Madison Trust Company Review

Madison Trust Company Review

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Madison Trust provides self-directed IRAs to empower your investment needs. Madison Trust first began in 2009 by Daniel Gleich and Mervyn Klein as Broad Financial, an IRA LLC facilitation firm.  

Madison Trust was created as Gleich wanted to create his own IRA LLC to diversify his father's retirement portfolio.

Within a few years, Madison Trust was able to help over 10,000 clients reach financial freedom by diversifying their portfolios.

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What is Madison Trust Company?

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Today, the Madison Trust Company has grown to have clients across all 50 states with 3.5B+ in assets under custody.

Madison Trust offers asset-based fees and flat-rate fees, a service-based model, and uncompromising support to help their clients along their financial journey. 

Madison Trust offers an array of financial services and products for clients who are looking to grow their wealth now and in retirement. If you're interested in learning more about Madison Trust, read on for a review of this company and its offerings.

Self-Directed IRAs Products

madison trust products

Madison Trust focuses on providing clients with self-directed IRAs along with other investment products. You have two options when it comes to a self-directed IRA with the company. You can choose a self-directed IRA or one with checkbook control. 

Self-Directed IRA Overview 

This is a retirement account offered by Madison Trust. It allows you to invest in alternative assets beyond traditional options like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with the help of a custodian.

With a self-directed IRA, your custodian is directed by you to make transactions on your behalf. 

When you work with Madison Trust to open a self-directed IRA account, you will benefit from optimized low-transaction investments, a low-cost setup, and a simple setup process. You don't need an LLC is not required to get started. 

Self-Directed IRA Including Checkbook Control Overview  

This type of IRA allows you to carry out transactions seamlessly in real-time. This is achieved by first creating an entity. An entity can be something like an IRA LLC or an IRA Trust. 

When choosing a self-directed IRA with Checkbook Control, you get to take advantage of optimized active investments, such as real estate rentals. You'll also get to make investments with ease.

Clients can either send a check or wire funds to a specified account. 

Lastly, you'll enjoy a seamless entity creation process. With the help of Broad Financial - Madison Trusts' sister company. Broad Financial will create an entity on your behalf so that you can begin investing with ease.

Benefits of Self-Directed IRAs with Madison Trust

There are several reasons why an investor would want to use Madison Trust. For starters, you can seamlessly diversify your retirement portfolio with assets that are inaccessible to standard IRAs like real estate and private businesses.  

Madison Trust has an array of assets for investors to choose from. If you need guidance on the right investment, you can talk with one of their specialists to help you along the process. 

Investors will also benefit from hands-on investing. Madison Trust equips its clients with everything they need to make investment choices that makes sense for them personally and financially. 

The company also claims to provide investors with stability. Investors can hedge against the volatile stock market and invest in products that provide a more reliable revenue stream in the long term.

This is important for investors, especially as the market fluctuates. If you're looking for stability in your income, you can talk with a specialist to learn more about which assets can provide you with a little more certainty.

Asset Options

Madison Trust offers investors a variety of assets that can be held in a self-directed IRA. With a standard IRA, investors are limited to traditional investments like stocks.

But with a self-directed approach, an investor looking for alternative investment options can profit from almost any type of asset, giving them the flexibility they need to grow their portfolio. 

Madison Trust states that their client's asset options are essentially endless, but they feature five assets on their website that you can invest in with a self-directed IRA. 

One asset that clients can choose with a self-directed IRA is real estate. Your real estate options include commercial, raw land, fix and flips, and more. Real estate assets have high growth potential and are a great source of steady, passive income.

If you're concerned about a volatile market, choosing a real estate asset with Madison Trust is a good option.

Promissory notes are another asset option. With promissory notes, you will receive predictable returns with clear note terms before the transaction takes place.

Private placements enable clients to invest in any company or stock not sold to the public. You also get to take advantage of several investment options like hedge funds, startups, REITS, and more.

Precious metals are another asset option you can consider. With precious metals, the value increases when stocks, bonds, and mutual funds decrease. It also offers a good hedge against inflation and is seen as a global store value.

Investing in startups and crowdfunding can produce high results when the company grows. Clients can invest in various business types, including local restaurants, healthcare facilities, new tech companies, and more.

Directed Trust

Madison Trust also offers a directed trust for its clients. A directed trust allows clients to secure the integrity of their funds and avoid excessive tax burdens.

When you take advantage of a directed trust with Madison Trust, you will access several benefits to protect your assets.  For starters, you will be able to avoid unnecessary tax liability.

Clients will also get to control the management of their funds and direct their investments. Additionally, South Dakota's protection laws will enable clients to gain anonymity. Lastly, a directed trust allows clients to ensure the continuity of their funds.

Madison Trust Fees

Fees play an important role when it comes to choosing the right financial institution to invest with. Luckily, Madison Trust is very upfront about its fees, allowing investors to make the best financial decisions for themselves.

Asset-Based Pricing Model 

Madison Trust offers an asset-based pricing model, meaning that the client will be charged fees based on the size of their assets. With this model, fees will vary. However, the more assets you have, the more fees you can expect.

The Flat Pricing Model 

Madison Trust also offers a flat pricing model. This model is likely the best financial decision for investors since Madison Trust claims to offer the lowest flat-rate fees.

Let's take a closer look at Madison Trust's fee schedule:

The cost to set up an account with Madison Trust is between $50 and $75, depending on a few factors. Madison also has a quarterly custodial fee, which includes the first asset. The quarterly fee is $100. Additional assets cost $25 per asset.

Madison Trust also has several transaction fees. Investment fees, re-registration of investments, and sale of asset fees are $50 each. If you have a sale of a real estate asset, the fee will be $150.

Cash disbursement fees are $30 and precious metals storage fees are $150. If you would like to terminate your account, the fee is $150.

Madison Trust Reviews

Madison Trust has garnered many client reviews and has impressively received an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google with over 700 clients leaving a review of their experience with the company.

Many of their clients claimed that Madison Trust offers exceptional customer support. Customers also stated that the process to set up an account was easy.

Madison Trust also received positive reviews from the Better Business Bureau, with most clients leaving a 5-star rating. Overall, Madison Trust seems to have built a reputation for providing consistent, quality service to its customers.

Madison Trust Customer Support

Having the right support is key when choosing the right company to invest with. Madison Trust offers various ways for investors to contact them for support. If you need to speak with a representative, you can call them at 1-833-605-3047.

You can also fill out their contact form on their website and someone will reach out to you.

If you would like to make a consultation with Madison Trust, you can schedule a 15-minute call to speak with a self-directed specialist.

Steps to Open an Account

Opening an account with Madison Trust is simple. All you need to do is visit their website and navigate to the top left screen and select "Open an Account".

You'll be directed to follow the prompt and provide some essential information. The application process involves six sections: IRA information, personal information, photo ID, fees, funding options, and beneficiaries.

Pros and Cons of Madison Trust

Choosing the best financial institution for your investments can be challenging. We're going to explore some pros and cons of working with Madison Trust for your investments.

  • Pros of Madison Trust

There are many advantages to working with Madison Trust. One of the benefits of this company is that it has managed to garner consistent, positive reviews from customers.

Madison Trust appears to be a trustworthy company offering quality products for their customers, making them an excellent choice when it comes to self-directed IRAs. 

Madison Trust also has a strong management team, making this company one of the best options when it comes to IRAs. Brian Finkelstein is the Founder of Madison Trust. Before this, he sold products and services to major banks.

Daniel Gleich is the CEO and president who has an extensive background in industrial real estate.

Madison Trust has other board members that have extensive experience in the business and investing space, making this a solid company prepared to help their clients create a diverse retirement portfolio.

Madison Trust also offers several alternative investment options for clients. Compared to competitor companies, Madison Trust ensures that its clients have many options from real estate assets, promissory notes, precious metals, private businesses, and more.

  • Cons of Madison Trust

There are a few things to keep in mind before committing to Madison Trust for your investments. 

Madison Trust is upfront about its fees. But compared to its competitors, fees are more on the high end and may not be the best option for investors. 

Another thing to consider is that they don't offer cryptocurrency. Madison Trust does offer many asset options for self-directed IRAs beyond stocks.

However, cryptocurrency is becoming a popular and desired asset that isn't an option with this company. This can be a deal breaker if cryptocurrency is an asset you're looking for.

Final Thoughts

Are you interested in joining Madison Trust to grow your retirement account? Madison Trust is a solid choice for investors who are looking for a company that can help them reach their financial goals.

Madison Trust has an impressive management team with a caring, collaborative, and empowering culture. Their client retention rate is 97% and they have almost five stars on Google.

For investors looking for a self-directed IRA, you will find that Madison Trust has plenty of alternative investment options that go beyond the traditional investments offered.

Whether you're interested in investing in real estate, precious metals, gold, startups, or more, Madison Trust has plenty of choices for its clients.

Madison Trust offers both asset-based fees and flat-rate fees for your convenience. Additionally, they offer various ways to contact customer support, including a live representative by phone.

With that said, this company can be a good investment for your portfolio, whether you're a new or experienced investor.

With their several investment options, investors will not have a hard time diversifying their retirement portfolio.

Investors should compare fees before opening an account with Madison Trust though. This company offers a lot of value to its clients, but the company's fees appear to be higher compared to other options.

Additionally, Madison Trust doesn't offer cryptocurrency. If cryptocurrency is the next step in your portfolio, you may want to consider other companies to invest with.

Overall, Madison Trust is a reasonable choice for any investor who wants to mix up their portfolio and grow their wealth.

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