Landmark Capital Review

Landmark Capital Review

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A diverse portfolio that includes precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium can offer you extra security.

During economic or political instability, precious metals often retain their value. These investments may even increase in value.

When economic times are tough, investors often move their assets to gold and other precious metals due to their relative stability.

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You can begin diversification by opening a self-directed IRA (SDIRA). While your employer's retirement plan often limits you to certain types of assets, a self-directed IRA opens up more investment possibilities.

With a self-directed IRA, you can purchase alternative investments like precious metals and real estate. 

The IRS sets rules and regulations for precious metal investments. Some rules differ from the rules for conventional investments. If you're interested in investing in gold and other precious metals, you need an industry expert. 

Landmark Capital Precious Metals has decades of experience in precious metal investment. They offer customers the financial education they need to make wise investments in the market.

The Landmark Capital team provides turnkey services for investments. They handle all the paperwork for your investments, rollovers, and transfers. They'll also monitor the process to ensure that every transaction is smooth.

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What is Landmark Capital Precious Metals?

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Landmark Capital Precious Metals is a company that helps investors enter the precious metal market. They focus on educating new investors so they can make wise investment decisions. 

The company motto is "Educate, Facilitate, Find Value." When you contact Landmark Capital Precious Metals, they'll educate you on the basic markets and create a blueprint that matches your investment goals.

They'll analyze your current investment portfolio to determine if you can open a self-directed IRA to invest in precious metals. Then, they'll help you choose the best investments to grow your portfolio.

Landmark Capital Precious Metals Company Info and History

David Fischer founded Landmark Capital Precious Metals in 2014. Fischer has over 25 years of experience helping customers invest in precious metals.

Fischer has appeared on numerous radio and television programs offering advice on precious metals and IRA investments. He also published a monthly newsletter on the Landmark Capital Precious Metals website.

Landmark Capital Precious Metals Ratings and Complaints

The Better Business Bureau lists Landmark Capital Precious Metals under the name Landmark Capital Gold Group. The firm is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but they do have an A+ rating. They also do not have any reviews on the site. 

There are no reviews for Landmark Capital Precious Metals or Landmark Capital Gold Group on TrustPilot. TrustPilot is a company review site.

On Yelp, the company received two one-star reviews. One review from 2019 complained that Landmark Capital founder David Fischer offered poor investment advice. This investor states that they lost approximately $200,000.

A review left in 2022 states that Landmark Capital Precious Metals' contracts have too much fine print. This reviewer claims that Landmark Capital Precious Metals sells junk coins for more than they are worth to unsuspecting investors.

The review also stated that the company's investment advice could lead to trouble with the IRS. Potential customers should note that neither reviewer was a direct customer of Landmark Capital Precious Metals. The reviewer from 2022 claims to work in the industry.

On Facebook, Landmark Capital Precious Metals has 12 five-star reviews. The most recent reviews from 2022 appear to be from suspicious Facebook profiles promoting Bitcoin scams. There is one genuine review from a customer in 2019.

This five-star review from a former commodities broker praises Fischer and the staff's industry knowledge and education about gold IRAs.

The company has six reviews on Google. Two reviewers left one-star ratings with no comment. The other four reviews stated that Fischer was a genuine and caring professional.

One review stated that Fischer educated the customer about the numismatics market. This customer stated that Fischer gave him a good deal on physical gold and silver purchases.

Landmark Capital Precious Metals Management Team

David Fischer is the CEO of Landmark Capital Precious Metals. He has over 20 years of experience in precious metals investments.

He developed the Financial Blue Print, a comprehensive plan for new investors that helps them invest and manage their precious metal investments.  The company does not list any other members of the management team on its website.

Custodian and Storage

Landmark Capital Precious Metals does not list information about storing precious metals. Interested investors should ask if Landmark Capital Precious Metals provides custodian services or if they can connect investors with a qualified custodian. 

For any precious metal investment, new investors should be aware of the IRS rules about precious metal storage.

If you purchase physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium through Landmark Capital Precious Metals, you must store your investment in an approved depository. This depository must provide insurance against fire, theft, flood, and other losses.

Although the investor will make all investment decisions, a qualified custodian must manage the investments. Investors also may be able to store their precious metals in their local bank's safety deposit box.

How to Contact Landmark Capital

New investors in the Phoenix area can contact Landmark Capital Precious Metals at their local number. They also have a toll-free phone number for out-of-area investors.

The company website lists a general email address. The site also features a live chat option. Customers also may contact the company through an online form.

Consultation with Landmark Capital

When you contact Landmark Capital Precious Metals, you'll start with a 15-minute initial consultation. During this consultation, a staff member will educate you on the three precious metal investment categories.

They'll discuss the pros and cons of each market. After this consultation, Landmark Capital Precious Metals will set up a Financial Blue Print that guides your investment strategy.

Landmark Capital Application and Account Set-Up

information on gold iras

New investors will start with a brief consultation. The Landmark Capital team member will assist the investor with the application and account set-up.

If you have a retirement account, the team at Landmark Capital Precious Metals will help you set up a self-directed IRA to purchase your precious metal investment.

Funding the Account

There is no minimum amount to start a precious metals IRA.

Investors can use their 401(k), 403(b), Roth IRA, or other retirement accounts to fund their new self-directed IRA. Funds from the old retirement account can be transferred or rolled over into the new IRA.

Landmark Capital Precious Metals can discuss the rollover or transfer process. Investors also may make a cash contribution to their gold IRA.

Delivery and Storage

Landmark Capital Precious Metals states that your order will be ready for pick up or delivery within seven days of purchase. Make sure you understand the IRS rules for storing your precious metal investment.

If you do not have a depository arranged for your investment, ask the team at Landmark Capital for a recommendation. 

Landmark Capital Precious Metals recommends holding on to your investment for two to five years. In some cases, investors may want to hold on to their investment beyond that five-year window.

You should consult with a CPA or financial advisor about government reporting requirements and tax rules.

Landmark Capital Precious Metals Products

All purchases begin with a consultation and the Financial Blue Print. Investors will purchase the metals recommended in the Financial Blue Print. The company deals mostly in physical coins for investment purchases.

If you are interested in a different type of physical precious metal investment, contact Landmark Capital Precious Metals for more information.

Products Approved for a Gold IRA

Customers interested in precious metal investments have many different options including coins, bars, bullion, ETFs, or precious metal company stock. 

The Landmark Capital Precious Metals website does not list specific IRA-approved coins. Reviewers mention that Landmark Capital Precious Metals sells IRA-approved metals, including American Eagle coins and American Buffalo coins.

Buyback Policy

Landmark Capital Precious Metals does not list a buyback policy on its website. Potential investors should contact the company and ask about their buyback policy.

Landmark Capital Fees

Landmark Capital Precious Metals does not require a minimum opening investment size to set up a Gold or Silver IRA. The company does not list its fees on its website.


Precious metal investment is a great option for creating a diversified investment portfolio that can withstand economic and political instability.

Before working with a precious metal investment firm, new investors should read reviews on sites like Trustpilot, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.

Pay attention to the absence of reviews, fake reviews, and negative reviews. Ask questions, and double-check the financial recommendations with a CPA or other advisor. 

The Landmark Capitals Precious Metals team has 21 years of experience in the precious metal investment industry. They have experience educating investors about market trends.

Founder and CEO David Fischer is a frequent guest on local and national media. Fischer developed the company's Financial Blue Print to guide new investors.

Online reviewers complain about complex contracts with too much fine print. Other reviews focus on losses from following the company's investment advice.

Positive reviews praise the company's genuine, helpful customer service, fair prices, and thorough customer education. 

Investors interested in learning more about Landmark Capital Precious Metals can find information on their website. Past monthly newsletters also may provide insight into the company's investment advice and offerings.

The site does not list specific precious metal investments for purchase, but it does indicate that the company focuses on coins.

Landmark Capital Precious Metals is a decent company, but we do not recommend them for making cash purchases of precious metals or for investors looking to protect their savings with precious metals IRA.

There are much better companies for this that we have researched extensively.  That is why we created our list of the Best Gold IRA Companies, which you can read by clicking the link below.

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