International Precious Metals Review

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Since its inception in 1995, International Precious Metals has brought satisfaction to thousands of clients. IPM has become one of the largest and most recognized nationwide dealers of U.S. Mint coins.

The company is also a leader in rare historic U.S. gold and silver. 

International Precious Metals is a National Dealer in official United States Mint literature and offers investors an affiliation with leading precious metals industry associations and the United States Mint.

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About International Precious Metals

ipm homepage

The company claims to provide clients with low-pressure and friendly Account Executives to help investors choose the best gold and silver for their portfolios.

Investors will receive access to rare pieces and will also get to take advantage of IPM's proven strategy for precious metal investing that minimizes risks and guarantees the privacy of investors.

International Precious Metals Ratings and Customer Reviews

IPM is committed to providing investors with guidance, trust, and extensive experience. International Precious Metals is one of the largest and most recognized dealers of U.S. Mint coins nationwide. 

The company appears to maintain an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on GoogleMyBusiness.

Most clients stated that International Precious Metals was a good company to work with and that the company was very helpful with managing their precious metals investments. 

Clients also stated that account executives were professional and helpful throughout the process.

Services Provided by International Precious Metals

International Precious Metals is a full-service precious metals dealer offering an opportunity for investors to source and purchase precious metals and open a self-directed IRA account

One of the first things that investors will find on the IPM website is that the company offers a wide selection of precious metal products.

Investors can explore several products, including gold, silver, and platinum bullion. IPM also offers palladium bullion and coins, ancient coins, world coins, foreign coins, modern coins, rare coins, and more.

International Precious Metals conveniently displays all prices of products for investors to easily monitor the cost of the company's inventory.

Precious Metals IRA

man holding piggy bank

If you're interested, you can also open a precious metals IRA account with International Precious Metals. The company claims that clients can easily open their accounts within minutes.

The process to open an account involves three steps: opening your IRA, funding your IRA, and purchasing your IRA products.  There are several benefits to opening an account with International Precious Metals.

For instance, investors will have an opportunity to diversify their investment accounts. Diversification helps manage the volatility of the market, and IPM has several IRA-approved precious metals in its inventory. 

Opening a precious metals IRA with IPM also provides safety. Since you'll be holding physical precious metals in an account, you'll never have to worry about the value of your investment falling to zero, unlike with paper investments.

Investors will also have more control over their investments. Precious metal IRAs are self-directed, meaning that investors will make every decision about their account assets, allocations, and redistribution.

As a result, you will also benefit from a few tax advantages.  You can open a precious metals IRA account with IPM online. Once you click on the link to their website, you'll be redirected to the New Direction Trust Company link to get started. 

The application process is simple enough and requests some basic information from the applicant.

Clients are asked several questions, including pertinent personal information, contact information, primary address, the type of account they would like to open, investment type, account fees, and the signing of the terms and conditions. 

On IPM's FAQs page, they state their clients will have an opportunity to choose a Trust company whose services best meet their needs. You will receive information about the trust company with the application paperwork required to establish your account.

If you have any questions about the application process, you can give International Precious Metals a call at 1-800-781-2090 and ask for an IRA specialist.

What Does International Precious Metals Offer that Competitors Don't?

International Precious Metals does a great job of meeting the needs of its clients. Several things set IPM apart from its competitors. 

For starters, IBM states that they will match any competitors' advertised price for precious metals or you will receive a free Silver Eagle. 

The company is also in partnership with several trusted companies, such as Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, PCGS, American Numismatic Association, CAC, ICTA, and more. 

International Precious Metals is a BBB Accredited Business and is highly dedicated to the needs of its clients with 24 hours/7 days a week support for clients.

International Precious Metals Fees

There are several fees associated with opening a precious metal IRA account. On the application, it states that NDTCO will charge a one-time fee for the account to open it.

On the International Precious Metals website, there are also other essential fees to take note of. IPM states that there are setup fees that vary based on the trust company you choose. However, you can expect to pay around $100 for your first year. 

Other subsequent annual fees are based on the value of the assets you're holding in your IRA account. These fees will typically range from $50 to around $500 for the largest accounts.


Are you interested in collaborating with International Precious Metals for your investment needs? Let's explore the pros and cons of choosing this company. 

There are several benefits of working with International Precious Metals. For starters, the company buys and sells several types of precious metal coins.

IPM has an extensive inventory of bullions and coins for investors interested in precious metals for their self-directed IRA account or enthusiasts interested in rare coins. 

Another advantage of IPM is the fact that they price match competitors. If you find a precious metal coin at a lower price from a competitor, they'll offer clients the same price or you'll receive a free Silver Eagle.

Additionally, International Precious Metals offers a simple process to open an IRA account. Clients can easily open an account online with IPM.

All you need to do is provide some basic details and you'll be on your way to your new self-directed IRA account. If you have any questions in the process, you can always call and speak with one of their IRA specialists for assistance.

IPM is also affiliated with several trusted organizations like Market Watch, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, and United States Mint. 

The company also offers exceptional customer service support for its clients. If you have any questions, clients can reach a trusted professional 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.


While International Precious Metals has several benefits, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started. 

For starters, the company doesn't have many reviews. Although the company began in 1995, it has roughly collected only 28 reviews on GoogleMyBusiness since opening. 

Compared to its years in business, it would be a great advantage to have more reviews to highlight a diverse range of customers' experiences. 

Additionally, it is unclear how many fees are associated with a self-directed IRA with IPM. The company does discuss fees and administration, but all fees discussed vary. 

This makes it difficult for investors to know what fees will be assessed to their accounts for financial planning purposes.

You will need to talk with an IRA specialist to talk more in-depth about what fees you can expect based on your account type and how much you plan to invest in your account.

Is International Precious Metals Trustworthy?

International Precious Metals is not a scam, it appears to be a trustworthy company for investors. They offer a wide range of precious metal products for clients and an option for investors to open a precious metal IRA account.

IPM simplifies the process of opening an IRA account with them. Clients will receive an experienced account executive to help them through the process.

What's even greater is that IPM offers 24/7 customer support, making it easier for investors to get the help they need at any time of the day. 

International Precious Metals is a BBB Accredited Company and most clients are more than satisfied with the service provided by the company. 

Before moving forward, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, the company does not have many reviews. They have only collected a small number of reviews compared to competitors.

These reviews were mainly positive, but it would be nice to see a greater range of reviews for investors to truly make an informed decision about the company and its practices. 

Additionally, the company does not talk specifically about what fees you can expect when opening a precious metal IRA account with them.

They mostly give price ranges, which is useful but do not tell investors how much they can expect to pay overall in fees.  

For this reason, there is a chance that there can be hidden fees or investors may end up paying more for their accounts than they intended. Additionally, it seems that the varying fees are associated with your chosen trust company.

This can further complicate the process of getting clear pricing details. You will ultimately need to talk with an IRA specialist for more details.


Overall, International Precious Metals is a reputable precious metals company.

The company is great for those who want to buy or sell a variety of precious metals and an option for those who would like to open a self-directed IRA account.

Whether you're a new or experienced investor, IPM is a company to get started with.

International Precious Metals is an acceptable company, but we do not recommend them.  

They are not the best option for individual precious metals purchases and definitely not the best option for investors that want to protect their saving from inflation with a gold IRA.

There are much better companies to work with that we recommend.

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