BlackRock Gold IRA Review

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Retirees must have enough retirement income to carry them throughout their golden years. There are many investment opportunities to generate adequate retirement funds based on their preferred lifestyle.

Precious metals are growing in popularity for retirement funds since they generate value at a steady pace and enable investors to add more to their accounts each year.

These metals are also an excellent way to diversify and add a less risky choice to an investment portfolio. 

When reviewing investment management services, investors must find an agency that offers them everything they need to save for retirement in different ways.

BlackRock is an investment management company, but does the agency provide self-directed gold IRAs?

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What Is BlackRock?

BlackRock is an investment management firm founded in 1997 in San Francisco, California. The Better Business Bureau doesn’t accredit the company but has an A+ rating from the BBB.

As of 2023, there weren’t any customer complaints on the Better Business Bureau website for BlackRock.  The organization offers alternative investment opportunities, including private equity, credit, infrastructure, and real property investment options.

More traditional investment opportunities at BlackRock include factor-based investment, systematic investing, retirement income solutions, BlackRock LifePath target date funds, and fundamental equities.

Customers who want to examine these investment opportunities can visit the company in San Francisco, call to speak to an advisor, or review details on the company’s website.

Does BlackRock Offer Gold IRAs?

blackrock alternative investments

BlackRock offers four different IRAs to help customers save for retirement and generate wealth. First, they offer traditional individual retirement accounts that are tax-deferred and allow investors to contribute to the accounts with pre-taxed wages.

However, the investor is limited to the IRS’s annual contribution limits, and the account owner pays taxes when they start distributions.

Roth IRAs allow BlackRock customers to contribute taxed funds and avoid paying taxes when they get distributions.

With a Roth IRA, contribution limits are based on the customer’s annual income, and advisors can help them plan contributions to maximize their savings. 

The SEP plan or simplified employee pension is helpful for workers or small business owners who have retirement plans in which their employer also contributes to the plan.

It is also a tax-deferred retirement account, and account holders pay taxes when they receive distributions during retirement. 

BlackRock’s simple IRA, an employer-matched plan, is ideal for consumers or business owners who want to set up a retirement account where the employer matches all the worker’s contributions.

Again, it is also a tax-deferred plan, unlike a Roth account, where the owner must pay taxes during retirement according to their annual distribution amount. 

While BlackRock offers many useful investment options, it doesn’t provide self-directed gold IRAs where an investor could purchase and fund it with physical gold and other precious metals.

Consumers who want to protect their savings by investing in physical gold and silver inside of a tax advantaged retirement account must look elsewhere to take advantage of these investment options.

The Top 3 Companies to Choose for Gold IRAs Over BlackRock

Unlike BlackRock, these top three companies offer gold IRAs to fund the accounts with gold or other physical precious metals.

Someone trying to find the right gold seller to set up a gold IRA can review these companies and determine which company best meets their investment needs. 

Customers must remember, however, that if they are setting up a gold individual retirement plan, they must hire a custodian with IRS certification and choose a depository for their metals.

There are related costs when setting up and managing these accounts, and consumers should get estimates for these expenses before investing.

By hiring a custodian and finding a depository before approaching a gold seller, investors can save time and coordinate rollovers and transfers from separate IRAs faster.

#1 Goldco - Our Top Recommendation

Goldco is the best gold company for anyone looking to protect their retirement with a gold IRA, and the company offers these individuals retirement accounts with a minimum investment amount of $25,000. 

The organization is endorsed by popular conservative celebrities, including Ben Stein, Sean Hannity, and Chuck Norris. 

These celebrities recommend Goldco over other companies because of the high quality of the company’s precious metals and its straightforward investment processes.  

The California company opened for business over a decade ago and offers many ways to start investing, including in-person and phone ordering. On the company’s website are product listings to help customers determine what options are best for their new IRA.

Customers have maximum control over their accounts and can choose their custodian and the depository where their metals are stored until the client retires. 

The company’s statistics also sound promising as the Better Business Bureau accredits it with an A+ rating and is affiliated with Consumer Affairs and Numismatic Guaranty Company.

Customers can buy precious metals for an IRA or complete direct sales to store their precious metals at home. 

Goldco offers a buyback opportunity to help customers generate proceeds from their precious metals and liquidate them during retirement.

The price customers can expect to pay for their precious metals depends on the current supply available at Goldco and the current market value of each metal.

#2 American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is also located in California, and the company opened its doors in 2015. 

American Hartford Gold is the best choice for investors in bullion.  This organization offers various precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and rhodium. 

american hartford gold logo

Celebrity endorsers for American Hartford Gold include Rudy Guiliani and Bill O’Reilly. The company has many positive customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau and Google to help guide prospective customers. 

As of 2023, American Hartford Gold offers $10,000 in free silver for all clients who meet the purchase eligibility requirements. Customers can also reduce IRA fees according to how much they invest in their new individual retirement account.

For example, if they invest at least $50,000, the customer doesn’t pay IRA fees for the first year, and if they invest $100,000 or more, they do not pay any fees for the first three years.

Customers can get a gold IRA kit from American Hartford Gold to learn about starting an IRA. The information is ideal for anyone new to investing and needs further insight into what to expect.

The company’s website also offers many resources to help customers make well-informed investment decisions and diversify their portfolios. 

As of 2023, American Hartford Gold customers must meet the minimum investment of $10,000 to open an individual retirement account. However, if they want to buy precious metals outright, the minimum purchase amount is $5,000.

American Hartford also has a buyback program where they purchase precious metals and give customers a cash payment.

#3 Augusta Precious Metals

Lastly, Augusta Precious Metals is another great gold company in California that offers many terrific opportunities for investors.

The company provides gold IRAs with many IRA-approved products to fund the accounts.

Augusta Precious Metals

Investors can find everything they need to get started, and their custodians can contact the company directly to transfer IRA funds into the newly formed retirement account. 

The company’s history and statistics show excellent customer service and high-quality products for IRAs and direct sales. A bonus for investors is that the company doesn’t charge extra to give their advisors a commission on these sales or IRAs.

The company has many reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, where customers claim to have a positive customer experience when buying from the company and rave about the company’s products. 

Augusta Precious Metals is a little more flexible with its pricing and gives clients a seven-day price lock to give them ample time to decide if they are ready to complete an order.

The extended price lock also gives the customers plenty of time to coordinate with their custodian to send a wire transfer before their payment deadline. 

According to the company’s website, they offer account protection plans to prevent the unlawful acquisition of confidential information that could lead to identity theft or financial losses for their customers.

All account holders also have lifetime account management services through Augusta Precious Metals. 

IRA specialists are available at Augusta Precious Metals to give clients sound advice about investments and help them avoid costly mistakes that could generate losses.

The organization offers a buyback program to allow clients to liquidate all or part of their current precious metals supply and acquire cash. These opportunities are helpful during retirement and simply distributions for customers’ custodians.

Consider This When Setting up Your Gold IRA

When setting up an IRA with one of these top gold companies, clients can also set up asset protection measures, such as identifying a beneficiary for their IRA to create an inherited gold IRA.

They can also set up a plan with their custodian and estate attorney to protect these assets if they become incapacitated or die before using all their proceeds from the gold IRAs.

Additional asset protection measures, including establishing a revocable or irrevocable trust, can reduce tax implications for their heirs and prevent significant financial losses.


BlackRock is an investment management firm in California that offers many investment opportunities. investors can set up various individual retirement accounts to generate savings for their golden years according to the lifestyle they want.

The organization also offers other investment opportunities, including real property, factor-based and systematic investments, the company’s LifePath target date funds, and fundamental equities. 

Through BlackRock, consumers can choose from Roth, traditional, SEP, and simple IRAs. If they want to set up these accounts to save for retirement, BlackRock could present an excellent opportunity for these investors.

However, since precious metals are so popular, investors who want to take advantage of a gold IRA cannot find what they want at BlackRock since the agency doesn’t offer self-directed gold IRAs that hold physical precious metals.

Investors who want self-directed precious metals IRAs will have to look elsewhere to get everything they want for retirement.

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