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BGASC and APMEX are two gold vendors with similar product offerings. However, APMEX has a greater abundance of extra resources. BGASC is one of the United State's largest suppliers of gold bullion, coins, and bars.

They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are an Official PCGS Dealer. They also are members of the Certified Coin Exchange and a Bulk Purchaser of the United States Mint non-bullion coins.

In total, BGASC has completed more than 500,000 orders worth billions of dollars.

APMEX does not have as much about their company listed on the website. Yet, they have press releases, community information, and product releases on their page.

APMEX was founded in 2022, and they created a great beginner's guide for new investors. APMEX also curates some resources for precious metals IRAs if you are interested.

They do not perform as a custodian, so you can only rely on them for broker services.

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What Products Can You Buy


bgasc logo and slogan

BGASC sells a broad range of precious metal products, including gold and silver. Their complete list of metals includes gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper. As far as their gold collection goes, they provide a wide range of American Gold coins.

The American Eagle and Buffalo coins are purchasable, and you can obtain gold notes. If you want to pick up some gold jewelry, they have a market for it on their website. You can also purchase British, Australian, and South African coins.

They sell Austrian, Mexican, Chinese, and other rare gold coins too. BGASC's gold bar collection is quite extensive, encompassing multiple mints. Shoppers can pick up a single ounce at a time, or they can pick up ten at once.

You can get gold from the Canadian mint, Perth, PAMP Suisse, or Valcambi. BGASC's inventory also has options from Argor Heraeus, Rand Gold, and Sunshine.

apmex website

Even though the website and company are younger, they have an impressive selection. You can pick up whatever you want from the US Mint, including American Eagles. They also sell Buffalos, High Reliefs, and First Spouses.

If you want something from the Perth Mint, they sell bars, the lunar series, and swans. The Royal Mint provides gold Britannias, Queen's Beasts, and Sovereigns. They also put up Royal Tudor Beasts and Specialty bullion.

Buyers interested in the Royal Canadian Mint can find some gold Maple Leafs. Finally, they also stock supplies from the Mexican Mint, such as Libertads. Shoppers can select what they would like to buy by the mint in the store. 

On the other hand, they can also shop by popular series. At the time of writing, the Krugerrands, Philharmonics, and Pandas were popular. Shoppers can sort their desired coins by region of the world, and they can sort by bar size and mint location.

If you want to put the metals in an IRA, AMPEX lists IRA approved products.  They also list foil notes, jewelry by type, and ancient and medieval gold coins.



BGASC's expansive selection of silver coinage will please any coin collector. They sell a 1-ounce American Silver Eagle coin for as low as $37.49. If you want to be a little less expensive, the 1/2-ounce Canadian Polar Bear only goes for $20.94.

Investors can obtain silver rounds from this website, such as fractional rounds. This company can secure a gold bar shipment as large as one kilogram at once. If you want to get something off the beaten path, check out the statues and silver bullets.

They sell a 7.62 NATO round carved out of two ounces of silver. Anyone can still buy foreign minted coins as they could with gold at this site.


Like the previous product, AMPEX's selection is simply larger for silver. What BGASC offers seems to be about half the size of what is offered here.

Their inventory contained products from The US Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Perth Mint, and the Mexican Mint. If you want to shop by world regions, they let you organize results that way. Plus, AMPEX sells junk silver at different percentages.

Their store contains options for silver rounds and bars, and you can get memorabilia. AMPEX has a section for IRA-approved silver products, ancient coins, and silver jewelry. A roll of 90% silver coins with a $10 face value costs $211.28 in the junk silver section.

A bag of 35% silver war nickels with a face value of $50 sells for $1,493.44.



BGASC sells platinum, but its selection is limited compared to other products. You can get a fractional bar, one-ounce bar, or ten-ounce bar. Buyers can purchase a one-ounce bar of platinum from Argor Heraeus for as little as $1,165.

They also have a couple of coins from the American mint that is made out of platinum. A one-ounce American Platinum Eagle Coin would run the average investor $1,183.92.


AMPEX's selection for platinum products is much larger than what you see at BGASC. At the time of writing, AMPEX had 405 active platinum listings on its website. Shoppers could find American, Canadian, and Australian coins.

A one-ounce bar from the secondary platinum market costs $1,141. You could pick up a Canadian Maple Leaf and pay $1,221.09. If you prefer collecting precious metals in a form other than coins, they have bullion.

You could acquire a gram of platinum in an assay for as low as $67.75, or you could get an ounce of it for $1,181.09.



BGASC has a small selection of Palladium products. Users can get a one-ounce American Eagle coin for $2,491.25. They also stock some options from the Canadian mint in terms of coins.

However, they have palladium bullion in one-ounce, five-ounce, and ten-ounce varieties. If you are willing to spend a little bit more, you can get a palladium coin from the West Point Mint. It has a small w on its face, and costing $2,534.25.


AMPEX has a larger selection of palladium products. They divide them into coins, bars and rounds, and industrial palladium. A one-gram bar of palladium from the secondary market costs $83.47 in comparison to $91.87 from Valcambi Suisse.

If you want to spend $19,814.90, then you can get a ten-ounce bar from the secondary market. AMPEX lists IRA-approved palladium if you would like to put this in your retirement fund.



BGASC sells a variety of copper products. Copper rounds are sold in wheat pennies, and you can get one or five-pound bags. A one-pound bag of wheat pennies would cost you $24,95. You can also nab a one-ounce coin with your design choice for as low as $1.50.

You could get a pressed coin with an Indian head, walking liberty, or morgan copper. If you are down to spend more, you can get a commemorative Shiba Inu coin. BGASC stocks an eight-ounce copper bullet modeled after the .50 browning machine gun.


AMPEX also has a supply of copper, and you can buy it without a problem. They have bars, bullion, and rounds. You can take home a 50-gram cook islands coin for $69.99. A one-ounce copper round of the Aztec calendar can be taken for as little as $1.79.

On the other hand, you can get a 10-ounce bar of pure copper for only $24.99. A 5,000-gram copper bar would only run you $299.99, so it is an affordable metal.

Other Investments


BGASC has a limited selection of extra products, but they do sell a JFK half-dollar set. It has been gold plated, and they only cost $14.99. They also have a set of colorful $2 bills that work as legal tender.

If you go to their other products section, you can find a one-ounce tribute coin to Donald Trump for $10.99. You can also grab any of the equipment needed for a coin collection. They sell storage containers for one-ounce coins, and you can get cotton gloves.

If you want to verify your coin's authenticity, they have a decoder lens for the mint mark.


AMPEX has a massive selection of rare coins and extraneous investments. Investors can get pre-33 US gold coins, including the $20 Liberty Double Eagles. They also list $10 Indian Eagles, $5 Liberty Half Eagles, and $3 Gold Princesses.

If you are an avid coin collector, they list rare US coins by type. You can get silver dollars, half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, cents, and half cents. Their inventory contains commemorative silver and gold notes, coin sets, and regional coins.

There are options to buy a $500 Federal Reserve Note. Investors can get medieval, vintage Mexican, and historical European coins.

The Bottom Line Comparing These Two Companies

First, it is important to note that we listed prices in this article, at the time of writing, simply as a means to compare the two companies.  It is unrealistic to expect to see those prices on the website because they are subject to change at any moment. 

Two things stand out to you when you browse the websites of these companies at first glance.

BGASC has been around much longer, and its website does not look as nice. AMPEX appears to utilize a sleeker interface, but they do not have the same track record.

If you would like to learn more about these two companies you can read our complete BGASC Review or our APMEX Review.

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