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The rising volatility of the stock market and political instability are attracting a growing number of investors to metals to diversify their investment portfolios.

Gold, notably, has consistently sustained its worth even during considerable stock market volatility, proving to be an efficient inflation hedge.  Long-term investors frequently prefer real gold to gold mining stocks, gold ETFs, or gold receipts.

With the emergence of internet gold dealers, purchasing high-quality real gold and having it transported home or housed in a secure vault has never been easier.

However, because counterfeit metal coins and gold are occasionally sold online, be sure to only buy from a trustworthy dealer.  

Perhaps, in your search for the best firm to work with to buy silver of gold bars and coins or add them to an IRA, you might have bumped into

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We understand how difficult it is to pick a company that you can trust with your hard earned savings.  That's why we create informative and useful information to give you as much knowledge as possible to make the right decision.

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Is GoldSilver a legitimate business? What does it sell? How do former clients feel about their interactions with it?

We'll address these and other questions to ensure that you have a thorough grasp of the organization and make informed choices about where to spend your hard-earned money.


homepage of

GoldSilver is among the most recognizable brands in the precious metals industry. It has been providing investors with education and global bullion dealer services since 2005.

It provides a diverse range of bullion items, global shipping, private vault storage, and a variety of convenient payment options.  The company's mission is to make precious metals investing as simple as possible.

You can contact, chat online, or email its personnel if you wish to order over the telephone or have questions regarding home delivery, vault storage, or specific products.

The company is managed by GoldSilver creator Mike Maloney, host of Hidden Secrets of Money, former Rich Dad/Poor Dad counselor, and author of a bestselling book (Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver).  

The company's website features a video collection designed to educate investors concerning precious metals and use them to enhance their wealth.  

When you buy a product on, you have a range of payment options available to you, including bank wire transfers, PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

Why Put Gold in Your IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) protect your retirement as well as your family's financial security.

These special accounts allow you to set aside tax protected savings that you can use in the future.   

With these long term accounts it's important to allocate a significant portion to assets that are solid and reliable, so you have a comfortable, worry-free, lifestyle during retirement. 

a couple listening to a financial advisor

You can have cash in an IRA, but that is devaluing at a rapid pace and inflation is out of control

You need an asset that's dependable, retains it's value, and even increases in value over time, and there is no better asset for this than gold. 

With the world's economy struggling through lockdowns, shortages, wars, and inflation, uncertainty has never been higher and investors are protecting themselves by placing physical gold in IRA's. 

A gold IRA investment prospers from these crisis that negatively affect most other assets. 

Risk is knowing the economic dangers and doing nothing to protect yourself and your family. 

Safety is knowing the economic dangers and taking action to protect your financial future, and this easy to do with a gold IRA.

Protect Your Wealth & Get Huge Tax Savings!

Precious Metals IRAs

Precious metal IRAs are types of self-directed IRAs. Self-directed IRAs enable users to invest in a diverse range of nontraditional assets, such as precious metals.

Adding precious metals or gold to your retirement plan may help preserve your wealth in various ways, including lowering potential investment volatility and risk, acting as a hedge against economic downturns, and offering a tax-efficient vehicle for prospective gains.

cartoon of woman looking at taxes and a calculator

You can invest in silver, gold, platinum, or palladium through precious metal IRAs.  Although sells just gold and silver, their products adhere to the IRS's precious metals criteria.

The company's staff can assist you in opening a new account or rolling over cash from another retirement plan.

They collaborate with IRA custodian businesses to guarantee that each IRA is appropriately set up per IRS standards (their gold and silver metals are more than 99.5 percent and 99.9 percent pure, respectively). Products

GoldSilver takes pride in delivering its clients the most dependable and liquid bullion products available. It stocks only the most respected mints' gold coins, bars, and jewelry. Among its bestselling gold products include the following:

Gold Coins

  • Gold American Buffalo Coins
  • Gold South African Krugerrand Coins
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coins

Gold Bars

  • 1-ounce gold bars
  • 10-ounce gold bars
  • 400-ounce gold bars

Gold Jewelry

  • A stunning collection of 24- and 23-karat gold jewelry

GoldSilver range of silver bullion bars, rounds, and coins are the most investor-friendly on the market. The company provides traditional silver coins such as the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.  

Additionally, it provides a large assortment of private mint rounds at competitive costs. Also, it manufactures exclusive assortments of silver rounds known as the Modern Ancients.

These customer favorites are a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio and capitalize on 99.9% pure metals at a far lower price than most current government-minted coins. Among its bestselling silver products include the following:

Silver Coins

  • Silver American Eagle Coins
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • Silver Britannia Coin
  • 1-ounce silver rounds

Silver Bars

  • 10-ounce silver bars
  • 1-kilo silver bars

What is the Best Gold to Buy?

gold bars and gold coins

While purchasing gold bullion coins is a physical method to acquire investment-grade gold— provided renowned mints create them with the most incredible quality, purity, and liquidity—gold bars have been a reliable store of value for ages.

Due to their versatility, gold bars are suitable for a broad spectrum of investors.  The appeal of gold bars over coins is because of their cheaper premiums. This is one of the reasons exchanges, central banks, and other entities purchase gold bars.

Gold bars are also intended for convenient storage.  Small investors can access these benefits; purchasing gold bars provides you the most ounces for your money and allows you to store it in some of the same facilities as more prominent investors.  

However, gold rounds lack face value; thus, the mint that produces them is vital. This makes bars the best option.

Storage Options

You can keep your valuable metals in fully licensed and insured vaults operating independently of the world's banks. And so, you won't have to worry over governments seizing your assets or subjecting them to taxes.

Each storage location utilizes segregated storage, implying that you'll be the exclusive owner of your metals.

gold coins protected by a lock

The company has several account types. You can create an individual account type for your investments or a joint one if you're investing with a spouse. You may utilize trust or limited liability company accounts for more complicated investment portfolios.  

Each vault is operated by either Brinks or International Depository Services Group, some of the world's most reputable security corporations. Along with sites in Salt Lake City and Dallas, there are vaults in the following cities:

  • Hong Kong, China
  • Singapore
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

If you require a certified custodian to manage your IRA vault, the company has a preferred partner. They frequently collaborate with Equity Trust. Some people, though, may have a different idea for a custodian.

The company is open to collaborating with well-known custodians such as Goldstar Trust Company, Strata Trust Company, and New Direction IRA.

Shipping and Insurance

GoldSilver ships purchases above $499 for free. Orders under this amount will receive a complimentary $25 delivery charge.  When preparing orders for shipment, GoldSilver takes excellent care to protect each item.

Additionally, orders are wrapped discreetly to avoid others from discovering what is inside. To ensure the security of your transaction, frequently splits orders above $75,000 into multiple consignments.  

GoldSilver does insure parcels during transit. You will not be held liable if anything happens to your hard assets during transportation, including loss or damage.

Selling to

GoldSilver may buy precious metals from you if you wish to sell them. However, the company only buys precious metals in acceptable condition. 

Additionally, they will only purchase products in the increments specified on the page.

stack of gold coins

To sell to, you must meet the criteria and open an account on their website. Following this info, GoldSilver will validate if your metals are available for purchase and provide you with shipping instructions.

You are responsible for the cost of mailing your purchases.  After receiving and inspecting your precious metals, you will receive your money. You will be paid through a wire transfer or check (a $25 fee will be applied for wire transfers).

Warning Signs for

Investing in precious metals comes with seeking an extremely reputable and trusted organization with whom to do business. Finding information on a business's website is not necessarily the best method to gain a complete picture of the organization.

Before making any significant decisions, you should read reviews from genuine customers who have worked with the organization.  

And so, we took the liberty of assessing's reputation. Our search showed that it rated C by Better Business Bureau. The agency also mentioned that isn't accredited.

On the other hand, Business Consumer Alliance, Trustpilot, and TrustLink gave it rankings of AAA rating, 4.3/5 stars, and five stars' ratings, respectively. Considering that more than 1060 rated it on Trustpilot, it's pretty clear that the company is reputable.

Real Customer Reviews & BBB

"Hard to rate my experience. I placed an order. The delivery time was 2-3 weeks. Today is 3 weeks. I sent an email asking when I get my delivery. The response was that the delivery is 2-4 weeks. It was 2-3 weeks when I ordered. 

Why isn't GoldSilver delivering?" 

- Charlie J. on Trustpilot 

"They are true rip-off artists. Can't believe or understand frankly why ******************* (an extremely honest, helpful person and metals expert), would ever work with them at all. 

This will be long to explain myself here in how upset they made me a few months ago!  I FEEl they set a trap, so to speak, for people who go to their website.

I was trying hard to, of course, better my life and bought from them, but then I noticed some things: one being as I checked they did not have a strong ***** ***** rating and had some complaints and then when I thought more about it, I realized on their site they did not even give a designation, at all, by the product, of the degree of purity of the metal. 

That ,too, really bothered me."

- Charles D. on BBB

"Mike has a tremendous financial IQ. You would do very well to heed his words and his warnings about the coming economic storm and the wealth transfer it will confer on those who have taken the time to moor their financial well-being to the rocks of gold and silver." 

- Robert K. on TrustLink

Is a Scam?

No, is legit. They've been a trustworthy precious metals trader since 2005. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with  

Yet, a few issues with this company may indicate you should look elsewhere. Firstly, is not recognized by the BBB and has a C rating. According to the BBB's website, they received a C rating because they did not reply to a complaint.

So you wonder why the issue wasn't addressed. has received two complaints in the last three years. Although two is hardly a ton, it is more significant than zero—some precious metals traders have had no complaints.  

Many precious metals businesses now sell platinum and palladium besides gold and silver— only offers gold and silver coins and bars, no platinum or palladium. Platinum and palladium are wonderful ways to diversify your portfolio.  

Shipping costs are another disadvantage of The company requires you to spend no less than $499 to get free shipping. Some companies provide free shipping on all orders or goods under $50.


  • The company can house your precious metals in any of its three different countries' vaults, allowing you to choose the one that offers the highest financial benefits.
  • You are free to sell and control your holdings.
  • The company's vault storage does not have any obligations or contracts.
  • It can transport precious metals to you via USPS, UPS, or FedEx inside the United States and worldwide.


  • There are no precious metals other than silver and gold available.
  • Several negative customer evaluations about the management and operations of the business.

Final verdict

Without a doubt, the bulk of the top ten metal dealers provides superb to near-perfect services. Based on the evaluation mentioned above, there's no reason to avoid

It provides excellent services to new and returning consumers. Aside from the fact that its owner is one of the industry's most recognizable individuals, its website answers all of the questions about its credibility.

However, with its bad BBB rating, exorbitant shipping fees, and a restricted variety of precious metals, it's understandable if you choose the next better option. is reputable company, but we do not recommend them.  They are not a scam, but they aren't the best choice for gold investments and certainly not IRA's, like other companies we have written about on this website.

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