Aydin Coins Review

Aydin Coins Review

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Working with a well-known company is a great way to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. There is good reason to treat many companies' claims with skepticism.

Some of the most popular companies for precious metals investing have less-perfect reviews sometimes. How do you decide which companies are worth your time?  

Aydin Coins is a well-known company proudly serving customers throughout the U.S. Although the company has many positive reviews, how do you decide if this company is right for you? What criteria should you use to make this decision?  

Reading on will give you a better idea of what to expect from this company, including helping you decide which products are the best fit. Every investor has different needs that are important to consider.

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What is Aydin Coins?

homepage of aydin coins

Aydin Coins is a company that sells precious metals to consumers as well as manufactures jewelry while enjoying one of the best reputations in the industry.

This company's dedication to customer satisfaction allows it to offer perks like a rewards program. Aydin provides a lot of information about available products and has disclosed that they are an Aydin Jewelry Mfg. LLC division.  

Aydin Coins manufactures its products with consumers and the larger jewelry industry in mind. One of the company's goals is to put precious metals into the hands of consumers more efficiently.

Some of the things that set Aydin apart include no minimum or maximum orders, free account options, and a trade-in program. 

Aydin Coins enjoys a robust reputation within the precious metals investment industry. The many five-star customer reviews and reputation on Trustpilot help assure customers that they are making a wise choice by investing with this company.  

The company offers free shipping on orders up to $750. Every shipment is insured to help you have the best protection for your investment. Customer service is one of the areas that the company works hard to perform in. 

Over 400 reviews offer assurance that customers have been satisfied. These orders that have positive reviews are examples of what customers enjoy the most about this company.

Besides selling these products at full price, Aydin also offers wholesale coins. Drop shipments are also an option that many customers choose. 

If you want to purchase a lot of precious metals, this company is adequate to help suit your needs. There are no minimums for regular orders or wholesale orders. You may buy smaller numbers or larger amounts as your situation demands.

IRA Products and Services from Aydin Coins

eight gold coins and four gold bars

Aydin Coins offers some IRA products through a partnership with Gold Star Trust Company and New Direction IRA. 

The non-investment coin products are, however, the company's primary concern. Jewelry unsuitable for use in an IRA is also a primary part of the company's focus.  

Aydin Coins does not seem to provide as much step-by-step information as some similar companies do for IRA customers. However, the reason is that Aydin offers its IRAs through partners.

When you are setting up an IRA, the partner you work with will help guide you through the process. 

Once you've opened your IRA account, you'll need to make choices about which metals to invest in. You'll learn more about which options are available and which are the best for your investment goals. 

Gold IRA accounts, however, can be one of the most expensive types of investments. Being expected to invest a minimum of $20,000-$30,000 is typical. Cash purchases for coins with no minimum may be best for the budget-conscious.

Investing in coins with cash may help pave the way for better funding to put in a precious metal IRA later.  

You'll need to set up your IRA with Gold Star Trust Company or New Direction IRA, Inc. when using these services. Funding the account is the next step. After setting up and funding the account, you will need to purchase the IRA-approved products. 

Aydin's involvement in the IRA process is confined to allowing a means to acquire the precious metals.  

The IRA services might seem minimalist compared to full-service investment firms. Because these companies focus on financial products rather than metals, they have different ways of handling precious metals IRAs. 

You will want to think about your goals and how these kinds of companies help you meet them before making your financial decision.

Coins and Similar Products from Aydin Coins

Browsing the website is the best way to get a clearer picture of what products are available to you.

Some of the types of products available to purchase include Gold Eagle coins, Morgan silver dollars, Canadian and British Royal Mint coins, and limited edition coins.  

The coins and collectibles are easy to sort through by metal and type. You can also sort through the options by price range. Precious metals prices will vary depending on the current market prices. 

You can search through sub-categories for several of the major categories. For example, besides searching for coins by metal type, you could search by the issue year or country if you want a particular kind of coin in high demand.  

The On Sale page will show you products that have seen price reductions, often making it easy to buy more. Browsing the New page will help you see the latest additions to the inventory, as well as upcoming additions available for pre-order.  

Company representatives are easy to contact by phone, email, or fax if you have any questions. These representatives can make helpful suggestions about purchases, which is useful if you are a new collector in need of guidance.

Collectors interested in coins and currency from specific eras may benefit from receiving some suggestions.

Is Aydin Coins a Scam?

Aydin Coins is not a scam and has a solid reputation among coin and precious metals investors. This company has one of the most extensive selections of coins and precious metals, with thousands of happy customers served.

There are over 700 mostly positive reviews on Trustpilot. Customers have been particularly impressed with the product quality and customer support received. 

Aydin Coins has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website based on customer feedback, though the company is not BBB accredited. The business has a 5/5 review and no history of complaints in its 16 years, which is an impressive record.

Over 13,000 people have "Liked" the company page on Facebook, with many of these flowers regularly interacting with posted content.

Most of the communication from customers receives prompt feedback, including questions that prospective customers have asked.  

There are no complaints about Aydin Coins on Ripoff Report. Although a lack of reports on this site does not prove anything, it does show that there are no widespread complaints.

This lack of significant complaints seems to show that this company is reputable and wants to maintain its good image. The positive reviews that are available balance out the relatively fewer negative reviews.  

Investors also need to consider some of the limitations of this option. For example, many of the competitors have a more streamlined process for IRA management. These companies use in-house teams that handle the paperwork and related tasks.

Such professionals also handle interactions with custodians. IRA options from Aydin Coins are more self-service, which might not suit some investors' needs.

Aydin Coins Pros & Cons


  • Excellent reviews that include an A+ BBB rating and hundreds of 5-star Trustpilot ratings
  • Ideal for investors without a need to buy large amounts of coins and currency
  • Extensive inventory of coins, currency, and collectibles


  • IRAs are a small part of the available options rather than a primary focus
  • Many of the products sold do not meet IRA criteria
  • Most competitors offer a more streamlined process for IRAs 

Final Thoughts on Aydin Coins

Aydin Coins enjoys a good reputation, with a majority of its customers satisfied. Most satisfaction ratings are 4.5 out of 5 stars. The majority of customers have been at least moderately happy with their purchases.

This company takes a proactive stance in dealing with any negative feedback. 

There are IRA options available through two trusted partners. However, the focus is less on IRAs and more on coins.

Many of the customers have focused on acquiring smaller numbers of coins than larger purchases more consistent with an IRA.

Because these customers, rather than IRA customers, make up most of the base, they account for most of the reviews. 

If you want an IRA and need a streamlined experience, we think one of the competitors specializing more in IRAs might be a better option.

Although you can receive satisfactory IRA services through Aydin Coins, you might be better served elsewhere if your IRA needs require a lot of attention.

You'll need to think about whether you need a serious IRA investor approach or more of a casual collector approach.  

Aydin Coins has an inventory that you can't beat when it comes to specific coins and collectibles. Although some of these items are not eligible for use in IRA accounts, they are perfect for purchasing using personal funds.

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