pains to note that they are ready and able to serve all of their clients and meet all of their needs.

The front page of their website describes all of the licensing and bonding requirements that they meet. There is an extensive level of expertise associated with their products and services.

National Gold Consultants Resources

If NGC's resources section is anything like the attention they give to clients, individuals who use its services are in excellent shape. 

NGC has an array of resources on its website, and all of these can be useful to individual clients or financial advisors alike. 

First, like many similarly situated websites, NGC operates a live chart of gold and silver prices.

It also has a ticker that shows the exact price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, although it's worth noting that the chart wasn't working when the information from this review was gathered. 

Next, the website offers a variety of resources that are geared around explaining different types of gold and silver. This includes qualified versions of each metal, non-qualified ones, and much more.

It also has a variety of white papers that show the price of precious metals versus other financial instruments.

You can use this information to gather how your portfolio would have done if you had heavily invested in precious metals, rather than traditional stocks and bonds, during the great recession. 

Finally, the website also has the latest news section. This lists a variety of news related to gold and silver. It also has links to podcasts. Unfortunately, this is where the website starts to break down, as the news section hasn't been updated since 2021.

Fortunately, individuals interested in learning more about news in the gold and silver industry can just click on the "news" tab that is at the top of the website.

This section is extremely up-to-date and lists information about both precious metals and economic turmoil.

The point of this news section is clear: It is trying to get you to believe that the economy is crashing and that buying gold and silver can better protect your assets.

FAQ Section

Finally, it's worth noting that National Gold Consultants also has a FAQ section on its website. This lists information on the company, including specifics about how you can take possession of your precious metals.

It also answers more common, industry-wide questions, like questions about storage and length of holding time.

National Gold Consultants Reviews

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of outside reviews about National Gold Consultants and the success or failure of their customers. There is just one review on their Better Business Bureau website, and that gives them five stars.

However, National Gold Consultants does have an A+ rating and has been accredited with the BBB since 2017.

At a minimum, this implies that they have met the appropriate standards and seem to be able to act in the best interest of their customers.

Positives of National Gold Consultants

First, National Gold Consultants has a wide range of expertise on the subject of gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Their white papers make it abundantly clear that this is an organization that knows exactly what it is talking about when it comes to this area. That should give anyone interested in doing business with the organization confidence.

Second, ease of access. NGC has an advisor and IRA portal right on its website. Once you have the credentials, you can use this system to easily manage your holdings, make transactions, and otherwise investigate potential deals.

Many smaller organizations still lack this capacity.

The fact that NGC offers it, and makes it so easy to file a transaction, makes it clear that this is an organization that values keeping its customers happy and making it easy for customers and financial advisors alike to move money.

The third is the breadth of services offered. Most organizations target one slice of the precious metals market, including working directly with sellers OR financial advisors.

National Gold Consultants takes a different tact and works with every organization possible. A company can't successfully pull this off unless they know its market and can develop the expertise necessary to successfully keep clients happy.

NGC contains expertise in spades.  It's also worth noting that NGC seems to be very outward and educational-focused. They have an "events" section on their webpage that lists all seminars and webinars that their clients can attend.

There's no doubt that this is geared towards selling more products, but as long as the information presented is fair and balanced, it would seem to be a useful service to individuals who are interested in doing business with them.

Unfortunately, as of the time of this review, the events section was blank, but one has to assume that the company does have a good amount of events listed, or this section of their website likely wouldn't be present. 

There is also no shortage of members of the NGC team appearing on podcasts as experts, lending their experience and expertise to others. A quick Google search for "NGC podcasts" reveals numerous appearances by NGC staff.

In these podcasts, the expertise that the staff has is clear, and they can fluently discuss the pros and potential drawbacks of buying and selling precious metals.

Potential Areas of Concern

Perhaps the most overriding nature of concern with National Gold Consultants is the fact that they report to multiple clients of varying natures.

By selling to consumers, financial advisors, and RIAs, questions can easily be raised about who NGC owes its loyalty to.

The company notes that they act as a fiduciary agent for clients, but the fact that they appeal to so many raises questions about who its ultimate boss is.

Furthermore, individuals who are interested in doing business with a financial advisor may decide just to deal with NGC directly.

In this sense, the structure of NGC creates an incentive to go around financial advisors, who are also clients of NGC. This can create some strange incentives and awkward situations for all parties involved. 

Other sections of the website come across as a bit heavy-handed, like the news section, which has enough negative information about the economy that it seems slanted to encourage people to buy gold or silver.

This section would seem to fly in the face of the idea that NGC is interested in helping clients protect themselves and not just make a quick buck.

Final Thoughts

National Gold Consultants offers an array of services that is not typically found in most precious metal companies.

They have a wide range of resources and expertise, and it is clear that this is a company that has the knowledge and ability to successfully serve its clients.

This range of expertise is also one of the company's largest drawbacks: With so many potential bosses, it is unclear how NGC is truly able to act in the best interests of its clients and avoid a potential conflict of interest.

As such, doing business with National Gold Consultants may be an excellent idea.

However, you should do so with your eyes open and understand that the company's interests in selling you products or services have the potential to conflict with what is in your best financial interests.

If you are capable of managing these potential conflicts, NGC may have an excellent set of products for you.

National Gold Consultants is an ok company, they are not a scam, but we do not recommend them.

They are also not the best if you're looking for a gold dealer to invest in precious metals or to set up an IRA with them, there are much better options for investors that we have detailed on this website.

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