First Fidelity Reserve Review

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First Fidelity Reserve is a precious metals company that allows people to buy and sell gold and silver coins as well as rare coins.

The company has been around for over 25 years and provides not just superlative service but also has many articles and educational material so you can gain confidence and a stable knowledge base before you invest.

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First Fidelity Reserve Company Information

first fidelity reserve homepage

Founded in 1988, the First Fidelity Reserve Company started in Beaumont, Texas. Because it differentiated itself by focusing on particular precious metals and coins, it created a unique niche for itself.

This allowed clients to focus on a long-term investment strategy that has stood the test of time.  For example, the company specializes in rare and certified U.S. coins including the historic $3 Indian Princess and other renowned designs.

The offerings are rounded out by the inclusion of American Eagles, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and a few other highly sought options.

Since its inception, the company has served tens of thousands of Americans interested in buying rare and valuable coins. The tightly focused approach provides the support clients need, thanks to the numismatic professionals on staff.   

Since keeping a narrower focus has helped First Fidelity to provide quality service, the company has grown into one of the largest and most respected dealers in rare and valuable coins in the American marketplace.   

While First Fidelity is over two decades old, it has kept pace with technical advancements, having links to online trading networks and using the latest methodologies for bidding and purchase of products.

Because of this, the rates offered to clients are extremely competitive and acquisition occurs promptly. Additionally, in the last 7 years, the staff has doubled to provide the best service to an increasing client base.  

To educate new entrants into this exciting market as well as to provide ongoing informational updates to our existing clients, free books, newspapers, and articles are provided.

This allows savvy investors to apprise themselves of ongoing trends in the rare coin marketplace.  

Finally, the reputation that has been established for First Fidelity assures that all transactions are confidential and private. The company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Since 1988, it has transacted over $480 million and has served over 109,000 clients.

Why Choose First Fidelity Reserve?

Clients like to know that they are dealing with the best possible expert when it comes to their investments.

Fortunately, in Dr. Mike Fuljenz, First Fidelity provides such an expert. He has taught seminars on how to grade coins and has over 40 years of experience in the field. He is often an author of the guides that other dealers read.  

While the market for gold, silver, and rare coins is often volatile, Dr. Fuljenz has the expertise to make wise choices and to provide guidance to clients to optimize the value of their investments.   

Thanks to his reputation, he and the rest of the team at First Fidelity are often given an opportunity for the first pick of new entries into the marketplace. This gives their clients a huge advantage.   

Additionally, First Fidelity Reserve holds an extensive inventory so that clients are assured of timely fulfillment of orders.   

Finally, the prices that the company pays for coins are among the highest in the field.

First Fidelity Reserve’s Products

four gold coins

The products provided by the company include the following gold products:

  • A full complement of American Gold Eagles including 2022 $5, $10, $25, and $50 versions
  • The 2022 1oz gold American Buffalo
  • The $3 Indian Princess
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Britannia
  • Australian Kangaroo

According to Dr. Fuljenz, gold bullion coins are among the world’s most versatile forms of liquid, legal tender. The American Eagle is minted only from gold from American mines and its weight, content, and purity is guaranteed by the U.S. Government.   

The silver products available include:

  • $1 American Silver Eagle
  • Kennedy Silver Half Dollar
  • Morgan Silver Dollar
  • Buffalo Silver Rounds
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Britannia
  • Australian Kangaroo
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • South African Krugerrand

Silver is popular with many investors as it is more affordable than gold. Yet it also has options for collectors of rare coins.  

First Fidelity Reserve also sells rare coins such as the 1908 $2.50 gold Indian as well as a variety of other gold Indian coins, $3 Princess coins, coins from shipwrecks, specialty coins, and a few palladium and platinum options.


First Fidelity Reserve assists clients in developing a strategy for maximizing profits while minimizing losses. This strategy focuses on four types of coins that are historically important and that can often experience dramatic price increases.   

Two coins that are favored for inclusion are the Indian Head Quarter and the Half Eagle coins due to their uniqueness. Currently, two modern coins are also included in this list as they have a higher probability of becoming rare.

The recommendation is to buy these before the prices go up.  

While there is no guarantee that past performance will be replicated in the future, there is an expectation that gold prices will continue to rise, so investing in perennial favorites would be an excellent strategy.

First Fidelity Reserve’s Gold Expert

Mike Fuljenz holding awards

Dr. Michael Fuljenz has won over 60 awards due to his expertise in the field of rare coins and precious metals, as well as in the areas of consumer education and protection.

He is passionate about this marketplace, and this shows in his commitment to providing thorough and excellent educational materials for clients as well as strategic advice and obtaining the best possible deals for clients.   

He has also served as a consultant to the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S., and Royal Canadian Mints, as well as several other agencies.  

In addition to being renowned for his expertise in the field of precious metals and rare coins, he is also a respected community leader in Beaumont, Texas. 

How to Buy Gold

First Fidelity offers many guides that can help new clients navigate what may seem daunting. There are a variety of ways that someone can invest in gold.   

One is to buy Gold Eagles or other coins currently being issued by governments. The advantage to this is that the mark-ups are lower than for rare coins, and there are a variety of readily available sizes, so this may be a more affordable option.

Another way to invest in gold is to buy rare gold coins. While these will be higher in cost per ounce of gold, at the same time, the rarity guarantees demand from collectors as well as new investors.

Even when the gold market dips, there will always be buyers for certain collectibles.   

Finally, there are gold IRAs. These offer the same advantages as other types of IRAs and are an attractive option for many investors who want to set up their retirement and don’t want to worry about storing precious metals.

Precious Metals IRA

While the precious metals market can be volatile, over the long term it can provide impressive gains as well as provide a hedge when other investments such as stocks are down.     

Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a portion of your portfolio invested in a retirement account, to help weather any potential financial storms both before and during retirement.     

Thankfully having a precious metals IRA is relatively easy thanks to First Fidelity.  Simply fill out an application, rollover funds from an existing IRA, and talk to our experts to help tailor a strategy to fit your unique needs.

Why Gold Now?

For several years, gold has been in the doldrums. However, several recent black swan events have changed the dynamic. First, there was the pandemic.

Then there is a recently accelerating rise in inflation coupled with extremely low-interest rates that are eroding the value of savings accounts.

gold savings going up

There is a recent decline in the stock market and the supply chain crisis. 

Finally, now there is a war going on that could escalate.   All of these factors make investing in gold seem much more attractive. It’s a hedge against both inflation and uncertainty and is therefore much sought after in times of crisis.   

Some experts compare the current conditions to those that occurred during the 2008-2009 time period which led to the higher prices in 2011. 


While First Fidelity Reserve gets mostly positive reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, there are a few negative reviews as well.   

The positive reviews focused on the excellent pricing, the timeliness of the delivery of purchases, and the ability to receive sound information and advice.

The negative comments were due to the inability to reach a particular person at the company as well as a high-powered sales approach.

However, overall it seemed that clients were satisfied with the service they received and certainly the prices for products seemed top-notch.

Is First Fidelity Reserve a Scam?

The best thing to do before investing your money with any company, including First Fidelity, is to do your research.

Read the online reviews, check out the Better Business Bureau rating and any complaints, talk to any experts in the field that you know, and analyze and compare pricing from several competitors before you make any decisions.  

Given that the company has been around for over 20 years and has a track record of continuously growing its client base, it’s unlikely that the company is a scam, but everyone needs to do their due diligence.


With the price of precious metals increasing, it makes sense to consider investing in this area right now. First Fidelity Reserve has carved out a unique niche that appeals to many investors.

It focuses on a few types of products and concentrates on these so that clients know they will get exemplary service and expertise.

Three investment options are available – government-issued coins, rare coins, and an IRA.

There are also a variety of articles and other educational materials available on their website so you can make the best-informed decision.

As we have mentioned above above, the First Fidelity Reserve is not a scam, but they do have a fair amount of negative reviews.  Here at BMOGAM Viewpoints, we can not recommend them.  

They aren't the best choice for gold investments and certainly not IRA's, like other companies we have written about on this website.

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