American Gold Exchange Review

American Gold Exchange Review

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The primary challenge for many individuals is locating a trustworthy source to purchase gold at a reasonable price. In a market rife with scams, finding a reputable company that genuinely sells gold and other precious metals can be daunting.

This comprehensive review will delve into the American Gold Exchange (AGE), assessing whether it meets your investment needs. We will explore the range of products they offer and the items they purchase.

Continue reading for an in-depth analysis of the American Gold Exchange.

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What is the American Gold Exchange?

homepage of A.G.E.

The American Gold Exchange is a precious metals dealer based in the United States. They have been running since 1998 and are currently under the leadership of Dana Samuelson.

It is one of the oldest companies of its kind and has built a legitimate reputation. It majors in the buying and selling of gold, silver, and other precious metals. They deal with coins, bars and bullions, and rare coins as well.

They are known for buying and selling pre-1933 coins which were the exchange currency before the abandonment of the gold standard.  The American Gold Exchange offers several gold-related products.

At competitive rates, the company buys back gold, silver, and other valuables. Their rates are updated every week to keep them competitive with other dealers in the marketplace. They have a website to sell gold items.

They also have a shop on their website to buy gold jewelry and other products with gold in them. Notably, they buy and sell; they do not broker.

American Gold Exchange Products and Services

AGE offers a variety of products and services. They major in gold but also operate silver, platinum, and palladium dealers. You can buy the different metals in coins, bars, and bullion. Below is a list of the products they offer:

  • Gold

You can sell your old gold coins or other gold valuables to AGE. They offer a cash-on-delivery option where they buy back your metal and give you the money in cash.

You can also send them a check for the price of the metal. 

This method is one of their most popular, especially with people who want to get rid of their gold jewelry but don't have the time to go through all that paperwork.

  • Silver Coins

If you have any old silver coins, you can sell them to AGE. The company is a major buyer and seller of silver coins, especially old ones. They will buy and sell most types of silver products such as bars, bullions, and other valuables.

They also have a website where you can easily find the product information for all their different silver items and the price they can pay for them. For example, if you want to sell your silver bars, click on the 'Silver Bars' tab on their website.

  • Platinum 

The American Gold Exchange is a major retailer of platinum products. They have a wide variety of platinum items for sale on their website.

Plus, if you want to sell any of your platinum items, you can find the price for that item under the Platinum tab on their website.

  • Palladium

The AGE buys and sells palladium for a competitive price as well. They offer many different options for palladium products, including coins, bars, and bullion.

They will even buy back silver items for you. Plus, their website has a lot of information about palladium where you can easily find out how much it is worth.

How to Sell

If you are interested in dealing with the American Gold Exchange, it is easier than you think. First, you need to know what kind of metal you have and if it is worth anything. You can check their website or call them up to get this information.

If it is not worth anything, obviously do not bother with it. This is just something to consider before doing business with them.  If your gold or other valuables are worth money, you need to find out how much they are worth.

If you want to sell it to them, call them up and tell them that you want to sell certain valuables. They will send you a list of all the gold and silver items they are interested in buying and the price quote for each one.

If you do not see an item on their list, do not submit anything; it could be worth more than what they pay for it. Define the valuable you have and submit the information on their website.

Once you have submitted your information, call them up and tell them about your valuables or wait to receive feedback from them. You can also contact their president for further details.

How to Buy

how to buy from A.G.E.

AGE is an e-commerce site that offers all its services online. You can buy, sell and even get price quotes for the different precious metals and items they offer. You can be sure that you are buying from a legitimate gold dealer.

The American Gold Exchange buys from all 50 states, so you know your order will be filled and shipped on time.

They have built a strong relationship with their clients over the years and with other dealers to ensure that your package is delivered to you in good condition. Visit their website, for starters, to buy from them.

Their website has an extensive list of different items you can buy, including gold and silver bars, bullion and coins, as well as jewelry and other valuable items. They will even let you sell your old items and re-use them.

Transactions are fully secure, so you will get your cash in a timely fashion. You can also visit their headquarters or call them to find out if they have the item you are looking for. You must have an IRA account for one to buy valuable items.

How to Open a Precious Metals IRA

gold coins

First, you need to open an account with a Precious Metals IRA firm, for instance, the Entrust Group

You can open an account through your computer or their website. You simply need to provide your information and the information of someone who will act as the custodian of your money.

Once you have an account, you can start to fund it. You need to send a check to your IRA custodian if you choose them as your IRA custodian. The amount that is sent should be the fair market value of the metal.

If you do not have any gold or silver items, do not send anything. Do not put a value on a coin or bar of gold or silver; these are just estimates and will make it harder for your IRA account to generate more money.  

Once your account has been funded, you can purchase allowable precious metals. This includes coins, bars, and bullion.

The prices of the precious metals will be determined by the Fair Market Value (FMV). You can buy and sell with any gold IRA company, but you must ensure that they deal with a reputable firm such as The Entrust Group.

American Gold Exchange Guarantee

How does the American Gold Exchange offer a guarantee to its clients?  

The AGE guarantees the value of all its precious metals and items. They also guarantee that each order will be delivered to you on time and in good condition.

You can be sure that your precious metals and valuables are in good hands with the AGE.  It also guarantees that clients will be given a competitive price quote for their items.

Furthermore, customers will be fully protected from fraudulent companies and individuals. They have built a strong reputation in the industry and have many satisfied clients.

Certified Coins

The AGE guarantees that all their precious metals are certified. They are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the value of your precious metals and items.

You can be sure that you get your money's worth when dealing with the American Gold Exchange. They use the professional coin grading service (PCGS) to certify their metals. Some of the certified coins they offer are PCGS certified gold and silver coins.

The gold and silver coins meet the standards, and their value fluctuates according to the market.

American Gold Exchange Reviews

AGE has performed well in most rating and reviews websites. Below are some of the ratings.

  • Yelp - 5/5 rating after 20 reviews 
  • Trust pilot - 4.9/5 rating after 2016 reviews
  • Gold dealer reviews - 4.7/5 after 4 reviews

From the ratings above, AGE's clients are generally satisfied by their services.

Pros and Cons


  • The AGE is affiliated with many gold and silver dealers and, in return, offers their clients the opportunity to buy from a wide range of items. 
  • They have built a strong relationship with their clients and with other gold dealers to ensure that their clients get timely service. 
  • The AGE has a dedicated phone line that clients can call to ask questions; it is open 24 hours a day.
  • They also have an honest policy of giving their clients as good as it gets value for their goods.


  • The AGE is not well known in the industry, so you might have difficulty getting the items you need from them.
  • They are a regional business and not very popular outside of San Diego.
  • The phones in the office do not pick up after 4:30 pm, which can be frustrating.

Are They a Scam?

The American Gold Exchange is not a scam. It is a trustworthy company, and you can be sure that your items are in good hands with them. They have been in business for more than 25 years, and they will ensure that your precious metals are kept safe.

You can open a precious metals IRA with the American Gold Exchange and grow your portfolio with their help.

Furthermore, all of their coins are certified by trustworthy companies such as PCGS.


The American Gold Exchange is a trustworthy company with excellent service and products. You can open an account with them and use them as a source of funding for your precious metals investment account.  

The AGE will keep your precious metals safe if you want to buy gold or silver coins, bars, or bullion.

Their quality items significantly add to their value, and the AGE guarantees that their clients will get the best possible prices for the quality of their goods.

As we stated above, the American Gold Exchange is half way decent company, but we do not recommend them.  

They are not a scam, but they aren't the best choice for gold investments and certainly not IRA's, like other companies we have written about on this website.

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