AuSecure Review

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Based in the heart of Chicago, AuSecure is appreciated as a world-class precious metals dealer that has been working since 2009.

AuSecure is appreciated for taking a unique approach when it comes to precious metals. This includes prioritizing technology, trade, and innovation with its processes.

Everything is done with a commitment to excellence and helping clients get what they want. Everything is done through a sleek online interface that makes sales a breeze.

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AuSecure Background

This is a precious metals company that has earned people's trust by offering world-class physical platinum, gold, silver, and palladium across the planet. This is due to its use of wonderful tech.

Everything has been done with a purpose and that is what makes it one of the more intriguing options for those who want robust value.

The core values that come along with this are beautiful and that is what makes them brilliant. The company has spent time on building a strong brand and that is seen in how it deals with clients.

They do well when it comes to helping clients with their overall plan, understanding how to secure wealth, and then focusing on the future too. This is important for clients as they begin to think about retirement and this asset class.

The charm of AuSecure is seen in how precious metals are handled when it comes to investing the right way. It will fill you with confidence and it is something you are going to appreciate down to the last detail.

You will love how they buy silver, gold, palladium, and all that comes along with something like this. You can do this by signing up for a free account as it is that easy.

AuSecure is also committed to helping educate the masses when it comes to precious metals. This is all about setting a high bar of excellence and then maintaining it too.

This is due to the use of world-class resources and having access to trained professionals every step of the way.

Products from AuSecure

It is important to dive deeper into the products that are offered by AuSecure.

It offers premium assets such as American Gold Buffaloes, American Eagle coins, Pamp Suisse gold bars, Canadian Maple Leaf gold/silver, Australian Perth Mint Kangaroo coins, private-mint silver rounds, and Philharmonic gold/silver coins.

This is a coin dealer that has it all and is ready to offer something you are going to find valuable.

What's a Precious Metals IRA?

The average retirement account is going to be focused on other asset classes such as mutual funds, bonds, or stocks. While a precious metals IRA is solely focused on specific precious metals and this can include a gold IRA.

This can be self-directed and it can hold different metals including coins, bars, and bullion. You can invest in platinum, silver, and palladium within the gold IRA. Gold IRAs are similar to other IRA vehicles and follow the same rules. 

It is important to note that any investment that is done through a gold IRA will need to include physical metal investments. This is a must.

Importance of Diversification in Your Portfolio

When it comes to building a robust portfolio that is going to do well in different situations, it's important to think about diversification.

This is how you are going to spread the risk when it comes to the market you are dealing with and the same applies here.

Precious metals are going to offer the same importance when it comes to spreading your risk and you will want to dabble in this when it is time to work on building a resilient portfolio under your name.

As you think about retirement, you will want to start looking into these details seriously. This is an asset class that is great for retirement and works well alongside bonds, stocks, and savings accounts.

You will also want to think about the tax benefits that come along with your IRAs. A lot of people simply don't know where their money is going and that is what holds them back. It is essential to think about how you build your portfolio over the long haul. 

This is going to include working through a self-directed IRA. This is when you work on the asset class that you wish to include and how you make money from it.

The self-directed IRA is great because it gives you more options to work with including precious metals. This helps build a balanced portfolio that is good as you think about retirement and how it all comes together in the end.

Understanding a Precious Metals IRA Rollover

One of the terms that will often come up during your discussions will involve a precious metals IRA rollover. This is the conversion of your 401k into coins, rounds, or bullion as a way to hedge. 

During the process, the assets are reformed from the original account and moved to the new IRA. This is then weighed against the value of the precious metals that you chose.

As the funds are taken out, you can only hold onto them for 60 days before needing to put them in a new gold IRA.

Opening a Precious Metals IRA with AuSecure

It does not take long to get started with AuSecure.  It is as simple as it needs to be.  AuSecure is renowned for offering greater value and it is easy to start by calling 1-855-5AU-GOLD.

Go through the steps while speaking on the phone and your account will be ready to go with a premier company. 

It is acceptable to open a new IRA account or move your funds from another IRA to the new account. The company will help you through this process one step at a time to make sure it is as easy as it needs to be. 

AuSecure offers a long list of options along with IRA-qualified precious metals that you can choose from.  The invoice will be sent to the trust company you have chosen and the precious metals will be sent to them for storage purposes. 

The IRA-related precious metals cannot be stored by yourself.  There has to be a trusted company known as a custodian that holds your metals on your behalf.   You can also roll over the 401k during this process to a precious metals IRA. 

The team behind this company will handle the metals and make sure things are done the right way.

Shipping Info

The shipments are handled with a lot of care and are fully insured. After the precious metals have been selected whether it is palladium, gold, silver, or platinum, everything is shipped to where it needs to be.  The orders can be sent to your home or office too. 

The orders are going to be shipped through the postal service, FedEx, or UPS and it often takes 3-5 business days for the delivery to be done. 

There is a promotion available for those who sign up now as you will get free shipping on domestic orders over $11,000.  Anything under this amount is going to cost $20.

Shipping Metals to AuSecure

Shipping metals is a breeze when it is time to go down this path.  The packages can be sent through USPS Registered Mail to make sure things get to where they need to be. The items should be packed the right way. 

It is recommended to have two boxes for the package when it is shipped. This means an outer and an inner box. This also includes multiple packing slips for the shipment. 

The contents that are going into the inner box will need to be packed securely using newspaper. You will then want to wrap up the outside of the inner box too. This will ensure nothing moves around in the outer box.

You will then want to make sure everything is packed with packing tape to keep it secured. Once done, you can seal the outer box and put the packing slip onto it. 

The inner box has to be set in the middle of the outer box to ensure it does not move around. You will also want to set the address label on the outside of the outer box. Only ship to the official address for AuSecure. 

You should never state what is inside the box as no one should know about it. It should look like any other box that is moving through the system. 

It is important to note that inbound packages are not insured. If you do wish to sign u for insurance, you will need to ask AuSecure first.


Is gold good for creating wealth?  

Gold is noted for being a type of money. It is not like other investments that have dividends coming in and cash is generated. It is more than wealth creation.

It is more about storing wealth that is under your name safely. Gold is a great store of wealth and has been for thousands of years.

Why is it smart to buy physical precious metals compared to stocks or futures contracts?  

For the most part, random events in the world can occur. This can impact stocks and/or contracts. However, these things do not impact precious metals. You will want to have these items in hand due to these types of events.

Are precious metals good for hedging?  

Precious metals are wonderful when it comes to handling inflation and hedging against the market. The currencies around the world are known to be impacted by inflation but precious metals are not impacted in the same manner.

What are graded coins?  

Graded coins are noted for understanding the quality of a coin and tend to be used by collectors and buyers. The coin is then assessed to determine what the overall value should be.

The grading services are varied but most have a similar approach to grading. This includes how well the coin is preserved, its luster, attractiveness, color, and strike.

Can I visit the store to buy gold from AuSecure?  

AuSecure does not sell gold in this manner to the public. All orders need to be shipped to you or the address you have given. It is always going to be delivered. These shipments are insured once you have paid.

Will AuSecure handle the storage of precious metals for me?  

Yes, AuSecure can handle this for you depending on where you reside. AuSecure has the team to do this and will make sure the precious metals are stored the way you want them to be stored.


  • World class account setup process
  • Reputable with an A+ rating from BBB 
  • A user friendly website 
  • Easy to pay when investing using cash 


  • Not enough reviews
  • The IRA setup process can be tedious

Is AuSecure a Scam?

AuSecure is not running a scam. This is a legitimate business that has been around for a while and offers what you need. The website is credible but it is not as full of information as it should be.

This includes who is running the company. It is more likely this has to do with them not being good at building a solid website rather than running a scam.


AuSecure is noted for being a reliable option and one that is good for buying precious metals. This includes storing those precious metals when you are ready.

The company is still building trust in the market but it is a good start. Others in the market are reputable too. It is best to compare these options before deciding one way or the other.

AuSecure is a somewhat decent company, but we do not recommend them.  

They are not the best option if you are looking to make cash purchases and certainly not if you are looking to protect your savings with a precious metals IRA, like other companies we have written about.


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