Gold Avenue Review

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Investing in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals presents a unique opportunity to hedge against inflation and safeguard you from stock market instability.

In addition, investors can set themselves up for financial success in their retirement years by diversifying their portfolios and holdings with precious metals.  

Anyone who has searched the web for a business that can assist them in achieving their precious metal investing goals may have seen numerous alternatives. As a result, deciding who to work with can take time and effort.

This review aims to give investors some insight into one of these businesses that you may have found, Gold Avenue. Please continue reading to learn more about Gold Avenue and its services.

This information will give investors the knowledge they need to know before they decide to work with Gold Avenue.

Before we get started with this review:

We understand how difficult it is to pick a company that you can trust with your hard earned savings.  That's why we create informative and useful information to give you as much knowledge as possible to make the right decision.

We created a list of our highest recommended investment companies, to make comparing and choosing the company best suited to your needs as easy as possible.

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About Gold Avenue

gold avenue homepage

MKS PAMP Group is well known in the precious metals industry for providing precious metal investing services. Gold Avenue is MKS PAMP Group's official online retailer.

Gold Avenue employs 20 experts who give customers the answers they need to buy gold and other precious metals with confidence.

These experts have many years of experience using cutting-edge techniques to accurately price the value of precious metals to provide the best service for their clients.  

Gold Avenue removes the intermediary to serve their customers directly from the precious metal suppliers.

The reduction in the gap between precious metal suppliers and consumers allows Gold Avenue to charge significantly less for its products and services when compared to its competitors.

Gold Avenue Products

three gold bars

Gold Avenue has a strong reputation for investors looking to purchase precious metals online. Here are the options:

  • Gold 

Many investors begin their precious metal adventure with gold. Gold is the most popular and valuable commodity available to investors. Gold Avenue provides an extensive collection of gold coins and bars online. 

The two most well-known gold coins on the market are the elegant Canadian Maple Leaf from the Canadian Mint and the traditional American Eagle coin from the US Mint. We also offer classic bars with a rich history, like Lady Fortuna.

Every investor should consider having gold in their portfolio since it is a timeless commodity.

  • Silver 

Silver bullion and coins are one of the best methods to begin investing in precious metals for investors on a limited budget. Silver is one of the most reasonably priced precious metals on the market.

The price of silver is affected by both industrial and investment demand, and it typically remains unaffected by changes in the stock market. Gold Avenue offers silver in various weights and sizes to meet investor demands.

Silver makes an excellent long-term investment, and investors occasionally use silver as an alternative currency.

  • Platinum

Platinum is used in both industries and as an investment. It is a valuable metal whose price is sensitive to many supply and demand variables. Several options are available to investors if they wish to invest in platinum.

Platinum coins or bars are available to purchase, and investors can buy a lot of platinum at a reasonable price. However, the cost of platinum tends to be less than gold but more than silver.

  • Palladium

Many sectors, including the automobile industry, use the precious metal palladium. The spot price for palladium, or market price, serves as the basis for pricing all palladium coins, cast bars, and minted bars.

As a result, the cost of palladium items frequently changes during the day. Gold Avenue has a wide selection of palladium coins and bars. Palladium coins can be a more sensible investment than palladium bars because of their smaller size.

As a result, they are less expensive to purchase separately and easier to sell individually.  

On Gold Avenue's website, investors have several options regarding the kind of precious metals they want to buy. These options include the type of precious metal, bar, or coin options, price per product, and weight.

Gold Avenue Payments

Investors can choose from a wide selection of precious metals at Gold Avenue, including several varieties of gold, platinum, silver, and palladium. In addition, gold Avenue accepts several forms of payment: 

Wire Transfer  

Gold Avenue offers free bank transfers with no additional fees. Orders between 100 and 50,000 Swiss Francs are the only orders that can use this payment option. However, the client must pay the invoice immediately after placing the order.

In addition, the client's bank may levy currency conversion or reversal fees. Gold Avenue is not liable for these fees. 

Gold Avenue Pay  

Gold Avenue's immediate payment and withdrawal option are Gold Avenue Pay. Before placing an order, clients can enhance their purchase with a free and secure wire transfer.

An investor's account will get the funds within 1-3 business days. However, the investor is responsible for paying any transfer fees their bank may apply. 

Credit Card  

Investors can make purchases with any credit or debit card that supports 3D Secure. First, investors must contact their credit or debit card provider to determine if their card supports 3D Secure.

Then, they can make purchases immediately using a credit or debit card instead of waiting for a bank transfer. There is a 3% surcharge fee that enables priority payment. 


A DGLD token serves as digital proof of ownership for allotted gold. The gold must be held in a Swiss vault under lock and key and protected by the bitcoin network. As a result, DGLD is the most autonomous way to own gold digitally.

There is a 0.0005 DGLD fee for each DGLD transaction. 

Gold Avenue also recognizes USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF currencies.

Important Fact to Know Before Investing with Gold Avenue

When investing in precious metals, keep the following factors in mind: 

1. Gold Avenue offers storage for clients who purchase precious metals. Clients can have their precious metals delivered to their residences after purchasing them from Gold Avenue. They can also store them at Gold Avenue's storage facility. 

2. Gold Avenue can assist clients in reselling their precious metals at no extra commission cost. 

3. Joining Gold Avenue is simple and takes only a few minutes. After signing up, clients can start purchasing precious metals right away. They can then access and manage the precious metals through their account. 

4. Gold Avenue does not offer IRA services.

Gold Avenue Storage Solutions

Gold Avenue is ideal if clients want to keep their precious metals in a secure location. Gold Avenue's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, has highly secure vaults.

Since Switzerland is a tax haven, precious metal deposits are shielded from tax authorities. Clients also benefit from the assurance of having their precious metals in a financial system that adheres to privacy regulations. 

When you make a precious metal investment with Gold Avenue, you can be confident they have secure facilities that are nearly impossible to break.

In addition, clients are protected in case of theft (which is highly unusual), damage, or loss because all precious metal purchases are insured. In a worst-case scenario, clients will get their money back if one of these situations occurs. 

There is no recording of precious metal storage on a vault's balance sheet. Therefore, clients will receive their precious metals back even if Gold Avenue goes bankrupt.

Furthermore, no matter what occurs, government authorities cannot seize investors' precious metals because Gold Avenue does not own these items.  Investors already have a significant advantage by having their precious metals in the Gold Avenue vault.

They have great resale possibilities and can sell their gold or precious metals on Gold Avenue's website with a click of a mouse.

Plus, the clients' gold and precious metals are already in Gold Avenue's vault, so they will not pay any shipping costs after selling their investments.  

Each client will receive a wallet once they sign up as a customer. They can use this wallet to monitor the performance of their investments.

However, they can only look at the information about their assets and decide when it is best to buy or sell their holdings. 

Clients can ask Gold Avenue to mail any of their gold or precious metals. Gold Avenue services all of Europe.

Unfortunately, more information about shipping to Australia or the US must be available. In addition, the recipient of the gold and precious metals must sign for the delivery, and delivery is fully insured.

Storage Pricing

Clients can store up to $10,000 in precious metals purchased from Gold Avenue for free with no hidden commissions for buying, storing, or selling. Gold Avenue's fully allocated Swiss AAA vaults are not a part of any banking system and are secure.

All clients' possessions are physically placed in separate vaults. Investors can redeem their stored Gold Avenue precious metals with one click at any time of the day on the company's website.

Gold Avenue gives the bars a serial number when a client wants the precious metals delivered to their residence.  Downloadable storage certificates show proof of ownership of the precious metals in the vaults.

Plus, gold Avenue conducts daily audits on the items in the vaults to guarantee the protection of all customer assets.  Gold Avenue uses a simple pricing formula for storing a client's precious metals.

Precious metal storage is free when the value of the holding is $10,000 or less. There is an $8 monthly charge when the value of the precious metal holdings is between $10,000 and $100,000.

Finally, all precious metal holdings with a value above $100,000 have a 0.5% annual charge. Vaults that have a value above $100,000 get a dedicated account manager.

The Benefits of Using Gold Avenue

Gold Avenue is a global web platform that gives individual investors direct access to MKS PAMP Group's famous premium bullion products at low prices.

Buying precious metals from Gold Avenue is simple. The business offers various precious metals that appeal to all consumers at reasonable prices.


Gold Avenue has a solid reputation and is one of Europe's most prominent precious metal sellers. New and experienced precious metal investors will find the website easy to use and understand.

The only minor issue is the absence of a gold IRA service for customers. Plus, this company openly deals with the public, which is one of the reasons why Gold Avenue has achieved a lot of success. 

Visit Gold Avenue's website to learn more about how they can help you with your precious metal investing needs.

Gold Avenue is a not a scam, it is a decent company, but we do not recommend them.

They are not the best choice for investors looking to make cash purchases of physical precious metals, and there are much better options for investors looking to protect their savings with physical gold and silver held in a tax protected IRA account. 

We created out "Top Gold Investing Companies" list that will give you better alternatives.

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