Austin Rare Coins and Bullion Review

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In these turbulent times, a lot more people are learning about how important it is to diversify their investments. An increasing number of people are learning about how much security owning tangible assets like precious metals can bring.

For thousands and thousands of years, people have been turning to precious metals investing as a safety hedge against macro instability.

It makes for a good hedge against volatility because precious metals tend to be a safety net for investors when fiat currency's value goes down. Likewise, the metals tend to experience much less volatility too.

Unfortunately, you do need to do your due diligence to find the right company to purchase precious metals from. Not every company is reputable in the space. One of the more popular companies in the industry is Austin Rare Coins and Bullion.

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Austin Rare Coins & Bullion Company Info

austin rare coins homepage

Austin Rare Coins and Bullion is a company that is located in Texas. They have their headquarters in Austin to be precise. They are easily one of the biggest and best precious metals companies in the entire country.

They are a leader in the space and they have a lot of inventory. They carry various metals including silver and gold bullion and even some of the rarest coins.

They have been in business for over 30 years. This makes them a trusted company that you can count on. Likewise, they have completed over 1 billion dollars worth of transactions and have a very good BBB rating.

They also offer competitive prices for their precious metals and have a wide variety of coins to choose from. 

They started the company in 1989 and since then, they have accumulated one of the most experienced staff and implemented great training that their clients can leverage.

They have thousands of clients that can get some of the best and most personalized advice when it comes to investing in precious metals.  They have a reputation that has been built on trust.

A lot of the clients have referred their closest friends and family members because they provide such exceptional service. The company itself knows how important it is to provide high-quality and personalized service.

This is why you get a white glove approach your precious metals investing when you choose Austin Rare Coins. They offer one of the widest selections of rare coins and precious metals you will find out there.

They also provide the highest quality products in the business, the most competitive prices, and unparalleled service. As mentioned, they have maintained a stellar A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Along with this, they are members of the American Numismatic Association. They are also members of the Texas Numismatic Association.

Thus, they have the kind of credentials and the stellar reputation that you would want to seek in a company that you are going to use for your precious metals investing.

Products and Services

They offer a lot of different precious metals that you can buy. These include gold, silver, palladium, and even platinum. 

Some of the direct examples of the bullion they offer include the American Gold Buffalo, the Gold Austrian Philharmonic, and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

If you are interested in silver, you can choose from the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the American Silver Eagle, and more.

For anyone that is looking to invest in platinum, you can choose the Platinum American Eagle, the Platinum Austrian Philharmonic, or even the Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf. For those looking to invest in palladium, they offer the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf.

Along with this, they have professional grading services and they offer coin appraisals. They even have rare and ancient coins that you can choose from. 

If you go through their custodian partner, Self-Directed IRA Services (Horizon Bank), they will handle the setup of the IRA accounts for their clients.  They have a platform located online that is known as (Closed Loop IRA).

It's a fantastic platform that makes the entire process much easier. It makes the process of dealing with both the company, the IRA custodians, and the depositories much more simplified.

You need to do your due diligence about the precious metals market before putting any money into it.

Austin Rare Coins Precious Metals IRA

four gold coins

Nowadays, with the stock market nearing all-time highs, a lot of smart and forward-thinking investors are taking a risk-off approach to the market. They are reallocating some of those funds toward the precious metals sector.

They are doing so by opening precious metals IRA to protect and better diversify their investment accounts. If you are looking to diversify your retirement portfolio, you can convert a current 401K or another type of retirement account into a precious metals IRA.

Austin Rare Coins can effectively help you do this. They have specialists on staff ready and waiting to assist you in figuring out how to convert your retirement portfolio into IRA-approved precious metals. 

Any precious metals IRA is going to be self-directed just like your traditional retirement accounts. However, you get to invest in your preferred IRA-approved precious metals products for diversification purposes. 

When you work with Austin Rare Coins, you can get the expert advice you need to choose the right precious metals for your retirement account. You can convert funds penalty-free to your new account.

How to Open an Account

The entire process is straightforward when you do it with a company like Austin Rare Coins.

Here is the process:

  • First

You need to hold the account in a custodianship. Austin Rare Coins uses New Direction IRA for this. They found that they make the process much simpler for their clients.

  • Second

Once you've set up the account, you can then go ahead and deposit the funds right to your new account or have them rolled over from a previous retirement account that you are using.

You will then use those funds to purchase precious metals that you are aiming to invest in.

  • Final Step

Once you have the account fully set up, you would call up Austin Rare Coins. You can speak with one of their friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

They handle all kinds of different transactions and they deal with varying types of products. They will be able to help you lock in your order and the custodian will fund the purchase for you.

From there, Austin Rare Coins will ship out your precious metals to a depository that's been approved for security and safekeeping.

Shipping Information

Everyone is concerned with privacy as they should be. Your privacy is a forefront concern for Austin Rare Coins and they make it a priority to maintain it. Every package that is shipped to you from USPS is fully insured.

They are the only company that fully insures the precious metals and rare coins they ship out. A lot of Fed Ex and UPS packages are left unattended every single day. Austin Rare Coins knows this and they do not use these companies because of it.

After all, they are shipping out rare and expensive metals and coins.  With the United States Postal Service, you need to sign and personally accept the packages you get. Austin Rare Coins has been in operation since 1989.

They can ensure that you are getting the best and safest shipping for all of your precious metals so you get delivery with no hassle or concerns. 

Every package is going to be shipped in unbranded packaging. This is for the safety and security of your packaging. The only label that will be on it is "ARCI" and the return address. 

That way, no one can tell what's inside the package. You don't want markings that detail the valuable metals inside of it. You can trust Austin Rare Coins as they've shipped out nearly half a billion dollars through USPS without issues. 

They also only ship to addresses within the United States. These only include addresses that can receive mail from the USPS. It's the safest and most proven way to ship precious metals.


Any coins sold come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 14 days for a complete refund.

This includes the shipping charges both ways. Because the precious metals market for bullion is volatile, any purchases of those metals are final and no returns will be accepted.

Why Purchase Physical Bullion?

When you purchase physical bullion, there's no counterparty risk associated with it. You don't have to worry about a board of directors nor do you have to worry about inheriting company debt.

You are getting a real store of wealth that is tangible. When you purchase bullion, you are getting something that you can store wealth in that is physical/tangible and not subject to monetary policy or the global financial system.

Silver and gold have been used for centuries as a store of value. This isn't going to change anytime soon. Every paper currency has experienced crashes. These currencies carry immense risk.

Physical metals are the opposite. They have lasted for over 3,000 years.

They tend to perform the best when other currencies and investments are dropping like rocks. After all, they provide a level of stability that you do not get with other investments.

They are uncorrelated with other investments which means they usually do not drop at the same time stocks drop.

What's Pre-1933 Gold?

This refers to any legally tender gold coins that were manufactured before 1933. This is a very important date to recognize when you are investing in gold. It's the year when gold coins stopped circulating in the USA.

Thus, any value of these coins is based on the gold content, rarity, and condition.  The number of coins that existed before this date was proportional to the actual denomination of the coin.

Thus, a $5 gold half eagle had 2 times the amount of fine gold as a $2.50 quarter eagle. This was true with all of the denominations of coins with very slight variation.

What Exactly are Numismatic Coins?

These are coins that have value based on other factors beyond the face value of the currency. This includes the type of the coin, its condition, its rarity, and even the demand for the specific coin.

Thus, the value of the coin might not necessarily be determined by the metal from which it was made. These shouldn't be the first option for those who are looking to gain heavy exposure to the prices of gold because of this.

In most cases, owning these coins is not encouraged and the smaller amount of numismatic value of a given coin is usually better.


Can anyone purchase from Austin Rare Coins?  

Yes. Austin Rare Coins offers its services to everyone. Whether you are an investor, coin collector, dealer, or broker - you can purchase from Austin Rare Coins as long as you are shipping to the United States. 

They have a very easy-to-use online website where you can purchase your precious metals with a credit card. For any first-time orders under $1,000, you can use a credit card.

If you are buying something larger than $1,000, you would want to use a wire order or a check which can cut 3% off the total credit price. They offer both cash and quantity discounts that you can use if you call and speak with a representative first. 

Do you need to open an account with them to buy from Austin Rare Coins?  

They do not require an account to be a customer. You don't have to fill out any kind of application before buying your precious metals. Nor do you have to supply your social security number.

They don't want you having to forgo your privacy when investing in precious metals and they recommend you don't. 

Does Austin Rare Coins purchase coins?  

Austin Rare Coins is always interested in buying precious metals of all kinds. They are interested in buying rare and popular bullion items. Thus, they will always be happy to buy back coins.

They ask that you call and speak with a representative whenever you are ready to liquidate.

If you aren't a client of theirs and you want to sell some coins that you have in your possession, they would only be interested in buying coins and collections that have an appraisal value that exceeds $2,500. 

How can I figure out how much my coins are currently worth?  

A lot of people have this same question because they have coins in their possession but they aren't sure how much they are worth.

Unfortunately, Austin Rare Coins isn't capable of responding to thousands of requests to figure out coin prices without physically having the coin in their possession to see the condition. You could always look at Redbook to figure out an estimate.

If you have ordinary silver coins, nickels, pennies, and quarters in it, you would want to check out coin dealers in your area for personal evaluation.

Is Austin Rare Coins and Bullion a Scam?

No they are not a scam.  Austin Rare Coins has been around for a long time and they are not a scam or fly-by-night operation. They have been in the industry for long enough to be properly vetted.

They are also members of highly respected organizations within the industry. While they do have great ratings, they don't have a lot of reviews. However, they do work with companies with a lot of reviews that can vouch for them.

Pros & Cons


  • They have plenty of inventory to choose from
  • They offer a lot of the more popular IRA-approved coins


  • They don't have information on the company's leadership team online
  • They don't have specifically partnered custodians
  • They don't have their IRA services


Austin Rare Coins and Bullion is a reputable precious metals dealer that you can count on. They have numerous products in their catalog. They also offer a lot of the more popular metals you might be interested in.

They have a good rating, but few reviews. They have been in operation for long enough to get properly vetted and they are members of some of the more trusted organizations within the industry.

They are certainly a recommended dealer if you are looking to get started with investing in precious metals to diversify your portfolio.


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