Accuplan Review

Accuplan Review – Is This a Good Self Directed IRA?

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Are you thinking about your financial future? If so, you've likely considered a self-directed IRA to diversify your portfolio.

A self-directed IRA enables investors to take control of their financial future, leverage tax-advantaged retirement accounts, and see a potential for higher ROI.

If you're interested in a self-directed IRA, read on to learn more about Accuplan.

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What is Accuplan?

accuplan homepage

Accuplan is a leading provider of self-directed IRA administration and has been influential in several investors' success. Accuplan began serving clients in 1985 as an estate-planning company. In 2007, the company evolved to Accuplan Business Services.

With Accuplan, investors will receive dedicated experts who have multiple years of experience in all aspects of self-directed IRAs.

Their team is passionate about self-directed accounts and has first-hand knowledge when it comes to maximizing IRAs and 401Ks.  Additionally, Accuplan offers an intuitive dashboard to easily keep investors up to date with what's going on with their accounts.

Thanks to their seamless dashboard, you can invest in alternative investments quickly and efficiently.  Accuplan states that they offer a unique perspective that allows them to offer a different self-directed IRA. 

Additionally, the company states that its products are state-of-the-art in security and ingenuity. The company also works with several investors with many different goals and needs.

Whether you're just getting started with investing or looking for additional ways to diversify, Accuplan prides itself on having options for everyone.

Self-Directed IRA

accuplan's page about self directed iras

One product that Accuplan offers is a self-directed IRA. These IRAs give investors the freedom to turn their retirement funds into alternative assets. 

Accuplan states that they have made the application process simple for investors. To get started, all you'll need to do is provide your personal information as the account holder and provide your funding information.

Here is a closer look at what is included in each step:

Completing the Application: You will need to provide personal information, such as your social security number, date of birth, contact information, mailing address, and an image of a valid photo ID.  

Funding Your Account: There are a few options when it comes to funding your account. According to the website, you can direct contributions, or roll over an established IRA, 401K, or another tax-qualified account.

Lastly, you can transfer funds or assets from one provider to another if it's within the same retirement account.

Begin Investing: Once you've completed all the above steps, you can begin investing. To invest your IRA funds, you will need to fill out a direction of investment form that you can find on your account dashboard.

From your dashboard, you will be able to easily direct your funds and grow your portfolio. 

It's important to note that Accuplan has individual accounts and business accounts. Self-directed individual accounts include a Roth IRA and Traditional IRA. Accuplan also offers small businesses an option to self-direct their retirement plans.

With that said, small businesses have the option to choose an Individual 401(K), SEP IRA, Simple IRA, or an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Based on Accuplan's website, the company appears to have several investment options and considers the needs of all types of investors.

As a result, Accuplan appears to be one of the most diversified financial companies for investors interested in alternative investments.

401(K) Administration

If you're a small business, you may be particularly interested in Accuplan's 401(K) administration services. When you take advantage of this service, you will receive help from an external partner who holds in-depth knowledge of how retirement plans work.

Additionally, you'll learn how your business can comply with retirement plan laws. 

Moreover, businesses can add customizations to benefit their employees and ensure that they are effectively investing in their employees' financial future and meeting their business needs. 

Small businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their dedicated administrator will closely monitor all transactions and authorize transactions like distributions for a more seamless experience.

Here are a few more details on what a 401(K) administrator will provide: 

Plan Updates: Your administrator will update your company's plan as needed. If a law is modified or the needs of your business change, the administrator will ensure that you remain compliant. 

Plan Monitoring: Your administrator will also monitor plan contributions continuously.

Authorization: The administrator will ensure that all transactions follow your 401(K) plan's rules before any authorizations are made. This helps businesses avoid problems and ensure compliance. 

Design: If this is your first time creating a 401(K) plan, no worries. Even small businesses in the beginning stages of their 401(K) plan will receive help. Your administrator will help you with safe harbor options, employee eligibility, and distribution rules.

They'll also assist in defining your employee status to ensure that all of your employees are effectively covered.

Disclosures and Paperwork: Lastly, your administrator will help with disclosures and paperwork filing. The IRS must receive the information detailing your business's retirement plans.

Your administrator will use their expertise to submit the necessary paperwork like filing form 5500, and provide you with additional support as needed. 

Accuplan has a comprehensive 401(K) plan that's a great option for small businesses. While many financial institutions focus on individual retirement accounts, Accuplan puts a high priority on providing an array of services for small businesses.

B2B Program

Accuplan also has a B2B program to help businesses grow. Accuplan ultimately helps amplify what you already have by connecting your clients' IRA accounts to your investment offerings.

Let's take a look at who Accuplan's B2B program is designed for. 

Financial Advisors and Brokers: If you're a financial advisor or broker, you may be interested in providing more for your clients. By partnering with Accuplan through their B2B program, you can easily do so.

The B2B program will give financial advisors and brokers access to additional opportunities their clients can invest. This not only helps you maintain your clientele but ensures that your clients can meet their goals.

Real Estate Professionals: Accuplan also states that real estate professionals can benefit from the B2B program. While many people may not realize it, it's possible to invest in real estate through an IRA.

The B2B program will show clients how they can achieve this, making real estate professionals and Accuplan's B2B program an excellent combination. 

Precious Metals Broker: Are you a precious metals broker?  Then you'll find opportunities with Accuplan's B2B program as well. If your clients are looking for more precious metals to add to their portfolios, Accuplan has you covered. 

The company has been dealing with precious metals for over 15 years. By joining the B2B program, you will ensure that you can meet your client's demands at all times. 

PPM Providers: If you're a PPM provider, you may find that Accuplan's B2B program works to your advantage. The program provides a robust platform designed for PPM providers.

This platform enables providers to get new investment opportunities to their clients as quickly as possible. 

The B2B program appears to be an excellent program that enables financial advisors and brokers, real estate professionals, precious metal brokers, and PPM providers to strengthen their relationships with their clientele. 

What's even better about this program is that Accuplan offers special discounts on fees. You and your clients will receive a discount when you open an account and all transaction fees.

This discount is only offered to Accuplan's B2B and partnership participants.


If you're looking for additional ways to secure your financial future, Accuplan also offers Health Savings Accounts. Accuplan states that their health savings accounts are unlike any other. 

You can earn idle HSA funds through a personalized account. Accuplan states that there are several benefits to choosing them for your health savings account. For starters, you'll be able to earn interest.

Accuplan offers a percentage based on all earnings on the account.  Additionally, you will have the benefit of low fees. Accuplan prides itself on a low to no-cost structure. They take a few dollars for all business accounts and no cost for individual accounts. 

You'll also enjoy the benefits of self-reimbursement. No matter what you may need funds for, you can expect a seamless bill-pay and reimbursement with their platform. 

Lastly, Accuplan's health savings plan offers you the independence you desire. You won't need to rely on your employer to receive the necessary tools. Accuplan's health savings plan enables you to take control of yourself and your family.

Accuplan Pros and Cons

Here is a look at some pros and cons of working with Accuplan:

  • Pro: Investment Choices

One benefit of choosing Accuplan is that they have a lot of investment choices. Whether you're an individual investor or a small business, you will find that Accuplan has dedicated investment options to meet your needs.

The company's diversified products are also something to think about, especially if you anticipate your needs to change over time.

  • Pro: Live Chat

Another benefit of Accuplan is that they offer a live chat feature on its website. This makes it easier to get your questions answered to help you make the best decisions for your needs.

  • Pro: Secure Depository Storage

Finding a secure depository is one of the most important decisions that precious metal investors must make. Luckily, Accuplan offers secure depository storage to ensure your precious metals are protected.

As a result, investors can cut down the time by eliminating the need to find a trusted depository.

  • Con: Few Details on Investment Products

While Accuplan offers several investment products, they don't provide a lot of details on the products offered. For instance, the company states that they've been a precious metals dealer for over 15 years.

However, they don't state what type of precious metals they offer, where to shop their inventory, or what the buying process looks like. 

This makes it difficult for investors to know what's included and whether Accuplan's products are the right choice for their needs.

  • Con: Less Reputable

Compared to other financial companies, Accuplan is less reputable. For instance, they are not an accredited business with the BBB. This could be a red flag that they're not the best option when it comes to diversifying your portfolio.

It may be more beneficial to look toward a financial company that has built a solid reputation.

  • Con: Customer Reviews

Another downside is that Accuplan has garnered several negative reviews online. On Yelp, the company has received a 1/5 star rating on the platform. 

One customer made a note that the live chat app isn't effective. While an investor may want to use the chat to talk with a representative, the chat is more used to send marketing emails. The customer did note that they received an answer to their question.

But before you can talk with someone, you must include your name and email, which enables them to send unwarranted marketing emails. 

Another customer said that whenever they call Accuplan's helpdesk, the representative appears arrogant and unhelpful.

Additionally, another customer stated that the company offers terrible service to clients, the company has high fees, and that it was difficult to transfer their IRA. 

Overall, many customers have stated that Accuplan is slow to respond and that their service to clients is poor. It is not easy to get information about fees and most previous customers have urged others to avoid this company.

Final Thoughts

Accuplan is a financial institution offering investment products for individuals and businesses.

More specifically, the company offers individual retirement accounts, business retirement accounts, a B2B program, and a health savings plan.

While Accuplan has a great range of products to choose from. The downside of Accuplan cannot be ignored. Based on the reviews, it appears that you may want to consider avoiding Accuplan if possible. 

The company does not provide a good customer service experience, is slow to respond to queries, and may not be as transparent as they appear.

Additionally, Accuplan does not provide many details on some of the products they claim to offer, which is also a red flag.

Overall, it may be best to choose a more reputable financial company for your investment endeavors.

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