BlueVault Review

BlueVault Review

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BlueVault Secured and Insured is a multi-purpose storage facility with locations in Huntington Beach and San Diego, California. Investors can buy and sell precious metals and open a precious metal IRA on a highly secure site.

BlueVault offers investors a wide range of products, and they will store their valuables, including precious metals. The company also has an in-house bullion desk providing investors with IRA-approved investment options.

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About BlueVault

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BlueVault opened its first facility in 2012 in San Diego, California, to fill an unmet need to provide a depository-grade vault for investors to store their precious metals and other valuable assets.

In addition, they provide investors with a storage package with accessibility, privacy, insurance, and security that they cannot get from a home safe or a bank. BlueVault opened its Huntington Beach, California facility in 2017.  

BlueVault is more than a storage facility. It has become one of Southern California's biggest over-the-counter precious metal sellers. They provide this service in the same facility as its storage operations.

Investors can buy and sell gold and silver bullion at BlueVault at the best possible prices in a secure, practical, and customer-friendly setting. In addition to these services,

BlueVault collaborates with two significant and well-known self-directed IRA administrators to offer precious metal IRAs to its customers.  

BlueVault is a member of or associated with these companies and organizations:

  • Siemens – 24/7/365 security monitoring
  • AXA Insurance – High-value property insurance
  • Better Business Bureau – BBB accredited business with an A+ rating
  • SDA – Safety Deposit Association member
  • Brinks – Armored transport for high-value property
  • Templar Titan – Contingency response security team
  • SDBIC – Safe Deposit Box Insurance
  • UL Certified Security System – Insurance Underwriters Security Certificate

BlueVault Services

Here is an overview description of all the services BlueVault provides, including rate information that the company offers on its website:

different types of storage options from bluevault

Safe Deposit Box Rentals

BlueVault has the largest safe deposit box facility in Southern California. The company provides services to a broad spectrum of customers, from private individuals to government organizations.

Investors trust BlueVault because its focus is to safeguard the valuable assets of its clients, and the company respects its customers' privacy.   

New customers will receive a new lock and all the necessary keys to access their safe deposit box. When customers visit BlueVault in person, they can use a private conference or private room to evaluate their holdings.

BlueVault guarantees its customers can always feel safe and at ease when they visit the company's facility.  

BlueVault's safe deposit boxes come in 11 different sizes. Customers can rent them on a monthly or yearly basis. The starting monthly price ranges from $20 for the smallest safe deposit box to $495 for the largest.

BlueVault accepts multiple forms of payment, including debit and credit cards or checks. In addition, customers can pay cash with an amount that covers six months. BlueVault safe deposit box customers must have a valid photo ID with a US address to sign up.  

BlueVault is not in the banking system. Its safe deposit boxes include $5,000 in insurance coverage in the event of a loss, like a natural disaster. BlueVault partners with insurance company AXA.

AXA offers insurance coverage at a zero-deductible for customers who want higher insurance coverage.

Vault Storage

BlueVault has some of the safest vault facilities that private, business, and governmental clients can access.

They can safeguard everything valuable to them by selecting from 11 different vault storage sizes, ranging from tiny safe deposit boxes to 48 cubic foot units. BlueVault can also obtain larger units to suit customer needs. Vault storage rates are the same as safe deposit boxes.  

Vault units are inside a hardened steel and concrete 90-ton bunker. Surrounding this bunker are nine electronic protection layers that the security company Siemens monitors.

Siemens has a strong reputation and track record for protecting some of the most sensitive high-value institutions in the world. Vaults also have $5,000 of insurance coverage. However, customers can get millions of dollars in coverage at favorable rates. 

BlueVault makes it easy for customers to register and obtain a vault. They only need a US driver's license or another US government-issued ID with a US address. Customers will receive a set of keys to their vault and can access it during normal business hours.

Customers will also be electronically identified in various ways to enter the bunker to access their vault. Customers are welcome to work with their possessions in one of the private rooms. They can also reserve the conference room for meetings with loved ones, lawyers, or clients.

Vault Custody Storage

Many of the biggest precious metals IRA providers recognize BlueVault as an insured depository. BlueVault sites in San Diego and Huntington Beach are simple to ship to and reach year-round.

In addition, customers can be confident that BlueVault has rigorous and certified security. The company goes above and beyond what its biggest insurance partners require.  

The staff at BlueVault are courteous, effective, and professional. The in-house bullion desk makes buying or selling precious metals simple and quick.

In addition, individuals, companies, trusts, and other commercial entities of all sizes can count on receiving professional assistance from the BlueVault staff.

As a result, monthly and annual storage prices for precious metals, jewels, and other valuable assets are reasonable and affordable. Plus, customers can enjoy asset storage in segregated vaults with no intermingling.

Precious Metals

BlueVault specializes in buying and selling investment-grade gold and silver bullion. All transactions are simple and transparent. BlueVault states it can beat any live advertised price from any precious metal dealer in the country.

In addition, the staff at BlueVault can verify the purity of precious metals with a scanner to give its customers confidence when buying or selling their gold or silver.   

BlueVault has no minimum purchase requirement, and the company offers discounts. The staff also loves working with those new to precious metal investing. The gold and silver products BlueVault has available include:

  • Gold and Silver Maple Leaf
  • Gold and silver Krugerrands
  • Gold and silver bars
  • Gold and Silver Eagles

Precious Metal IRAs

One of the best decisions an investor can make is to transfer funds from their IRA, 401K, or other retirement accounts into a precious metals IRA.

Assets like physical gold and silver are excellent for retirement investing because they diversify investment portfolios and hedge against inflation and swings in the stock market.  

At BlueVault, customers can buy gold and silver, keep them in a vault, and insure their IRA bullion in one place.

As a result of having a precious metal IRA, customers can get all the tax benefits of an IRA along with the security of on-site storage and insurance protection.  Investors can buy gold and silver coins and bars and have a staff member examine them at BlueVault.

Customers can store their precious metals at BlueVault and can have easy access to them. Investors can accept distributions in actual bullion, which can be an advantage of having a BlueVault precious metals IRA.

BlueVault partners with Forge Trust to provide customers with precious metal IRAs. It is one of the biggest suppliers of precious metals IRAs. 


Do investors interact with BlueVault directly or with a third party for depository services?  

Most precious metals dealers offer storage options from third parties who may not own or manage the vault. In addition, third-party storage providers are often out of state, making it inconvenient for investors to access their precious metals.

Thankfully, BlueVault owns and operates storage facilities on their premises at both locations.   

Do investors receive the same precious metals back when they withdraw as they did when depositing?  

BlueVault only has segregated precious metal storage, so barriers separate each depositor's metals. It is impossible to mix precious metals from one depositor to another.

The assets an investor deposits in their safe deposit box or vault remain the same as the ones they withdraw. 

Can investors quickly withdraw or liquidate their precious metals?  

Investors can personally remove their precious metals from BlueVault, or the company can expedite their delivery to investors. BlueVault's precious metals division can sell an investor's assets at reasonable prices and wire the money to the investor.

Investors must remember that BlueVault follows Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations for all precious metal purchases and sales.


BlueVault is a reputable company for those who want to invest in precious metals. Yet, they only offer gold and silver, so an investor interested in platinum and palladium must find another dealer.

However, BlueVault's full-service operations and two locations make it easy and convenient for precious metal investors in southern California to access their deposits.   

Investors might consider BlueVault for precious metal investing. The investor, their dealer, or another depository can send their precious metals directly to BlueVault for storage. 

Investors can also save time, money, risk, and hassles by purchasing or selling precious metals in one location.

In addition, BlueVault's on-site precious metals segment is one of the most reputable and significant dealers in Southern California.

While we think BlueVault is a reasonable company, they are not a scam, we do not recommend them for people looking to invest in precious metals.

They are not the best option for individual purchases of precious metals, and certainly not the best option for investors looking to protect their savings with a gold IRA.

There are much better companies to work with that we have written about extensively on this website.

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