Bishop Gold Group Review

Bishop Gold Group Review – Are They A Good Company To Invest With?

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With decades of market experience, Bishop Gold Group aims at promoting healthy and trust-based relationships with clients in making decisions over precious metals.

Clients gain confidence and knowledge in investing in metals to secure future beneficial financial advantages. Bishop Gold Group offers various purchase and sale services of precious metals, whether for financial family stability or retirement security plan. 

Bishop Gold Group has become a top-rated trusted platform due to their policy on client mentality where their interests are a priority.

Clients are considered team players rather than business associates, creating better and more sustainable advised transactions for maximum profitability.

Bishop Gold Group is recommended for new and amateur long-term investors in precious metals.

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About Bishop Gold Group

homepage of bishop gold

Bishop Gold Group is a top-rated platform for investing in gold and other precious metals in the United States.

With headquarters situated in Los Angeles, California, Bishop Gold Group focuses on diversifying individual savings to provide financial security to beneficiaries.

The financial company has provided personalized investment advice and support to a growing community of investors who want to invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. 

Bishop Gold Group has a long-standing reputation in the financial industry for providing exceptional customer service. The financial firm also has an extensive collection of investment opportunities and provides personalized investment advice to its clients.

The company specializes in assisting individuals who wish to diversify their portfolios and build their wealth through investing in gold and other precious metals.  The financial firm offers free educational seminars hosted throughout the United States.

The group also represents First Gold Bank, which serves investors who need a place to store precious metals locally or internationally.

Bishop Gold Group focuses on advising customers to ascertain their investment strategy to make better choices regarding how much money they want to invest and how they would like to place it in various markets.

Why Invest With Bishop Gold Group?

Bishop Gold Group portrays a unique sense of trust with its clients toward achieving profitable investments.

The Bishop Gold Group has extensive roots and experience in the financial industry, giving them an upper hand in advising clients on the best investment strategies to adopt for diversifying savings.

The financial platform offers easy steps to set up a gold IRA for your retirement benefits by investing in gold and other precious metals. 

Since Bishop Gold Group is full of experts in tax law, they offer a simple way of ensuring that your investment makes sense with the tax legislation.

Moreover, the investment will ensure tax-free growth rates for all your savings from your retirement investments, benefiting you and your family.

It is a tax advantage strategy that is often incorporated with Bishop Gold Group team's investment recommendations.

Products & Services

  • Gold Prices

Bishop Gold Group strives to fully inform clients on the historical trends and current changes in gold prices to help them make better-informed investment decisions.

Clients are fed with live gold prices and historical gold prices for prediction purposes of the full profits to expect from investing in precious metals.

Bishop Gold Group provides annual figures for the past 48 years to entice clients to take advantage of the rising prices in the present and invest in gold and other precious metals.

  • Investing in Gold Portfolios

Bishop Gold Group offers services on how clients can create new gold-based IRAs or roll current IRAs to gold or other precious metals.

Bishop Gold Group enables clients to diversify financial portfolios for optimized benefits in investing in gold and other precious metals. 

Bishop Gold Group offers diversified portfolio management and risk management practices to clients for planning an individual retirement account, rollovers from current IRAs into gold-based IRAs, or both with minimal volatility.

  • Buying and Investing in Precious Metals

Bishop Gold Group allows clients to purchase and invest in various gold and silver coins depending on Nationality and value.

The available gold and silver coins range from American Gold coins with the highest value to the South African Gold coin.

Bishop Gold group provides gold, silver, platinum, palladium bars, and rounds for purchase and investment from retirement savings.

Why Invest in Gold?

gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins

Gold is a tangible and finite asset that maintains a better value than printing money, which can easily inflate the supply market. The value of gold is sustainable, unlike the US dollar, which has gradually lost its dominance in the global currency pyramid.

Gold and other precious metals are predicted to survive geopolitical unrest that may cause unbearable currency worth. 

Investing in gold is a popular option for those who want to be protected from the world events that keep happening and may negatively affect their personal lives and financial status.

The historical value of gold can be derived from its durability, malleability, rarity, amount of production, and protection.  Gold is not as volatile as other assets as it does not depend on rapid changes in market values such as stocks or bonds.

Gold and other precious metals have become an emerging trend in the financial market, where they have gained popularity in the majority of investment plans.

Investing in gold and other precious metals is recommended for diversifying your savings for future benefits and financial developments.

How to set up a Gold IRA with Bishop Gold Group?

Several steps allow you to roll over your current IRA to a gold-based one, allowing you to save more and diversify your retirement plan. The steps include:

  • You transfer your savings to a new custodian. 

Bishop Gold Group provides a list of recommended and approved self-directed custodians that allow you to deposit and save your precious metal in their accounts.

  • Bishop Gold Group helps in your Purchases.

Once you deposit funds in the accounts, Bishop Gold Group provides you with 28 days to decide on preferred precious metal and purchases it for you.

  • Your metals are safely stored in a depository under your name.

Bishop Gold group allows you to store your precious metals in Delaware and Brink's Global Service Depository, the two most secure deposit spots in the United States.

  • Bishop Gold Group monitors your retirement portfolio.

Bishop Gold Group maintains a steady and consistent communication pattern with clients to ensure that they decide on the best metal retirement plan.

Other Precious Metals Investment Options

Gold is the most renowned precious metal in the currency market today. However, other precious metals can be purchased and invested in diversifying savings.

Bishop Gold Group allows you to purchase and invest in silver, platinum, and palladium. These alternative precious metals are more affordable than gold and guaranteed to be of higher value. 

Silver is available in different valuable coins depending on origin ranging from American silver coins to South African silver coins. Bishop Gold Group allows you to switch your silver deposits to fit your funds and retirement plan. 

Platinum and palladium are available in bars and rounds with even values for savings diversification.

Bishop Gold Group Reviews

Getting perspectives from various sources concerning the performance of the Bishop Gold Group boosts publicity. The Better Business Bureau has served Bishop Gold Group with an A+ rating.

It is proof of quality assurance for prospective clients to expect the best financial services.  Trustlink is a global third-party reviewer that has served Bishop Gold Group with a 5-star rating.

Bishop Gold Group has also been reviewed by Trustpilot, which comes with a 5-star rating. It ensures that clients can be at ease and comfortable when transacting with Bishop Gold Group. 

Bishop Gold Group also has positive reviews on ConsumerAffairs, a well-known website for that reviews nearly every product under the sun. It proves that its services are well-liked by the community.

Google reviews have provided testimonies of clients appreciating the help received from Bishop Gold Group in their financial planning strategies.

Is a Gold IRA Right for You?

The gold IRA is a tax-deferred IRA that allows you to build wealth by owning gold coins and bars. A gold IRA is a sustainable financial decision that offers hope for you and your heirs.

The right to own gold is not only one of the oldest known financial instruments but also one of the most primitive, where coins and bars have been used as currency and wealth storage since antiquity.

gold savings going up

Today, gold IRAs are popular among those who believe that their investment in gold is a hedge against inflation, which central bankers have driven in the United States.

Money has been printed for years to maintain artificially low-interest rates that would encourage borrowing, which would stimulate consumption and economic growth. Inflation is predicted to cause the value of gold to skyrocket.


What are some ways of investing in gold and other precious metals?

The most preferred method is through coins, bars, and rounds. These are considered the most popular form in which investors prefer to invest their money.

Which precious metals are best to invest in?

The best precious metal investments are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They have made it a point to make sure that the precious metal is safe.

It can also be done by ensuring that the precious metal will have a buyer as soon as it hits the market for financial security.

Why should I invest in Gold?

Some of the reasons to invest in gold are that you will have an easier time selling your gold if you need to make a large purchase or for emergencies.

You will also be able to keep your investment safe and secure with gold instead of using other forms of investments like stocks and bonds that can experience the risk of market crashes.

What is a good IRA?

The best IRA is subject, but many prudent investors believe to have a precious metal IRA is a great idea. It is because the gold will be kept safe, and you will also be able to use a gold IRA for retirement investment in the future.


  • Excellent reviews and remarks on Google, BBB, and Trustpilot from satisfied clients
  • Client interests are a focus and priority
  • Application of Gold IRA rollover for traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Trust is highly valued for healthier business relationships with clients
  • There is diversification to safeguard clients from financial and economic disasters
  • Tax advantages on retirement savings


  • There are no verifiable affiliates to act as guarantors in case of bankruptcy claims
  • The company can be slow to respond to complaints from customers
  • The process of setting up a Gold IRA with Bishop Gold Group is lengthy and discouraging to novice investors
  • There are no segregated unit storage options

Is Bishop Gold Group a Scam?

No, this Los Angeles based gold company is not a scam.  They have been in business for many years, and while no business is perfect, they are definitely not a scam.


The Bishop Gold Group is an independent precious metals company that uses a proprietary method to price and set market prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

It has emerged as a top-tier financial platform for clients to purchase and invest in precious metals for future profits and retirement security.

Industry professionals and clients respect it for the financial strategies of setting up gold IRAs and rollover current IRAs to get investors exposure to gold.

Bishop Gold Group is a reasonable precious metals company, but they do not earn our recommendation.  

You don't want to invest with just any company in precious metals, you want to stick with the best, most trusted ones, like the ones we have reviewed on this website.

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