Advanta IRA Review

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Advanta IRA is the choice of investors who expect unsurpassed, one-on-one service for self-directed IRAs.

Advanta IRA offers exceptional service for each client, personalized for their needs, including a dedicated account manager.

Investors have checkbook control and opportunities for alternative investments, including cryptocurrencies.

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About Advanta IRA

advanta homepage

Advanta IRA was founded in 2003 with corporate headquarters in Largo, Florida. The company differs from many other financial providers since it offers a selection of self-directed IRA administrators within the corporate structure.

The IRA administrators provide services for investors throughout the country, including an array of flexible options for investing.

Advanta IRA account managers are on a first-name basis with their clients and know all the details of their accounts, investments, and investment goals. Advanta Ira account managers comply with IRS regulations, and you know your account is secure.

Advanta IRA Products

Among the ways to invest for your retirement are:


Annuities are long-term investments that provide you with income through structured payments. Annuities may be set up as retirement income, as protection for a spouse or heirs, or to plan for life events.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption technology and a payment or investment form. Most cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology. A central authority doesn't issue cryptocurrencies.

Theoretically, a government entity can't interfere with or manipulate cryptocurrencies.


Farmland investments allow investors to buy land on farms directly and to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs. Investors may purchase shares in hedge funds that include farmland for an investment portfolio.

Hedge Funds 

Hedge funds involve private investors that form a limited partnership. The fund manager invests the assets in a hedge fund in non-traditional or risky investments. Hedge funds are similar to mutual funds but considered to be more aggressive.

Precious Metals 

Precious metal or gold-backed IRAs are an excellent option for investors since they're an asset that's tangible, a way to diversify an investment portfolio, and a resource that's limited and high in value. 

Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum maintain their value when inflation is high.

Secondary Annuities 

Secondary annuities are winnings from a lottery or structured settlements. An SMA is a transaction in which an owner sells their payments to a company in exchange for a lump sum payout.

Customer Service

Unlike some IRA providers, each client at Advanta is assigned a dedicated account manager that guides them through each step of the investment process. Advanta provides educational resources not offered by other IRAs.

Advanta offers weekly webinars and seminars, investment case studies, weekly blog posts, and videos to maximize your investment experience. You know the cash you haven't invested is safe.

Advanta IRA holds all money that's not invested in FDIC banks and other financial institutions.


The management team at Advanta IRA is comprised of more than 20 financial experts who manage company operations and develop new business models.

The team at Advanta IRA includes attorneys, Self-Directed IRA Professionals or SDIP, and Certified IRA Services Professionals or CISP.

What Investments are Allowed?

info about self directed ira

One of the best reasons to invest in a self-directed IRA is the almost unlimited investment possibilities. The IRS has regulations against investing in collectibles and life insurance.

However, most other investments are permissible. Traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are allowed in self-directed IRAs. However, what attracts most investors is the many alternative investment options available to account holders. 

Alternative Investment Accounts 

Investors who want to open a traditional account often choose a Roth. Traditional IRAs are also popular. A 401K plan is an option for a self-employed investor.

However, with a self-directed IRA, an investor can choose the options they want for their investment portfolio.

Among the most popular investments with an Advanta IRA are:

Alpaca Farms 

Alpacas have a reputation for being an excellent livestock investment. An alpaca herd is ideal for a small farm holding since they don't require vast amounts of space. Breeding alpacas is a perfect way to defer taxes and build wealth.


Commodities and commodity stocks are excellent investments and can protect your portfolio from volatility in the stock market. Commodities drive the global market, provide food security, reduce poverty, and provide stability against inflation.


Cryptocurrency is an effective way to conduct global trading without government oversight or strict regulations. The transactions are digital, on public platforms, and self-regulated.

Cryptocurrency is a viable asset in e-commerce. Individual investors, companies, and countries all buy cryptocurrency. The most popular types of digital transactions are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Forex or Foreign Exchange Trading 

Foreign exchange investments are an asset to investors with minimal cash to invest. Forex investment trading can diversify your portfolio and allow you to start trading quickly. Forex trading is based on whether you believe the stocks you buy will rise or fall.

Horse Shows 

Many investors are earning profits from investments in dressage horses. Many horse breeders, especially those who breed Friesians, travel to Europe regularly to buy horses for breeding and dressage competitions.

Returns on the investment of show horses can range between 23 to 76 percent.

Improved and Unimproved Land 

Land purchases can be lucrative and protected against a volatile stock market. May investors purchase commercial and residential properties and land that's unimproved.

Real estate investments tend to rise in value when the stock market is unstable.

Oil, Gas, and Minerals 

Oil, gas, and mineral investments are an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. Investing in oil, gas, and minerals can provide you with a substantial monthly income while you focus on your business interests.

Oil and gas investments offer special tax break incentives.

Precious Metals 

Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are excellent investments for investors who want to diversify their portfolios. Although the IRS doesn't allow precious metal purchases for a traditional IRA, the rules for self-directed IRAs are different.

Gold and silver investments are an excellent option for investors when the stock market is fluctuating, or inflation is rising.

Private Equity and Private Stock 

Private equity, also known as private placements in a self-directed IRA, allows investments in funds, businesses, or companies. You have the option of making direct investments in a company or placing your assets in a fund with other investors.

Private Money Lending 

Peer-to-peer or private money lending works in the same capacity as a bank. The IRA provides funds to companies or individuals that need loans.

Private lending in a self-directed IRA provides income and may be tax-deferred or tax-free. All revenue from the loan goes into your self-directed IRA.

Real Estate 

Real estate investments are diverse and a popular way to build an income. Real estate investments are diverse and protect against rising inflation.

Options include land, residential properties, and commercial properties.  Multi-family housing will continue to bring in income even when inflation increases.

Sports Teams 

Most average investors don't have the funds to buy a sports team. One way to invest in your favorite team is to invest in the corporate entity that owns the team. Many major companies have affiliations with professional sports teams.


Investing in timber is a method of adding value to your investment portfolio. Timber manufacturers diversify their holdings by selling to investors and companies with forest and financial management knowledge to increase their profits. 

Advanta IRA Fees

When you open an Advanta self-directed IRA, you only incur charges for managing your account and the necessary record-keeping.

There aren't any hidden fees or commissions. The only costs are for the administration or your Advanta account.

Rollover Rules for IRAs

Self-directed IRAs offer more flexibility than traditional 401K, 403B, 507 pension, or employer-sponsored retirement plans. A direct rollover occurs when you move your assets from one of these conventional plans to a self-directed IRA. 

If you want to roll over funds from a previous employer account, there should be no hindrance. However, if your IRA is with your current employer, there could be restrictions if you're under the age of 59.5.

Another option for moving funds to a new, self-directed IRA includes taking your funds out of your current IRA and placing them with the administrator of a self-directed IRA.

When you close out your existing employer-sponsored IRA, the funds must be rolled over to a self-directed account within 60 days. If you miss the 60-day deadline, you face early distribution penalties from the IRS.

The IRS only allows an indirect rollover once every 12 months.

Transfer Rules for IRAs

Transferring an existing IRA to a self-directed IRA involves moving your assets from one administrator to another.

Transferring assets from one IRA to another aren't transactions that are reported to the IRS since the money in the original account was never made payable to you. 

Unlike a rollover, there aren't any limits to the number of IRA transfers you can make each 12 months. IRA transfers aren't reported to the IRS. The transfers you make from one account to another aren't taxable since none of the assets were distributed to you.

As long as the transfers you make are between eligible IRAs, there isn't a problem. Accounts you can transfer between custodians include SIMPLE, SEP, and Roth.

Reasons To Choose Advanta

An Advanta Self-Directed IRA allows you the flexibility to buy and sell assets at your discretion, not when the market dictates prices.

One of the options with a self-directed IRA is checkbook control. Account holders can write checks for investments from the funds in their retirement accounts. 

Advanta IRA Offers Attractive Options To Investors 

Self-directed Advanta IRAs offer a more comprehensive range of investments than conventional IRAs. Advanta offers attractive account options for individual investors and small business owners.

A variety of alternative investment options are available to investors who want greater diversity in their portfolios. Unlike some IRAs, Advanta doesn't have any hidden fees, and the rates are competitive.

Customers have positive reviews about the resources available for investors, including videos, blogs, and case studies to assist in making suitable investment choices.

Reasons Not To Choose Advanta

Most customers that have reviewed Advanta IRA have been positive. The most common complaint about Advanta is that there needs to be a live chat option available.

When an investor has a problem with their account, they want to reach customer support to resolve the issue promptly. In a survey about customer support, most responders stated they prefer live chat to email, phone support, and social media.

A live chat feature is about more than providing investors with a fast, convenient way to reach customer support.

Live chat improves the customer experience and increases productivity, can help agents make more qualified decisions about products, and helps to know your investors.


  • The staff at Advanta IRA includes Ira experts, certified financial planners, and lawyers
  • The company offers an excellent client education program
  • Cryptocurrency investing is an option


  • Only a few customer reviews
  • Live chat isn't an option


Investors have positive reviews of Advanta and appreciate the professionalism of the administrators.

The company website offers a resources center where investors can learn about the basics of opening a self-directed IRA, how to open and fund an account, and the array of available alternative investments.

Advanta IRA has legal experts and certified financial planners to guide you through the process of opening and funding your self-directed IRA.

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