Accurate Precious Metals Review

Accurate Precious Metals Review

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Many investors have learned the importance of investing in precious metals and starting gold IRAs. The trick to wise investing is researching and finding the right gold company for your needs.

If you understand how buying or selling precious metals works, you better understand what to expect moving forward. However, all gold sellers are different, and you could get better opportunities with a side-by-side comparison of the companies.  

Accurate Precious Metals is a gold company to consider when investing. While assessing this dealer, let’s examine everything they offer and compare all the pros and cons.

Hopefully, at the end of this review, you can make a well-informed decision about your precious metals investment.

Before we get started with this review:

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What is Accurate Precious Metals?

accurate precious metals coins, jewelry, and diamonds homepage

Accurate Precious Metals is a gold company that buys precious metals, jewelry, and diamonds. They also have an investment opportunity for anyone wanting to start their self-directed gold IRA plan.

Accurate Precious Metals sells jewelry and gold and silver bullion and offers jewelry repair services. The company opened its doors in 2006 in Salem, OR, and is family-owned and operated.

How to Sell Your Precious Metals to Accurate Precious Metals

If you live in the Salem, OR, area, you can take your precious metals or diamonds to their location. They use industrial scales to establish the weight and purity level before presenting an offer.

Then, the sales representatives review a live feed that shows the current price of the metal and diamond. They claim they use the live feed to remain transparent and show customers the prices to justify their offer.  

Checking the Nasdaq or resources like Bloomberg may help you track the current gold and precious metals prices if you want to verify the current prices. With the full details, you’ll know if you’re getting the fairest price.

In addition, you can get a check, cash, or bank wire transfer if you sell your metals in person.

What Type of Metals Do They Accept?

They purchase jewelry, scrap gold, coins, dental caps, nuggets, watches, and antiques with gold. They will also accept gold fashion accessories. They buy silver jewelry, kettles or tea sets, scrap silver, dental caps, flatware, coins, and nuggets.

You can also sell loose diamonds or diamond jewelry and watches. If you have precious metals or diamonds in different forms, you can call them to determine if the items are acceptable. 

Selling Your Precious Metals Via Mail

If you aren’t local to Oregon, you can sell your precious metals via mail. Start by setting up an account by calling Accurate Precious Metals at no cost.

When you call them about setting up a mail-in sale, they’ll get your mailing address and ship discreet packaging for you to send in your precious metals safely.

Their insurance applies to your shipment, so they will file an insurance claim if it becomes damaged en route to their location.  

Once they’ve received your metals and completed their assessment, a customer service representative contacts you with the offer. After you’ve agreed, they mail the payment within five business days.

With mail-in sales, you are limited to checks or bank wire transfers to receive the payment.

Buying Precious Metals from Accurate Precious Metals

Accurate Precious Metals try to keep a vast inventory of gold and silver bullion to sell. However, if they don’t have the quantity you want, they set up an order from the US Mint.

You can contact them to inquire about their current inventory and determine if they have your complete order available.  

Their gold bullion includes one-ounce American Gold Eagle, one-ounce American Gold Buffalo, one-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and one-ounce Kangaroo Perth Mint.

For silver bullion investors, they offer American Silver Eagle, one-ounce Buffalo Silver rounds, and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

Starting a Gold IRA

sign up form for info packet on a gold ira

If you want to start a gold IRA through Accurate Precious Metals, you fill out the request form for their guide on their website. Gold IRAs are a way to diversify your portfolio and create an additional asset for your retirement fund.

However, with all gold IRAs, there are fees, and it is wise to review all fees and costs related to opening an account with Accurate Precious Metals before committing. 

Why Put Gold in Your IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) protect your retirement as well as your family's financial security.

These special accounts allow you to set aside tax protected savings that you can use in the future.   

With these long term accounts it's important to allocate a significant portion to assets that are solid and reliable, so you have a secure and worry-free retirement. 

a couple listening to a financial advisor

You can have cash in an IRA, but that is devaluing at a rapid pace and inflation is out of control

You need an asset that's dependable, retains it's value, and even increases in value over time, and there is no better asset for this than gold. 

With the world's economy struggling through lockdowns, shortages, wars, and inflation, uncertainty has never been higher and investors are protecting themselves by placing physical gold in IRA's. 

A gold IRA investment prospers from these crisis that negatively affect most other assets. 

Risk is knowing the economic dangers and doing nothing to protect yourself and your family. 

Safety is knowing the economic dangers and taking action to protect your financial future, and this is easy to do with a gold IRA.

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

Accurate Precious Metals accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and bank wire transfers, and they offer a 4% discount when you pay with cash. You can purchase precious metals and jewelry in person or online.

With in-person purchases, you can buy readily available items or schedule a delivery. To set up a gold IRA, you’ll need a custodian to manage the documentation, payment, and delivery to the approved depository.

Buying Jewelry Online

Accurate Precious Metals sell bridal ring sets for women, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and men’s diamond rings. Everything in their inventory is available through their online store, and their prices range up to $11,000 since they offer custom-made jewelry.

Once you’ve made your final selections, complete your order at the online checkout. Your package arrives according to your chosen shipping method, and you can check shipping fees on the checkout page.

Jewelry Repair Services

If you buy jewelry through Accurate Precious Metals, you can get repairs if needed. Should your jewelry break or become damaged, you can set up a service call and either bring the items to their Salem location or get packaging from them to ship them back for repairs.

In addition, they offer insurance coverage for your jewelry while it is in their possession. You can inquire about getting coverage for your jewelry when you buy it from the dealer.

Financing for Jewelry and Precious Metals Purchases

If you cannot pay the total price of jewelry pieces or precious metals you want, you could get financing through Accurate Precious Metals. You can complete their online preapproval application to find out if you qualify.  

You’ll answer a few questions about your income and employment to determine if you are approved and for how much through a credit assessment. If you visit their Salem location, there is a kiosk where you’ll complete an application.   

After they review your application, a customer service representative will tell you if you are eligible for the loan program and discuss installment plans. These plans range between six and 24 months.  

Applicants with higher credit scores and adequate income may qualify for an interest-free installment plan.

Layaway Options

Accurate Precious Metals offers a layaway plan for customers who come to their location. The layaway plan is available for buying jewelry only. You don’t have to complete an application for this option or get credit approval.

However, you must pay 20% of the total purchase price to start the layaway plan, and you have up to 90 days to pay it off.  

However, you can extend the layaway plan under some circumstances, but you must call them for approval. Like layaway plans in most stores, you cannot take the merchandise home until you’ve paid all payments.

Does Accurate Precious Metals Have Special Offers?

As of 2023, Accurate Precious Metals has an offer where they match 10% of your gold order with free silver. So, for example, if your gold order is $10,000, you get $1,000 in free silver bullion.

Are There Any Active Complaints Against Them?

No active complaints for Accurate Precious Metals are on the Better Business Bureau’s website. According to their Better Business Bureau data, they have an A+ rating and have won the Inc 500 five times.

So far, the only negative comments on review sites such as Yelp refer to low buyback rates for precious metals and that the company doesn’t offer refunds if you are unsatisfied with your order upon delivery.

Is Accurate Precious Metals a Scam?

No, Accurate Precious Metals is not a scam.  There aren’t any current indications that Accurate Precious Metals is a scam or that they are scamming consumers. They present an offer after weighing the precious metals and calculating the price.

You can accept their offer or keep your precious metals or diamonds without issues or inconveniences.

Pros and Cons of the Company

When reviewing the overall pros and cons of Accurate Precious Metals, the pros start with the choice to buy or sell precious metals in person or via mail.

They have industry-based scales to weigh your metals and don’t send them to a third party to arrive at a price.   

The company has a secure facility to mitigate risks to you and your precious metals, and you can access loan and financing options. In addition, you can get any quantity of precious metals since they can order extra bullion from the US Mint directly.  

The cons are that you may have to wait to get some of your order if they don’t have it in stock. In addition, you must set up an account via phone to buy or sell precious metals or jewelry.

Finally, you may not get a high offer according to online posts made by customers.

Final Thoughts About the Company

Upon a complete review of Accurate Precious Metals, they seem like a sound gold seller.

However, there could be a better companies for investing in gold and other precious metals.

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